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Dose - Ana Egge - Sofia Härdig - Flora Cash - London Plane

Dose - Furniture. Background - Debut single Furniture by Newcastle, UK experimental noise-rock band Dose is due for release on 27th April via cult indie label A Turntable Friend. Their cinematic amalgamation of discordant melodies, intricate guitars and a strong rhythm- all blended together with an array of obscure effects and samples- has already earned them rave reviews on magazines such as DIY Magazine and The Line Of Best Fit. Inspired by the experience of playing in their squalid, decaying practice space, Furniture was written by Sean Turland and Ewan Barr and recorded at Suburban Home Studio with MJ from Hookworms. The full band includes bassist Matthew Collerton, guitar/synth/samples from Sam Campbell and drummer Joe Donkin. The group have been together under many iterations since 2015, discovering their unique sound which blends art rock, krautrock and slowcore into one coherent sonic landscape. The song Furniture is led by a consistent guitar line remaining present throug

Mamas Gun - Paul Cherry - A. Wesley Chung

Mamas Gun - You Make My Life A Better Place. Background - Mamas Gun are now sharing the video for new single, ‘You Make My Life A Better Place’, the new clip follows the recently announced UK tour. The dates arrive as part of a wider world tour in support of the band’s forthcoming album, Golden Days which is due for release on May 18, 2018 via Candelion. ‘You Make My Life A Better Place’ follows in the footsteps of the Lauren Laverne-supported ‘London Girls’ and the Earmilk and Indie Shuffle-approved ‘Strangers On A Street’. The new album, Golden Days itself chronicles the band's decade-long journey to date with Platts and the rest of the band taking production duties into their own hands, recording the tracks live using analogue equipment. Notable contributions are littered throughout the album with the likes of Shawn Lee (Jeff Buckley, Kelis, St Etienne) assisting on the album’s mix, and songwriters Connor Reeves (Tina Turner, Joss Stone) and Christopher Braide (Sia, Lana De

Benjamin Dean Wilson - Forest Ray - Ellie Schmidly

Benjamin Dean Wilson - The Smartest Person in the Room. Background - Benjamin Dean Wilson is a one man show - his new album, "The Smartest Person in the Room" was written, produced, and performed entirely by him and recorded in analog using a Tascam 1/2 inch tape deck. Featuring a unique storytelling structure, each track is like a short film with its own ensemble of characters and blends elements of traditional "talkin' blues" style together with musical theater. Benjamin Dean Wilson started his creative career in the film industry before turning to music, working as a camera assistant on commercials. He then made short 16mm films and play before deciding to tell his stories through music instead. He released his first album, "Small Talk" through German label Tapete Records, followed by a European tour.  Benjamin Dean Wilson: guitars, piano, keyboards, bass, drums, harmonica, violin, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, organ, percussion, bells, etc. Mari

Hover Bored - Esmé - You Want Fox

Hover Bored - Safe Side. Background - Formed in Wakefield, but now based in Manchester, Hover Bored are an up-and-coming grunge-pop quartet set to release their new single, the fiery, exhilarating Safe Side on March 30th. Searing riffs, rolling bass, crashing drums and bratty vocals coalesce into a fiercely infectious track. Only just breaking the two-minute barrier, it calls to mind the likes of Dinosaur Pile-Up, Honey Lung and King Nun. Hover Bored’s sound is a fuzzy concoction of modern grunge and scuzzed out power-pop. “With our music constantly adapting, 'Safe Side' captures the progression we have made over the past year” the guys explain,“It began as a throwaway idea until we made it the ending of another song. We fell in love with the energy that this small interlude brought to rehearsals and shows; so we decided to make it a full track.” Gigging extensively across the key cities in the musical hot-bed that is the North West of England, Manchester, Liverpool and Le

Frog Eyes - The Rare Occasions - Lavender Child - Moonshine Booze

Frog Eyes - Idea Man. Background - Frog Eyes are set to release their final album Violet Psalms May 18th on Paper Bag Records. Frog Eyes have announced a North American tour in support of the album. Frog Eyes have made their last album. 17 years after their teetering debut, the Vancouver band unveils Violet Psalms—a giddy lament; a gnashing jubilee; a rain-drenched allocution on hope vs. horror, paradise vs. pride, Marx and Brexit and bad acid trips. It's an ending like a beginning. "We were trying to pretend it was our first record," Carey Mercer says. This is their final record, Frog Eyes' last gasp—but the art-rockers wanted to capture the energy of a debut, the freedom you feel "when there's no expectation that anyone will actually listen." They made it at home, burrowing under the house where Mercer lives with drummer Melanie Campbell. The goal was to blot out the world, focusing on what they could grow down there, four musicians in a basement. C