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Pink Floyd - Studio Out Takes & Demos 1971 - 1972

Pink Floyd out takes and demos from 1971 and 1972. There is plenty of Pink Floyd material around from this era, including studio out takes. I plan to feature a couple of live concerts from the seventies in due course, however decided to start with these out takes for one specific reason. The quality is really good, all mp3's are at 320kbps, and the journey from the original masters is a limited one, retaining much of the initial quality. I am personally fascinated by the first track 'On The Run' and where this piece of music may have originally gone, alas - as with all musical history from bands like Pink Floyd there remain so many 'what ifs'. Track listing is: 1. ON THE RUN (OUTTAKE) 1.44m (Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London, November 1972) 2. TIME (DEMO) 6.05m (Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London, June 1972) 3. MONEY (ACOUSTIC DEMO) 1.38m (Recording location unknown, 1971) 4. US & THEM (DEMO) 5.27m (Recorded at Abbey Road Studios,

The White Stripes - Live In London 2007

I hate the expression 'back to basics'. Yet The White Stripes even when enlisting the bag pipes as part of their sound, have such a raw primal energy, they takes rock'n'roll music 'back to b... I cannot think of another two piece band that generates such an impact (actually I am struggling to think of another two piece rock band as I write this - go on, shame me with the obvious). This is The White Stripes earlier in 2007, performing live for BBC Radio One, in front of an audience of very fortunate fans. Unfortunately there is a little bit of Radio One 'speak' early on, however once the band get going, its all good stuff. Set list: 01 Icky Thump (Performed for Jo Whiley Live Lounge - followed later by Zane Lowe hosting the remaining full show) 02 Let's Shake Hands 03 Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground 04 The Denial Twist 05 I'm Slowly Turning Into You 06 Effect and Cause 07 The Same Boy You've Always Known 08 I Think I Smell A