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Union Duke - Lynne Hanson - Winnie Raeder - Ausecuma Beats

Back in July we shared ' Ladidadida' by Union Duke and they return with their latest release 'Atlas Of Love' where the mixture of rock, roots and refined modern country, comes across with ease and style. === Lynne Hanson has released 'True Blue Moon' a gorgeously natural slice of warm Americana. === London-based singer-songwriter, Winnie Raeder , shares her new single 'She' which is a beautiful song, her vocals exude emotion, the production is excellent. === Ausecuma Beats are a delight with their international musical flavour's shining brightly through 'Aida' a song that demands body movement however good or bad your sense of rhythm is. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Union Duke - Atlas Of Love. Some songs come along which seem so perfect, it makes you doubt they haven’t existed forever. Atlas of Love is the latest release from Union Duke, a band who have cemented themsel

Mona Visa - Daymaker - Hurtsfall - Seazoo - HunBjørn - Jaguar Moon - Wilsen

Mona Visa have just released their debut song 'Peter Pan' and the brother and sister duo have created a stand out and quite stunning piece. === Chicago post punk band Daymaker have a brand new album 'Let The Sun Fall' comprising of ten tracks, this is natural hook filled and uncompromising material. === Hurtsfall have shared 'Calling Out' where alt rock and Gothic infused vocals come together wonderfully on this seven minutes of aural bliss. === Seazoo return to Beehive Candy for a third time with 'Heading Out' a bright indie rock song that packs charm and vibrancy. === It's the third appearance this year here from HunBjørn this time with a video for 'Keep Breathing' a synthy and dramatic electro pop song. === We have the latest single from Jaguar Moon entitled 'Bird Song' and we have also included 'Ostrich' both taken from their fabulous alt pop debut E.P. === Brooklyn based trio Wilsen have a new video for 'Ruiner'

Amy Milner - Kar - Natalie Bouloudis - Jackie Charles - Ruthie - CocoRosie

Amy Milner first release this year is the haunting 'Shine Off' where her fabulous vocals and imaginative electronica come together beautifully. === They may have only been going for a few months however Kar and their new song 'On Our Own' is a refined indie pop song. === It's getting on for two and a half years since we last featured Natalie Bouloudis still her brand new song 'Outlaster', demonstrates that her creative and distinct music remains as good as ever. === Jackie Charles music is described as existentialist dream pop and their song 'Baby' really does fits that description, with the video adding even more. === Our third feature for Ruthie this year is 'No One On This Earth' featuring Drenge, is a rich melodic alt rocker where the dual vocals are just perfect. === CocoRosie have released a brand new song and video today entitled 'Smash My Head'. The sister duo are once again creative and imaginative, the video imagery chall

Alas The Sun - Arlo Parks - Son of Town Hall - The Just Joans - Fever Joy

Alas The Sun have released a fabulous indie folk album entitled 'You And Your Love', comprising of ten songs their melodic and varied mixture keeps the whole collection sounding fresh, catchy and quite lovable. === Just a month on and Arlo Parks returns here for a second time with 'Sophie' another beautiful song as she begins a live tour today. === Both the song and the accompanying video are superb as Son of Town Hall share the 'The Line Between' where their dual vocals/harmonies are stunning. === Referred to as gloomy Glaswegians below The Just Joans have shared 'Dear Diary, I Died Again Today' which is personal, special and exudes beauty, hardly gloomy in my opinion. === Fever Joy have a new single called 'Crazy Love' and it's a hook filled and pleasingly distinct indie rocker. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alas The Sun - You And Your Love. Zurich based Indie-Folk duo

Galapaghost - Sun Salute - A Permanent Shadow

Galapaghost has released his new E.P 'A Planet Without An Atmosphere' which I am pleased to say we have in full below. It's easily described as experimental, but it's also highly accessible and the beautiful ambient vibes are matched with some creative use of synths and vocals, enjoy! === We have some natural and gorgeous reggae from Sun Salute and their brand new single 'Dancehall Riddim' a fabulously arranged piece. === Accompanied by a clever and pleasing video A Permanent Shadow song 'Now' is taken from his recent album release 'Songs Of Loss' it's a good indicator for a really fine collection of music. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Galapaghost - A Planet Without An Atmosphere (E.P). Prolific and visionary, Galapaghost, is a solo artist who has proven through a string of acclaimed releases his fearless experimentation and uniquely DIY artistic sensibility. Galapaghost h

Sofia Härdig - Poppy Jean Crawford - Emma Charles - The Cordial Sins - Iggy Mayerov - Kerry Hart

Sofia Härdig makes her seventh appearance on Beehive Candy with 'Radiant Star' taken from her forthcoming album 'This Big Hush', and as always her powerful post punk creation impresses. === Poppy Jean Crawford shares 'Same Old Tricks' a track that benefits in part from her musical influences, but only in the sense that she has set her creative standards pretty high. === Folk pop singer songwriter Emma Charles latest single 'Vertigo' is a gorgeous affair, her notable vocals contrasting with a slow beating backdrop. === We featured The Cordial Sins last month and now we have a video for 'You Are A Weight' which is the first track on their superb new E.P 'In Memory'. === From Prague in the Czech Republic dream pop band Iggy Mayerov have shared a video for 'Silence' a song fuelled by melodic hooks and a marching beat. === Kerry Hart has released a beautiful song entitled 'Secret Garden' where her wonderful vocals are supp