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Viv & Riley - Paging Doctor Moon - Meagre Martin - Dictator Ship

Viv & Riley - Imaginary People. The new single from Durham indie roots duo Viv & Riley (formerly Vivian Leva & Riley Calcagno) is a wistful look at our many selves, at the refractions of our identities as we navigate the world. "‘Imaginary People’ is about evaluating and juggling all of the different versions of myself," Leva (the songwriter) says. "Was I adventurous and a little reckless? Or was I grounded and measured? Am I kind to myself or too judgemental?" A bittersweet nostalgia lies at the heart of Imaginary People, the new album from Viv & Riley, coming September 15, 2023 on Free Dirt Records. Over ten tracks, the pair applies an indie roots sheen to newly composed pop gems. Rooted originally in the folk tradition, the pair reframe the production into experimental territory, crafting songs that speak to finding a path forward into adulthood in an uncertain world. Gifted songwriters and multi-instrumentalists, Vivian Leva and Riley Calcagno’s

Spoils - Charlie Rogers - Tilia - The Resonant Rogues

Spoils - Nothing For a Man (E.P). In the mid-90's when the giant wave of post-Nirvana A&R signings crested and broke, Cincinnati, OH experienced a blink-and-you-miss it moment in the sun birthing a sultry, greasy and noise-addled contribution to the Indie Rock lexicon with bands like Afghan Whigs, Ass Ponys, Wussy and compatriots Brainiac. But to say that Cincinnati possesses a "sound" that has any kind of throughline is a bit more difficult to place. Instead, the city like the music it produces, is a bit of a liminal zone - straddling the South and the Midwest, concentration of the world's most successful multi-national companies and a startling high poverty index. The music that makes it out feels unplaceable - how did a city of just over a million birth Why?, The National, Adrian Belew and John Bender? While so many of the acts named feel like they are constantly in the act of becoming, Spoils, a band formed in 2021 right on the cusp of another wave of creativ

Ava Vegas - Plastic Barricades - David Vertesi - Fallon Cush

Ava Vegas - Your Secrets With Me. Prepare to be transported to a realm where desert landscapes blend seamlessly with dystopian, high-tech visions in the video for Berlin-based, singer-songwriter Ava Vegas captivating, "Your Secrets With Me." The video marks the directorial debut from LA-based fashion designer Erika Maish. A fortuitous meeting in Los Angeles brought together Maish and Ava Vegas, resulting in a stunning visual interpretation of the mesmerizing track. Their collaboration showcases their shared artistic vision and marks an exciting union of fashion and music. “Your Secrets With Me” is featured on her sophomore album, Desert Songs, released this spring via The Orchard, Ava Vegas invites listeners to embark on an introspective and musically intoxicating odyssey. Introduced by a fellow fashion designer who recognized their potential for dynamic collaborations, Erika Maish and Ava Vegas embarked on a creative journey that pushed the boundaries of their respective cr

The Bones of J.R. Jones

The Bones of J.R. Jones - The Good Life. Today, the New York-based artist The Bones of J.R. Jones released “The Good Life” from Slow Lightning, his first studio album in more than 5 years that will be released on October 13 via Tone Tree Music. The new single arrives alongside a moving official video where actress Maggie McDowell does what we all dream of: ditch the chaos of your day job, light a cigarette and hit the open road in search of fireworks, open fields, amusement parks and just a moment of pure joy. About the new song, Jonathon Linaberry (best known by his stage name The Bones of J.R. Jones) explains:,“'The Good Life' was definitely a product of me trying to break through and learn to enjoy the moment I am in. Even if that moment is hard. Even if it is frustrating. Even if it feels like treading water, which in my mind is a synonym for death. I suppose I wrote ‘The Good Life’ to help remind myself of that. That we can always find a way out.” “I wanted this video to

Edie Yvonne - Grace Enger - Callum Gaudet - The Haptics

Edie Yvonne - On Your Mind. Up-and-coming indie pop artist Edie Yvonne has released her formidable new single, “On Your Mind,” a groove that showcases the teen’s lyrical power. With an introspective narrative and a melodic arrangement, Edie Yvonne effortlessly takes listeners on a transformative musical experience, unveiling the essence of her emotional state as it intertwines with a loved one. “On Your Mind” is now available to stream and download on all digital music platforms. “On Your Mind” artfully portrays a wide range of sentiments, taking listeners on an emotional rollercoaster. "I wrote 'On Your Mind' after feeling like I couldn’t get through to a loved one,” explains Edie Yvonne offering a heartfelt glimpse into her inner world. “I was questioning how to be close with someone and feel so far away, so disconnected." This upbeat, guitar-driven anthem tells a story that resonates deeply, drawing listeners into her situation and igniting a sense of connection a