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THE MOORS - Deidre & the Dark - Phogg - POOLS

THE MOORS have released their debut E.P '15 Minutes'. Comprising of seven songs this is a refreshing mixture of old school indie rock and new wave, expect plenty of hooks as the band serve up 15 minutes of high octane and addictive music. ===== Deidre & the Dark has just released 'Can't Believe You're Mine'  the folk singer songwriter's new and short song is beautifully melodic and her gorgeous vocals are put simply, captivating. ===== Swedish psychedelic rock band Phogg share 'Mon Ami' which is both notably original and intriguing and at just over two minutes duration it's over in a flash and for me, impulsively needing another listen. ===== Whilst we are in Sweden the duo POOLS new release 'Walk' is definitely worth featuring. This is highly creative and original music which mixes Americana and Gospel vocals with so much atmosphere it's quite breathtaking. Those who remember the Swedes Please blog which sadly closed down in 2

Emma Miller - Jessy Yasmeen - Nico Ev - Kate Davis - Plants and Animals - Julia Bardo

Emma Miller first came our way just over a month back with 'Sail Away' a track taken from her new E.P 'Set Me Down' which we have the pleasure of sharing in full below. Comprising of five songs this is truly beautiful music from a clearly talented folk singer songwriter. ===== Jessy Yasmeen latest single 'Forbidden Fruits' is taken from her new three track E.P 'Dreams' where each original song simmers with personal and genuine emotion. ===== Nico Ev new release is 'Floating Free' an exquisite singer songwriter piece with refined and natural vocals set against a melodic backdrop. ===== From Kate Davis we have her brand new single 'Oh No' and the artist serves up a mixture of refrained and punchy indie rock as this gorgeous song twists and turns. ===== Plants and Animals have shared a video for 'The Jungle' taken from their fifth studio album of the same name, opening with drum lead rhythms and bass licks the song builds layers

Katie Kuffel - Hollow Graves - She's Got Spies

Katie Kuffel released 'Carillon' two days ago. It's a powerful singer songwriter song that's fabulously arranged, her vocals are captivating, soulful and ooze emotion.  ===== From Hollow Graves we have their new single 'Far Out Summer,' it's produced by themselves in a live performance setting, it's melodic, flows beautifully and has some enchanting psych feeling. ===== She's Got Spies has shared the video for her track 'All Outta Tears' taken from her new album 'Isle of Dogs'. We featured ‘Super Sniffer Dogs' prior to the album release and are really pleased to have the new video which once again helps confirm what a superb collection of music she has recently given us. =================================================== Katie Kuffel - Carillon. Seattle singer-songwriter, Katie Kuffel, announces the release of the first single off her upcoming album this week. Exuding a dream-like trippiness, “Carillon” serves as a source of

Mamalarky - Greg Cockerill - Phil Mitchell Band

Mamalarky share 'Drugstore Model' ahead of their debut album due out this coming Friday. The song is a vibrant mixture of indie pop and punk, there are plenty of catchy moments and a few twists along the way, overall it's a fabulous taster for the album. We have also added the first single 'Schism Trek' which unfortunately passed us by in September however is another notably engaging and original track.  ===== Toronto based Greg Cockerill has shared 'No, Never Alone' and it's a really fine piece which exudes some timeless natural rock vibes, some smooth guitar licks and his vocals add both feeling and gravitas. ===== Phil Mitchell Band latest single 'My Love Is True' has already gained considerable attention. That's hardly surprising this is absolutely exquisite and something of a genre melting pot as indie rock and EDM dance music collide beautifully, the melodic vocals are the icing on the cake!   ========================================

Bonader - Facing Mountains - Kama Vardi

Bonader shares a gorgeous analog synth based song entitled 'Backseat' her vocals are dreamy and oh so engaging, and the music sumptuous on this moving piece. =====  Facing Mountains new album 'Season's End' has been sometime in the making as the artist explores different musical ground. We have two tracks from the collection, namely 'Echo Returns' and 'Season's End'. Both give a good feel for the collection where Xander delivers a mixture of melancholic vibes, dramatic intensity and often personal lyrics. ===== Kama Vardi has just released 'The Gate' along with a video for the track. This is an absolutely beautiful song, to describe it as catchy is an understatement, its taken from the new album 'Moonticket' due out on 27th November. =================================================== Bonader - Backseat. Ellinor Sterner Bonander creates experimental, cinematic pop with a penchant for electronica and alt-jazz composition. Her ly