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Lucinda Williams - Live in Switzerland 2007

This is another superb live recording of Lucinda Williams, on this occasion in Basel, Switzerland, at the Festsaal Messe, AVO session on the 13th November 2007.

Although Lucinda was promoting her 'West' album at the time she covered a range of other earlier material, that for me, seems a great introduction for anyone unfamiliar with one of the foremost modern country rock or alternative country artists.

Source: FM stereo live broadcast on DRS3 radio Switzerland

Sound Quality: Very good FM Stereo DAT conversion.

Genre: Alt Country, Folk, Rock.

Set: Full live performance see notes below.

Set List:

01 Passionate Kisses (Broadcast started during the second part of opening number)
02 The night's too Long
03 Crescent City
04 Sweet Old World
05 Pineola (fade out)**
06 (fade in) Pineola ending
07 talks with the audience
08 Lake Charles
09 Car Wheels on a Gravel Road
10 Can't Let Go
11 Steal Your Love (fade out)**
12 Essence
13 Righteously - band intro
14 Real Live Bleeding Fingers and Broken …

Catatonia - Live and in Session 1998

I remember seeing Catatonia in London back in 2000, they were really entertaining, and new how to play live, this recording was therefore a pleasure to get hold of.

Performing at The Newport Centre, Gwent, in Wales, on Thursday 26th March 1998, Catatonia were on this occasion supporting Travis (Idlewild were also on the bill), nonetheless they played a full set.

Also included is material from a BBC Radio One session.

Source: FM Stereo recording.

Sound Quality: Very good mp3 @192kbps.

Genre: Indie Rock & Pop

Set: Full live performance

Set List:

International Velvet
I am the Mob
Game On
You've Got a Lot to Answer For
No Stone Unturned
Way Beyond Blue
Don't Need The Sunshine
Goldfish and Paracetamol
Mulder and Scully
Part of the Furniture
Road Rage
Jump or be Sane

BBC Radio One session:

International Velvet
Mulder and Scully
No Stone Unturned
Strange Glue
Mulder and Scully

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