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Steve Buscemi's Dreamy Eyes - Sobranie 8 18 - Lauran Hibberd - Sophie Morgan - Lev Snowe - Siobhán O'Brien

Steve Buscemi's Dreamy Eyes have released the new single 'Forever' a few weeks ahead of their 'Sweetie' album release. Comprising of twelve tracks the album is awash with great indie songs, we have already featured 'Moon' and 'Change Of Heart' and I have to say the rest are at the least on a par with these three tracks, it's an album to look out for! === Russian based duo Sobranie 8 18 have just released the dramatic and imaginative song 'Angels Fight', a genre defying and play again piece. === Since coming into our world in August 2017 Lauran Hibberd has become a firm favourite of Beehive Candy and the new single 'BANG BANG BANG' only confirms even more that the attention she has gained has been earned through delivering fabulous music. === It's been a while since we last featured Sophie Morgan however she has returned with the gentle, melodic and beautiful new song 'Marmalade' accompanied by a wonderfully matche

HANYA - Ani Glass - Humanoids - The Chris White Experience - Secret Treehouse - Walter Martin - Mechanimal

HANYA share 'I'll Do It Tomorrow' ahead of their forthcoming E.P and follows on from 'Dream Wife' which we featured last November, this time we have a fabulous dream pop song that raises expectation even further. === Ani Glass has just released 'Mirores' accompanied with a video, and it's a gorgeous song, her vocals are splendid and the track just brims with good vibes. === From Switzerland we have Humanoids and 'The shadow you make isn‘t yours', there first new material in five years, where a mixture of alt rock and electronic instrumentation combine into a rhythmic rocker. === We have the full album from The Chris White Experience called 'Volume Three', it unsurprisingly follows on from Volume 1 and 2, from somebody that rightly might be considered a musical legend. === To day Secret Treehouse released 'At Sunrise' and the Nordic indie pop band are in cracking form with this powerfully pleasing song. === Walter Martin return

Louie & The Wolf Gang - Jess Knights - Kacy & Clayton

Louie & The Wolf Gang have kicked the new year off with 'The Race' where the Neo Rockabillies are on splendid form with this tightly performed and vibrant song. === Calgary singer-songwriter Jess Knights has just released 'Leave Me For The Last Time' a soulful song with all the essential passion and emotion to make it stand out. === We featured Kacy & Clayton three times last year and were very impressed so the live video for 'That Sweet Orchestra Sound' is a pleasure to share just ahead of their European tour. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Louie & The Wolf Gang - The Race. Louie & The Wolf Gang welcome the new year with a thrilling and fast single: 'The Race' reflects their current state. Last year started running fast for the new rockabilly heroes from Baden/Switzerland: Their debut EP earned enthusiastic reviews, was heard on various international radios-show and bro

Skye Wallace - LAPêCHE - Alice Boman - Wilsen

Skye Wallace returns to Beehive Candy after two impressive songs featured last year. Yesterday she shared a new video for 'Body Lights The Way' a lively, catchy and very pleasing rocker of a song. === Indie rock band LAPêCHE have just released a new video for 'Gracie' a hook filled song, that packs emotion throughout. === Swedish songwriter Alice Boman releases her debut album 'Dream On' this coming Friday and just ahead of that shares a video for 'Everybody Hurts' a gorgeous and melodic song, with a tour kicking off just day's away. ===We shared 'Ruiner' back in November, the title track from the soon to be released album from Wilsen who have just shared another gorgeous teaser from the album called 'Feeling Fancy' accompanied by a fine music video. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Skye Wallace - Body Lights The Way. Skye Wallace is what happens when a trained singe

The Saxophones - Rachael Sage

The Saxophones are Alexi Erenkov and Alison Alderdice and together they have delivered a beautiful song entitled 'Lamplighter' an exquisite, gentle and touching track. === We have to go back to 2016 for our last feature with Rachael Sage however I recognised the name immediately so she clearly left an impression. The new recording of 'Both Hands' (Live At Carriage House Studios) is beautifully performed and the musical arrangement and vocals work together wonderfully. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Saxophones - Lamplighter. The Saxophones--the Bay Area based duo of Alexi Erenkov (vocals, guitar, synthesizer, woodwinds) and Alison Alderdice (drums, vocals)--have shared the second single from their forthcoming sophomore album Eternity Bay, out March 6 on Full Time Hobby. Following "New Taboo," which caught the attention of Austin Town Hall ("delicate and fragile"), BBC Music, an

Team Me - Christopher Paul Stelling - Selkama - Sideline - The Lone Bellow - Jenny Lewis, Habib Koite, Artists for Peace and Justice - Lunaires

Team Me were featured a couple of times last year and the new song 'Into The Wild' is a refreshing indie track where the eight member band are found in a more sensitive mode. === Christopher Paul Stelling shares a beautiful video for 'Lucky Stars' a sumptuous and melodic singer-songwriter piece. === From Selkama we have 'Exit Signs' where feisty drums and more dreamy vocals make for an engaging track glued together with some fine guitar moments. === Bluegrass has been growing on me over the last two or three years and the new album from Sideline entitled 'Breaks to the Edge' has upped my appreciation even further, needless to say fans of this genre should love this. === The Lone Bellow have a distinct and very engaging sound as is born out by the anthem orientated 'Good Times' and the production is notably refined. === I have been a fan of Jenny Lewis's music since the day's of Rilo Kiley so the new track from Jenny Lewis, Habib Koite