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The Hempolics - JES - This Time - InBetween Movies - Beach Scvm - Soften

The Hempolics return only a couple of weeks after we shared 'Full Of Surprises,' with their second single from their second album due in April next year, this time we have 'Play On' where the soulful vocals, reggae vibes and more are simply splendid. === JES shares a video for an acoustic version of 'Imagination' with her melodic vocals and a whirling guitar giving the song a very different feel. === This Time have released 'Runaway' a sprightly alt rocker that has a no nonsense rock vibe and is tight and polished. === We finish with three artists from the Waterfall Of Colours record label beginning with InBetween Movies and a video for their recently released and gorgeous dream pop song 'Murmurs'. === From Beach SCVM we have 'Summer Jobs' a lo-fi pop song with hints of shoegaze and plenty of hooks. === Finally Soften have released a refined indie folk piece entitled 'True Love' which gradually adds a little more musical rich

Dream Wulf - Jason Sees Band - boerd feat. Stella Explorer - Rama Lama Records 2019

Dream Wulf have today released their new single 'Last Know Purple'. With a blasting riff kicking things off, the vocals riding high above a bluesy rock backdrop this is one stand out track. === Another song released today is from Jason Sees Band with the sensitive and thoughtful alt rocker 'Make You Smile'. === boerd feat. Stella Explorer have shared a live session of ' Before We Drown', it's a gorgeous song and fabulous all round performance. === It's not often we feature a record label however Stockholm's Rama Lama Records 2019 'Various Artists' compilation is well worth a share, in fact you may recognise some of the artists and songs as the label has been a regular supplier of music we have featured this year. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dream Wulf - Last Know Purple. "We wanted to feel something different - something that drove us and at the same time somethin

ØZWALD - Arrakis - Rodrigo Leao

ØZWALD have shared 'Lies In Disguise' a refreshing & unique sounding indie pop/rock song with some gentle vocals and a delicious musical backdrop. === From Thessaloniki, Greece we have the new album by Arrakis entitled 'Technontology Vol 1.' (hear it in full below). The band deliver some gorgeous rock that mixes stoner & psychedelic styles together, their own musical stamp being firmly in place. === Rodrigo Leao is described in the accompanying promo as one of the giants in Portugal. The new song 'A Bailarina' is one of those pieces that is worth sticking with, as it builds into a magnificent and creative affair, one that crosses borders with ease. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ØZWALD - Lies In Disguise. Comprised of Jason Wade (Lifehouse) and Steve Stout (former-Lost Beach/Blondfire), Nashville-based ØZWALD doles out everyday wisdom on an indie platter. A departure from their first r

ROCH - The Ah - On-The-Go feat. Naadia

ROCH returns to Beehive Candy for a fourth time this year with her latest single (and album title track) 'Via Media'. Accompanied with a cleverly matched video the imaginative singer songwriter, has a musical backdrop that is atmospheric, whilst once again her distinctive vocals are just captivating. === We are always on the search for music that's just a little different yet engaging and The Ah and his lead single from the 'Mere Husk' album, due in January fulfils all of that with the wonderful piece 'Watermelon Tears'. === Indie quintet On-The-Go (feat. Naadia) have just released 'High' a superb and hook laden song with fabulous vocals and harmonies surrounded by a gorgeous musical arrangement. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ROCH - Via Media. London based singer, songwriter, and producer ROCH shares a new video for latest single plus album title track ‘Via Media’. A slinky, melancho

Sharone - Nikolaj Grandjean - Caldonia

Sharone recently shared a couple of videos for 'Turn Back Time' and 'Closer To Love' both taken from her third studio album released just a few days ago. Although I note that metal (usually a personal turnoff) and goth genres are mentioned in the promo below, I have to say plenty of the songs carry melodic hooks and the vocals are natural and distinct, whilst the Gothic overtones add atmosphere. === Danish singer songwriter Nikolaj Grandjean has just released 'Seven Wild Horses' a mixture of Americana and indie folk, and plenty of originality particularly with his refined vocal delivery. === From Alabama we have the pleasure of introducing Caldonia and a couple of songs namely 'Oh Say' and 'Taxi'. Taken from their forthcoming debut E.P (due 27 December) the article below says "Their music testifies to the Southern traditions of soul, blues, rhythm and blues, and other American “roots” music", well on the strength of these to tracks I ca

Katie Burden - Maybird - Michael Colton - Frederick The Younger - Lake Jons

Katie Burden shares 'Edge of Sleep' an imaginative art rock piece, she disappeared off our radar after we featured 'I Can See It Clear' back in 2016, so it looks like I have some catching up to do. === From Maybird we have a new video for 'In Technicolor' a smooth and refined psychedelic rock song with the video making a splendid accompaniment. === Singer songwriter Michael Colton has a brand new single entitled 'Brother' where the blues rock artist is more immersed in a folk vibe, his rich voice resonating beautifully. === Returning for a seventh time on Beehive Candy Frederick The Younger have released the song and video for 'Something Real'. Their ability to develop melodic and engaging alt pop (with or without a retro vibe) is consistently incredible. === Lake Jons have really impressed us this year and now we have a video and third song from their current album as they share 'Circle' where the duo are possibly spoilt for choice wh