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Lucero - Doom Flower - Dead Leaf Echo

Lucero - Raining For Weeks. Memphis rock/alt-country band Lucero releases their new single “Raining for Weeks” from the upcoming album Should’ve Learned by Now, out February 24 via Liberty & Lament/Thirty Tigers. With a soulful piano and a plucky acoustic guitar, the song offers a meditative rumination on mistakes made and love lost. It is accompanied by a music video featured this morning at Garden & Gun, who said the “ballad-like melancholy falls into equilibrium over jaunty piano, Nichols’s tenacious vocals, and old-school guitar drones.” “This was a new guitar part that I wrote while playing guitar and chasing my daughter around the basement,” explains bandleader Ben Nichols. “It reminded me of something I might hear in a Wes Anderson film. Maybe one was on TV while we were playing. For such a simple little song, it has some of my favorite lyrics on the album, suggesting the narrator has been completely unaware of the consequences of his actions.”  Should’ve Learned by Now

Ladytron - Zoe Sky Jordan

Ladytron - Faces. Today, Liverpool’s iconic synth quartet Ladytron release “Faces,” the third single from their highly anticipated seventh studio album ‘Time’s Arrow’. Over an echoing disco soundscape, “Faces” with title taken from the Cassavetes film of the same name, evokes bittersweet longing and euphoric escape, with expansive synth heavy production recalling 1970s euro diva Amanda Lear. “Faces” follows the first two singles from Time’s Arrow, “City of Angels” and “Misery Remember Me.” Both garnered media praise upon their releases, with “City of Angels'' and its accompanying music video being described by Flood as a “dynamic electronic track with rich, industrial textures and utopian, shoegaze melodies,” while Brooklyn Vegan praised the sound of “Misery Remember Me” as “an ethereal dream pop song, drifting into Cocteau Twins territory.” “Faces” also follows Ladytron’s announcement of West Coast U.S. tour dates in Spring 2023, where the band will take the stage in Seattle,

Beat Awfuls - The Tearaways - Ghostbox

Beat Awfuls - Interstate Skeletons. Beat Awfuls is the artistic vision of Boston expat and musical factotum Dave Vicini. Drawing from drugs, pop culture, and his personal experience all with a punk rock ethos, Dave dismantles his inspirations until the result is uniquely Beat Awfuls.  Like his heroes in The Breeders, The Velvet Underground, and Violent Femmes, his songs range from driving, enigmatic rockers to dark, vulnerable laments.  These songs are meant to linger, seductive like a pop hook, all while Vicini explores themes of disaffection, drug dependency and the realities of late-stage capitalism. Beat Awfuls forthcoming album, PAWS, has the visceral and intimate quality of past releases, but finds new voice with dense distorted guitars, layered synths, and dissonance in all the right places. The title is an acronym for “Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome,” an affliction of the after-effects of substance misuse.  While the title may pinpoint Vicini’s location during the recording pr

Sophie Jamieson - Manuela Iwansson - IST IST

Sophie Jamieson - Boundary. Sophie Jamieson has released her highly anticipated and already much acclaimed debut album Choosing via Bella Union. Additionally, Jamieson has shared a video for “Boundary”, one of album’s many standout tracks, about which she says: “This song comes from a kinder place than some of the others on this record. It steps back and acknowledges self-inflicted pain and the repeated effort to heal. It’s about trying and failing, knowing there is something you’re trying to grasp but that keeps slipping out of your reach. The journey isn’t smooth or pretty but it’s hopeful, and the light starts to creep in once you choose to be honest with yourself.” Released via her new home at Bella Union, Choosing is a strikingly personal document of a journey from a painful rock bottom of self-destruction, to a safer place imbued with the faint light of hope. It’s an album that sings openly of longing and searching, of trying, failing, and trying again – and always and throughou