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Talkboy - Chernobyl Sunshine Club - Reason Define

A band that continue to impress us is Talkboy who return for a fifth time here with their new single 'All Works Out'. This time the rock aspect of the band is more to the fore, with their ability to produce melodious material still underpinning the piece. London's Chernobyl Sunshine Club have shared a video for 'Birthdayland' a creative mixture of Alt Folk and Indie Rock that combined result in a fabulous song. There was a time when classic hard rock appealed to me and Reason Define and the song 'Reaper' has in part rekindled that enjoyment, the melodic female vocals are at the core of that attraction and a good few hooks along the way helps. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Talkboy - All Works Out. Hitting up the BBC Introducing stage at Reading & Leeds Festivals later this month and primed to take full advantage, fledgling six-piece Talkboy announce th

Boy Scouts - Theo Bard - Lillimure

We have a couple of recent videos for Boy Scouts namely 'Expiration Date' and 'Get Well Soon'. There are seven other songs on her forthcoming album 'Free Company' due out at the end of this month. Whilst both songs give a good feel for the album, there are plenty more highlights in store ans some exquisite musical moments, I have a feeling this album will be getting plenty of attention. 'Forget' by Theo Bard is a fascinating song, where electronic textures weave around his distinctive vocals which at times seem like a further musical layer within the piece, it's also a tad addictive. Lillimure has a new album out from which we have selected 'I Feel' and 'Lady In A Mirror' to share. Whether she is in Soul, Folk or Pop mode or even a mixture of all three, her music is melodic often very catchy and the attention to musical detail behind her refined vocals is notable. ------------------------------------------------------------------

Dry Cleaning - Bug Martin - Konrad Sheane

Dry Cleaning have released a video for 'Magic of Meghan' ahead of their debut E.P due out in a couple of weeks. Influences there may be but this band still carve out a unique style and sound, kind of indie pop meets garage rock with this song. Classic Americana with plenty of humorous twists and the juxtaposition of still feeling fresh, somehow Bug Martin has the knack of mixing timeless and modern together, within this really fine new album 'Gutterball'. Despite coming from the East Coast of Ireland Konrad Sheane is decidedly in touch with Texan rock on 'The Devil's Whiskey' and we are reliably informed that this is just one stopping off point for this musicians repertoire of styles. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dry Cleaning - Magic of Meghan. London's Dry Cleaning today announce their much-anticipated debut EP - "Sweet Princess" - set for 

The Promised - Shannon and Susannah Davey - The Be Positives - Katrina Parker

The Promised debut single 'We Could Be In Love' has just been released. It's a vibrant and upbeat roots meets country piece where every element sparkles with style. Shannon and Susannah Davey's song 'We've All Got Our Story' mixes folk and blues together so well, that at just over two and a quarter minutes duration my first instinct was to play it again (and again). 'Like Everyone' by The Be Positives is a striking rocker of a song, from a band who are certainly not trapped in any one particular genre, with this track they just happen to be in full garage rock mode. Just a couple of weeks back we first featured Katrina Parker and the title track for her new album 'Stars.' We now have the only cover song on the album, the classic ' Ring Of Fire' and she really does take the piece in a very different and imaginative direction! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Brick Briscoe - La Legacie - Indigo

We have either the song '12x12' or the entire 'From Lucky Point To Pere Lachaise' album to choose from below as Brick Briscoe has given us a single taste or the whole collection to enjoy. Hard to categorise the whole album is anything from Rock to Americana and is intended to be listened to as a whole, personally I think it is thirty five minutes well spent. We have to go back over three years for our only other feature for La Legacie however the latest single 'Darkness Of Light' makes for a welcome return, the soulful vocals of newest band member Lili adjust beautifully in a rock and roll setting, as this unique band once again hit our radar. Indigo have released a video for their latest single 'La Luna' where the indie rockers create an addictive vibe, described as "80s 'driving at night" music it's all of that and oh so fine. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Steve Buscemi's Dreamy Eyes - Emily Breeze - Van Houten - The Astronots

Swedish Indie band Steve Buscemi's Dreamy Eyes have released a new single entitled 'Change of Heart'. The deep bass line drives the song, the vocals are both melodic and quiet dominant, whilst the overall arrangement is distinct and expansive. 'Work' is the third single from Emily Breeze ahead of the new album 'Rituals', it's a fine alt rock song with plenty of indie pop sensibilities that give the song real traction. Van Houten have shared 'Moon' a fabulous song where the guitars remind me a little of the Cocteau Twins, however the vocals and harmonies take this song towards dream or indie pop, and the laid back vibe is gorgeous. American rockers The Astronots have just released 'Wandering Eyes' which is described as a "quirky love song," it's also full of vibrant hooks and plenty of energy. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------