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Barb Carbon - Nicolas Godin - Lilly Hiatt - The Modern Society - Malena Zavala

Barb Carbon shares 'Patience' a fresh sounding indie rock meets roots rock kind of song with plenty of hooks throughout. === Accompanied by a video filmed around the Palace of Versailles Nicolas Godin has just shared 'Catch Yourself Falling' featuring Alexis Taylor, a relaxing, melodic and smooth song. === Less than a month since her first appearance here Lilly Hiatt returns with another new song entitled 'P Town' a powerful and passionately delivered country rocker. === The Modern Society debut single 'Bad Thoughts' is an impressive affair, the young band packing passion and determination both musically and visually. === Malena Zavala returns to Beehive Candy for a third time with 'I'm Leaving Home' a beautiful song with the mixture of Anglo and Latin influences ensuring originality and subtle splendour once again. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Barb Carbon - Patience.

SHEL - Inferior Complex - amini - Seazoo

SHEL have today shared the stirring video for 'Rainbow'. It's related to SHEL's desire to help empower the women of Hope Springz and support their craft shelter, that said it's also a wonderful song. === Originally formed in 1979 Inferior Complex today release 'Dome' the bands cinematic sounds resonating beautifully on this instrumental piece. === amini have released their third E.P today which is entitled 'When We Were Kids' a collection of four gorgeous and heartfelt indie pop songs. === Seazoo make their fourth appearance on Beehive Candy with the new song 'The Pleasure' accompanied by a video as the Welsh band once again impress us with their distinctive mixture of indie pop and rock. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SHEL - Rainbow. Did you know that in some regions of India, when a woman becomes a widow, she becomes a "bad omen," shunned by friends and family?  I

Lilla Parasit - Rubaiyat - Union Duke - Jennah Barry

Lilla Parasit were featured a couple of times here towards the end of last year and they return today with 'Eirik', a song that sees them continue to explore differing rock moods with imagination. === Los Angeles based trio Rubaiyat have today released 'Breathers' a distinctive and atmospheric alt rocker. === Another band we shared music from twice last year are Union Duke who now have a video for the fabulous and refined roots rock song 'Left Behind'. === Whilst we are on the subject of artists who made a couple of appearances here last year Jennah Barry is another and has just shared 'Big Universe' accompanied by a video, her gorgeous vocals again shining through ahead of her new album due in March. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lilla Parasit - Eirik. Late 2019, Lilla Parasit signed to Stockholm label family Rama Lama Records (Chez Ali, Steve Buscemi's Dreamy Eyes, Julia Rakel e

Remington Super 60 - The Hengles - Cayley Thomas - Tara Vern

Remington Super 60 today share the new E.P simply entitled 'New E.P'. We have all six songs to enjoy below, with each track from the indie pop group sounding gorgeous, sometimes dreamy and always totally engaging. === We featured The Hengles a couple of times last year and they return this week with the new song 'Down To The Water', the Amsterdam based trio's imaginative and timeless pop sounding as good as ever. === From Edmonton, Alberta we have Cayley Thomas with 'Blue Jean Baby' a beautiful song that suggests her upcoming ‘How Else Can I Tell You?’ album will be more than worth checking out. === We finish today's selection with a punchy rocker from Tara Vern called 'Girl With Flashing Eyes' the Australian artist packs some fine hooks into this refined rock track. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Remington Super 60 - New E.P. We have a brand new 6 track EP from Norwegian indie-

Kinley - Motihari Brigade - Amy Petty - Greg Hoy & The Boys - ØZWALD - Mountain For Clouds

Kinley has shared a lyric video for 'Washington' a melodic and desirable mixture of indie folk and pop. === Motihari Brigade have a brand new album called 'Power From Below' from which we have 'Talking To Crazy' which gives a good feel for the bands revolution rock. === Taken from her brand new album 'The Darkness Of Birds' we have  Amy Petty and 'Sick Of The Radio' where the contemporary pop artist delivers some really fine songs. === Greg Hoy & The Boys have released a music video for 'Green' a vibrant rocker that showcases the San Francisco band very well. === ØZWALD return to Beehive Candy after our first feature just over a month ago, this time we have 'Call off the Doctor' a gently paced, calm and increasingly catchy song. === The first of ten songs on their final album before calling it a day we have 'Water' from Mountain For Clouds and I thinks it's more than fair to say they are leaving on a splendid hi

Suzy and The Lifeguard - Alfie - Sandmoon - Clem Snide - Sammy Miller and The Congregation - Emerald Park - The Ah

Suzy and The Lifeguard have released 'Now' a song that twists and turns between melodic and refined pop to a more rocky psychedelic feel as it works wonders. === Alfie has an intriguing video for 'The Easter Song' a simmering and I quote "homage to Tex Mex music", it's also fabulous. === Sandmoon have a brand new single and video entitled 'Angel' the indie folk/rock band have a distinctive and highly engaging musical feel. === Ahead of a new album due in March Clem Snide has shared 'Roger Ebert' a gorgeously arranged piece where the mesmerising vocals exude real personal feeling. === Sammy Miller and The Congregation have released the wonderful song 'It Gets Better' which is a melting pot of delicious sounds. === From Emerald Park we have 'Rules Don't Apply' a vibrant indie rocker accompanied by some suitably matched old film clips. === Having featured the last two songs, today we have the third and final single from