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Toto - Montreux Jazz Festival 1991

Toto may have gone through lead singers for a while like Spinal Tap went through drummers, however the incredible musicians that have made up the band down the years are in essence what Toto has always been about.

By the time of this concert performance at the Montreux Jazz Festival on the 5th July 1991 (venue The Casino, Montreux, Switzerland) , guitarist Steve Lukather had stepped up to the microphone and become the new front man.

Sadly this was one of the last live concerts with founder member and band drummer Jeff Porcaro who died a year later (Jeff tragically suffered an allergic reaction from a pesticide he was using in his garden). This recording has as a result, always been something of a collectors item for Toto fans.

In October 2009, the individual founding musicians of Toto were inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame. Steve Lukather, David Paich, Steve Porcaro and David Hungate were present, with Mike Porcaro's and Jeff Porcaro's family members accepting their awa…

Bob Dylan - BBC TV Centre 1965

This specific recording of Bob Dylan has an interesting history to go with it. The actual performance was back on June 1st 1965 at the BBC Television Centre in London with a studio audience.

The set was then broadcast in two parts on BBC TV in the UK on the 15th and 26th June 1965. As far as I can find out the BBC broadcast the second half of the recording first.

The notes that accompanied this recording provide the actual 'history' of this specific recording as follows.

This specific audio track was originally recorded on the 15th & 26th June 1965, in Hull, Yorkshire, UK. using a KB domestic 1/4in. recorder with a BSR tape deck, running at a speed of 3.75ips via a line connection to Rediffusion wired system junction box (TV set).

This tape, while in great quality, came in the wrong speed and needed some work before it was listenable.Volume, speed & pitch corrected in London, U.K. 10th - 12th September 2005 using CoolEdit Pro 2.0. Some additional remastering including…

Buddy Miller - The Borderline, London 2000

This is a recording of Buddy Miller with special guest Gurf Morlix recorded at The Borderline, London, UK on the 14th February 2000 for the BBC radio programme of the time Bob Harris Country.

In addition to releasing several solo albums over the years, Buddy Miller has toured as lead guitarist and backing vocalist for Emmylou Harris's Spyboy band, Steve Earle on his El Corazon tour, Shawn Colvin, and Linda Ronstadt. He co-produced and performed on Jimmie Dale Gilmore's 2000 album Endless Night. He has also appeared on several albums by songwriter and singer Lucinda Williams.

Buddy Miller has also produced albums for a number of artists. During 2006 Solomon Burke came over to Miller's house at Nashville to record his country album 'Nashville' on which Emmylou Harris, Patty Griffin, Gillian Welch and Dolly Parton appear as duet partners. 

Buddy Miller toured as part of the band on Robert Plant and Alison Krauss's Raising Sand tour of the USA and Europe, and with…

2010FM - July Edition Two

This is a bumper edition of 2010FM and the format will be a little different this time around, as we pile through a diverse selection of artists, which we will cover off as they appear on the player below, so hang on to your hats and here we go.

First up is a 12 track mini LP called 'A Little More Suspicion In Our Fairytales Plz' byAce Bushy Striptease which is due to hit record shops on 19th July 2010. Ace Bushy Striptease started in Birmingham in October 2007 with thoughts of becoming a twee/progressive pop band. Unfortunately that never really happened but through a few lineup changes and a bit of time, they've found a niche of sorts which suits them well they feel. The band have released numerous free download LPs/EPs but A Little More Suspicion In Our Fairytales Plz is their first record to garner a proper release.   The band site influences like Huggy Bear, Hefner, Pavement and Bikini Kill. The songs are brief, stubbornly avoid repetition and spring along with light …

Babe Ruth - BBC Sessions 1973 - 74

This is a compilation of Babe Ruth session material recorded for the BBC  in 1973 & 1974 and subsequently presented by legendary British radio DJ Alan Freeman as part of his weekly 'rock show' sometime after, as the material was featured as one of his 'archive sessions'.

Babe Ruth were actually banned from the BBC by producer Bernie Andrews whilst recording for the John Peel Show in 1974. Their official site does not explain why, however the ban was lifted in 1975, not that surprising when you consider the quality of their music.

The band also appeared on the BBC's Old Grey Whistle Test weekly television programme both in 1973 and 1974 however I believe this material originated from radio sessions. The band have also been on a reunion tour this year with gigs this month in Canada.

Source: BBC FM Radio

Sound Quality: Very Good stereo mp3@192kbps.

Genre: Prog Rock, Blues Rock.
Session:  Taken from BBC studio sessions 1973 - 1974.
Set List:
01 - Intro (Ala…

Charlotte Gainsbourg and Beck - KCRW 2010.

This is Charlotte Gainsbourg and Beck in session earlier this year on KCRW's excellent Morning Becomes Ecelectic, this was first broadcast on Wednesday 27th January 2010.

Last year Charlotte Gainsbourg worked with Beck on her latest album 'IRM' indeed Beck was extremely involved in the project as he wrote all of the record's music, he co-wrote the lyrics, produced, and mixed the album.

That said Charlotte Gainsbourg brings her atmospheric and timeless vocals to the album that gives it a really unique feel as can be heard here in the session. For those new to Charlotte's music this makes a great introduction, as a fan of french pop from the sixties onwards I may be a little biased, however with the pedigree of Beck this is just to good to miss.

Charlotte Gainsbourg was born in London and was raised in Paris. She is of course the daughter of British actress and singer Jane Birkin and French singer-songwriter, actor and director Serge Gainsbourg.

Source: Soundboard


The Eagles - Earlybird (BBC Live) 1973

This is The Eagles live in 1973 from a recording that has been circulated as Earlybird.

There were two versions of the Earlybird bootleg both included the BBC Radio set (tracks one to nine) and were probably lifted from a BBC transcription disc as soundboard is credited for this part.

Version one also included a bonus track of "Hotel California" from 1977, and a bonus track of Don Henley on The Jay Leno Show.

Version two includes the bonus track of "Already Gone" from another TV performance and is included here, and was originally circulated by 'Music Nation' (number 005). This copy (which came as a digital file) also includes three more tracks from Santa Monica 1973.

Source: FM broadcast / Transcription disc.

Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3@320kbps.

Genre: Rock, country rock, folk rock
Set: Full BBC set plus (FM Broadcast ABC-TV In Concert). Set List:
Tracks 1-9  BBC Sessions, May 4th, 1973

1. Train Leaves Here This Morning
2. Saturday Night
3. P…

2010FM - July Edition One

OK we have another bumper selection of new music to recommend this month so lets start with ten of the best.

The Rattles bring us some perfect summer power pop with the featured tune 'Wavy Lane'.

We are told 'Hailing straight from the swamps of Central Jersey, an eclectic band of anthropomorphic critters known as The Rattles are preparing to roll out their debut studio album ‘Rattle On’. Working in the classic traditions of The Beatles, Moxy Fruvous, The Monkees, and They Might Be Giants, The Rattles apply a fresh fusion of classic rock and power pop that is sure to appeal to fans of all ages and put them on the map'.

Well if this song is anything to go by I reckon the above might be right, get your summer clothes on and head for the beach with The Rattles providing the soundtrack.

Featured Track:Wavy Lane.

We are always on the look out for artists with new ideas and direction and Clare Burson provides us with just that…

Dr Feelgood - Paradiso Amsterdam 1979

This is Dr Feelgood performing at the Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland back on the 5th October 1979.

The recordings may have been broadcast on a number of occaisions and we understand these are from KRO's Rocktempel and featured in November 1986.

It is likely that the order of material reflects the first and second sets at their appearance at the Paradiso which was one of seventeen venues played in Holland during October 1979.

Source: FM Broadcast.

Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3@320kbps.

Genre: Pub Rock, Blues Rock.
Set: Material from two sets.
Set List:
01 Intro (radio presenter)
02 60 minutes of Your Love
03 Milk and Alcohol
04 Down At The Doctors
05 Take a Tip
06 Baby Jane
07 She's a Wind Up
08 Riot in Cell Block No.9
09 Roxette
10 Outro
11 Intro
12 Back In The Night
13 Riding On The L&N
14 Shotgun Blues
15 You Upset Me Baby
16 Milk and Alcohol
17 Down At The Doctors
18 Riot In Cellblock No. 9

Website: Official HERE. Archive HERE.


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