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Fleetwood Mac - Tour Rehearsal 1979

This is part of a series of tour rehearsals undertaken by Fleetwood Mac over three days on a sound stage in Los Angeles. The rehearsals took place from the 18th to 20th October 1979, and there was an audience in attendance for the 'warm up' performance made up of friends and family. The rehearsals were filmed using a single camera video shot except on the 19th October where multi camera material exists. DVD boots of the rehearsals are in circulation, the sound quality on some is not to good and picture quality even worse. This is audio only from one of the sessions and is a whole lot better quality. Source: Soundboard. Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3@192kbps. Genre: Rock, pop rock, blues rock. Set: Part of Rehearsal Set. Set List: 1-Oh Well. 2-Dreams. 3-Not That Funny. 4-Rhiannon. 5-Over & Over. 6-Never Gonna Make It. 7-You Making Loving Fun. 8-I'm Afraid. 9-World Turning. Band Line Up: Lindsey Buckingham - guitar, vocals Stevie Nicks - vocals Christine McVie

2010FM - February Magazine Two

We start our second new music round up with SAADI whose promotional biography tell us & I quote ' As precious stone is extracted fr om its natural environment to be cut and polished, revealing its infinite multi-colored reflections, SAADI derives elements of musical influence and transforms them into pop gems rich in melody and reflecting an almost schizophrenic obsession with music. SAADI, the musical pseudonym of the radiant Boshra al Saadi, is an eclectic and transcendental artist with a unique ability to create harmonious tunes tiled from fragmentation's of both empathetic influence and detached curiosity. Drawing early influence from sources as diverse as Bob Dylan, classic 80's synth pop, traditional Arabic music, punk rock, Nigerian music and Brian Eno, SAA DI assembles her musical creation to form what is fundamentally her own. This collision of pop-smarts, exotic influences and fearless eclecticism spawns music which sounds both sophisticated and delightfully