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Saturday Seven: Wayde - Línger - Jackson Boone - Curse Of Lono - No Joy - Altar Eagles - Hiva Oa

Wayde - Easy (don't be long).

Background - Having only released one previous single (‘Eleanor’), which earned them plaudits from the likes of BBC 6 Music and more, Essex four piece Wayde are now ready to unleash their new Lucky Aide EP. Recorded in guitarist/vocalist Tyrone Foster’s flat in Stoke Newington, in between the banging on ceilings and floors from disgruntled neighbours, Wayde’s sound is an amalgamation of sardonic indie, enveloping shoegaze and psych-infused grunge. There is a nostalgic comfort amongst Wayde’s combination of warm guitars, mid-tempo grooves and vocals, which are lyrically sharp, saccharine and melodically contagious.

Speaking about the themes behind the forthcoming EP, Miles Shawyer (bass) said, “There’s no consciously imprinted themes on the EP, however the songs were all written in a period when we were all just about to finish university and the anticipation of having to become real people and getting jobs was looming. So there’s an almost entirely uni…

Weekend Wonders: Mt. Wolf - Emerald Portal - Among Criminals - Ned Roberts - Joseph Eid - Fujiya & Miyagi - Young Astronaut

Mt. Wolf - The Electric.

Background - London’s Mt. Wolf ended last year teasing the world with the smart-pop stylings of “Golden”, which saw significant pick-up internationally from the likes of The Independent, Indie Shuffle and others but was moreover a distraction of sorts, to maintain momentum whilst the band continued working away in the studio on a debut album and the huge sound they have always threatened. With the 6 minute + “The Electric”, the first material from their as yet untitled debut LP, this sound is very much realised. This year marks a fresh start for a band whose promise is set to be fulfilled.

The road up to now has been nothing if not eventful – including a line-up change, sell-out shows across Europe and the US, a brief hiatus last year that only invigorated the band and significant, ongoing critical support. Getting to this point hasn’t been easy but the feeling is that the real rewards, for the band and for us the listeners, are now just around the corner.


Five On Thursday: Life in 24 Frames - The Big East - Scotch Hollow - Monet - Hawkmoon

Life in 24 Frames - March (To The World, In Reverse).

Background - It's not easy to understand Life in 24 Frames, but it's hard not to get trapped while trying. Stylistically speaking they appear to be all over the map. The band sounds like a comfortable blend of Pink Floyd's "The Wall", and the Beach Boys "Smile" records while effortlessly sprinkling in influences from modern indie rock contemporaries such as My Morning Jacket and Local Natives. Singer Kris Adams architects deep and thoughtful vocal arrangements on top of beautifully crafted hooky, yet complex and spacey musical arrangements. The band is mature, and the sound is as diverse as the audiences who have already embraced the group as an independent artist.

Life in 24 Frames are comfortable in their own skin. Awkward and different, the group formed in Sacramento, California with one mission - to share the honesty and purity of their musical creations to as many people as possible. Since incept…

Midweek Muse: Linnea Olsson - Blueprint Blue - Tempesst - Astrid Gnosis - Emma Charleston

Linnea Olsson - Hall Of Tragedy

Background - The fantasy pop cellist Linnea Olsson drops her new official video for 2nd EP single 'Hall Of Tragedy' Out Now. Having worked with the likes of Peter Gabriel, Sting, Ane Brun and Maia Hirasawa, Linnea leaves no doubt regarding the high level of her talent and musicianship. 

Being supported by The New York Times as well as The 405, Linnea's sonic journey within the "cello driven fantasy pop" continues. "Hall Of Tragedy" is Linnea's second single, taken from her forth-coming EP called "For Show", and the official video is yet again another creative thing done by Linnea in its entirety. The EP will be coming out 24th February. Facebook here.

Combining Cello and keyboards the opening of 'Hall Of Tragedy' sets the scene for Linnea's distinct and creative vocals, using them to great effect on this atmospheric song.


Genre Wander: The Tigerlilies - Topanga - Sinners & Saints - Bokito

The Tigerlilies - Shipwrecked.

Background - The style set forth by the Buzzcocks, Cheap Trick and The Ramones is alive and well in the hands of The Tigerlilies - Cincinnati’s sole practitioners of post punk power pop. Brothers Pat (vocals, guitar) and Steve (vocals, drums) Hennessy spearhead the band which includes Brian Driscoll (bass) and Brendan Bogosian (lead guitar). Together they have played countless shows around Ohio, serving as support for Violent Femmes, Joan Jett, Paul Weller, Guided By Voices and Superchunk, and attaining a sizable and appreciative following along the way. The past decade has seen the release of many singles and albums on independent Midwestern labels such as Atavistic, Violently Hip and Mono-cat 7, chalking up a total of four full lengths which showcase The Tigerlilies economic blend of punk, 60’s soul and garage rock.

The band is following up their 2016 critically acclaimed 123456 EP with an old fashioned 7-inch single release, “Lovers Du” / “Shipwrecked”…

Monday Mix: People Flavor - Rousseau - Spiral Stairs

People Flavor - Shake Well.

Background - People Flavor have shared their new track "Shake Well", out now on Dangerbird Records.  "Shake Well" is the first single from People Flavor in Dangerbird's Microdose series.

People Flavor is a four-piece rock band from Montebello, California. While new on the scene, the band can trace its genesis back to a teenaged solo project dreamt up by frontman Fernando Andrade,  along with best bro Byron Turner joining the process soon after. The pair then recruited high school cronies Giovanni Padilla and Andrew Valdez, to become the collaborative effort they are today.   Since rounding out the lineup in 2015,  People Flavor have been busy playing shows at house parties, DIY venues and some of Los Angeles’ most notable musical mainstays such as The Bootleg Theater, CIA, and Los Globos.

Continually crafted through the writing and recording process, their distinct sound incorporates jazz chords with post and dance-punk elements, deli…

Sundays Alternative Take: Pale Honey - Myles Manley - Ida Wenøe - Happy Camper - ALIA

Pale Honey - Why Do I Always Feel This Way.

Background - Kicking off with a Swedish headline tour and much-anticipated sweaty days in the studio, 2017 is set to be Pale Honey’s year. Having wrapped up their praised debut album release, the self-titled ‘Pale Honey’ (May 2015) with live shows across Europe including sold-out shows in the UK, the band is ready to unleash rising danger upon the world with a new album set for release later this year. With the single release ‘Real Thing’ (October 2016) the band gave listeners a hint of what to expect from their upcoming album

Where 'Real Thing' paired fervent guitar and drums, on 'Why Do I Always Feel This Way' Pale Honey switch their focus to synthesizers and vocals bursting with yearning. Recorded with producer Anders Lagerfors in Nacksving Studios in their hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden. Lyrics of love, jealousy and denial are elegantly driven by singer Tuva Lodmark in a way that it is sure to leave no heart untouched. Tou…