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More Weekend Goodies

Background -  The Settlement (formerly known as Buddha in a Chocolate Box) are a five-piece rare alternative/folk outfit, sticking to their southern stomp roots. Their journey is to develop and spread an Australian folk/roots sound, never to be pigeon holed. Fuelled by fiddle and strong rhythm their music is bound to invoke! An exciting year looms for The Settlement in 2015, with constant festival gigging, and the release of their debut album. It all starts with their debut single with the new band name, 'Stomp' will be released 10th July 2015 . Website Here . This is a gutsy song which I sense has every band member playing from the heart. The 'alternative folk' genre may be a crowded place these day's however somehow I would imagine The Settlement wont find that the least bit troubling. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More from Australia  - After releasing the

Quality Not Quantity - Good For Your Ears

The Talks are embarking on an extensive UK tour punctuated by European festival appearances, full details & website - Here . In just a short space of time The Talks have built themselves a compelling live reputation across the UK and Europe for delivering sweaty, high octane, dance floor filling shows, treading the boards with the likes of Madness, The Specials, Rancid, The Beat and many more. 'Commoners, Peers, Drunks and Thieves' was released on 24th November 2014, sale figures continue to rise and the tracks are continuing to attract air-play globally. They really do have that Ska feel, reminiscent of the Two Tone sound and yet with their own styling and passion. From Hull, England, they are most definitely worth checking out. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OK read this carefully, we will be asking questions and this is a fail/pass feature! Davey Lane's new singl

2015 - Out Of Our Inbox - June - Three

Here we go a quoting again - Australian singer-songwriter Calan Mai (aka Jordan Lawrence) recently unveiled his new single 'Black Box' and has followed up with a live studio session. It features a new track 'White Dove', a cover of Eminem's 'Stan' and three tracks off his upcoming debut EP 'Days on the Rock Face', out July 10th (worldwide) via Canvas Sounds. 'Live at The Den' was recorded in Gold Coast, Australia a few months prior to relocating to Manchester with fellow Canvas Sounds signers, FAIRCHILD and Lyon Apprentice. The makeshift studio is also were he recorded his debut EP with producer/mixer Adam Lyons.  It's been a patient build up for the 24-year-old Lawrence who showed his potential years ago as a teenager, winning the 2006 Australasian Children's Songwriting Competition. It's no surprise that his primary focus is still lyrics - often retrospective, grounded in past events. His debut single 'We've Got Lov

Ryan Adams and The Cardinals - Germany - 2006 (Internet Archive)

This is the first in an occasional series featuring legitimate and approved material from the Internet Archive ( ). All we ask is that you consider supporting the Internet Archive if you enjoy the material reposted here. This then is Ryan Adams and The Cardinals and a superb concert performed at Das Haus, Germany, on the 17th October 2006. One reviewer had this to say about the concert - 'This has become Ryan's most talked about and heavily downloaded show. Its worthy of the praise. Please don't let this be the only Cardinal show you get. This show is a great example of the semi acoustic shows that would follow in 2007 - make no secret in the fact I feel they were the best live act in the world from 2005 to 2009 '. Another added - I've never heard Ryan Adams before. Well, once on a Mountain Stage broadcast, but it didn't make a huge impression. I listened to this stream as I dl'd the tracks and can't quite put my finger on what makes t

Sundays Bumper Alternative Take

Michael Hix is an NYC-based composer and musician originally from Tennessee. His music incorporates synthesizers, guitar and voice to build complex dynamic structures that evolve over time, delving the human condition and the metaphysical dimension. His work draws upon classical minimalism, sacred music and late-Romantic styles. Aeon is Hix's first full length album, a cinematic work separated into six movements which will be released on Tuesday, June 16th . HERE . Close your eyes, lay back and just drift away. Sounds like words from an advert, however this is music you need to immerse yourself in. Calming and gently changing, a musical journey. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The world has suffered one of the worst economic crisis ever. 20 years ago the american dream was the main thinking in many people. Nowadays to be optimist is difficult for most of them. This is why Pepe Mateo