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Elton John - Hammersmith Odeon 1973

This is Elton John live in concert at West London's Hammersmith Odeon back on the 22nd December 1973. Despite suffering from a heavy cold, Elton John clearly wanted to give this concert his best effort, the results are self evident, both the band and Elton were clearly up for the gig, possibly spurred on by national coverage on BBC radio in the UK. Looking at the set list not far from four decades on, I remain surprised at the amount of career defining material he had already produced at this stage. As boots go this is better quality, both in terms of audio and performance than a lot of officially released live albums from the early 1970's. Source: PRE-FM from BBC transcription reels. Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3@192kbps. Genre: Rock and contemporary pop. Set: Full Set (almost). Set List: CD 1: 01 - Intro - Funeral For A Friend - Love Lies Bleeding 02 - Candle In The Wind 03 - Hercules 04 - Rocket Man 05 - Bennie And The Jets 06 - Daniel 07 -

2010FM March Mega Catch Up (One).

Right then and down to business! Loads of great new songs have come our way whilst we have been limited to how often we could update Beehive Candy, so this is an attempt to start catching up. To avoid missing any of the songs that have grabbed our ears, this will be a rapid run through that hopefully has something to appeal to your ears as well! Friday Mileʼs new release, Good Luck Studio, reveals a truly accessible pop album built on ravishing guy-girl harmonies, contagious melodies, and a vocal chemistry that few artists today can deliver. Reminiscent of The Magic Numbers and Rilo Kiley, these playfully romantic alt-country tunes are seriously worth checking out if the above mentioned acts appeal to you. Seriously good music. Listen: 'Lives Of Strangers' Website & Buy: Friday Mile . ____________________ From Portland, Oregon’s famously burgeoning indie music culture, Hello Morning isn’t hoping to mesh perfectly into the scene. While the Northwest is overflow

Fotheringay - Plumpton Festival 1970

Hopefully Beehive Candy will be back to normal from now on, following a series of broadband problems, and illness in recent weeks. One individual left a comment that we are shameless promoters and because of the existence of torrents and so forth we are hardly doing anything special here! Well we are happy to support new artists we like, and share old boots, regardless of the odd (very odd) persons snide remarks, perhaps they are a bit sad & lonely.. This is a must for fans of Sandy Denny or Fotheringay , and whilst the audio quality is only average, it is quite listenable and a wonderful piece of history from the short lived band. Fotheringay was formed in 1970 by singer Sandy Denny upon her departure from Fairport Convention. The band drew its name from Fotheringhay Castle, where Mary, Queen of Scots, was imprisoned in England. The castle was also the inspiration for the song "Fotheringay", which Fairport Convention had included on their 1969 album, 'What We D