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The Golden Age Of TV - ROCH - Store Front - Ramshackle Rodeo - Allister Thompson - Paul Louis Villani - Sobranie 8 18

The Golden Age Of TV share 'Me, You And A Dog' a vibrant and almost urgent yet distinct sounding alt rocker. === We featured ROCH four times last year so yes, we like her and the delightful new song 'T-Rose' sees her in a more reflective personal mode. === From New York we have five piece band Store Front with 'Rip The Price Off' a smooth flowing indie pop song. === Meanwhile from Derry, Ireland Ramshackle Rodeo have released 'Duga 3' whose electro rock is both striking and dramatic. === Allister Thompson shares a video for 'Dusty In Here' from the album “No Reason to Cry: Songs by Grant McLennan,” due out on the 20th, and I have to say all eleven songs deserve a listen. === Paul Louis Villani has a new album out from which we share the first song 'Before I Go' which is just one dimension of this creative collection. === Last month we featured 'Angels Fight' from Sobranie 8 18 and now we have the full and self titled album &

Juliper Sky - Fruitz - Wynnm - Post Louis - Casii Stephan - Honey Cutt - Ben Wood and The Bad Ideas

Juliper Sky make their second appearance here with today's new song release 'Reflections of the Winter Sun' the bands dreamy, lush and expansive rock style really stands out again as something special. === A few days back Fruitz shared 'Daydream' a heartfelt and hook filled indie rocker. === Wynnm has just released 'Fire On The Moon' a gentle and melodic song with fabulous vocals above a restrained musical backdrop. === It's our fourth feature for Post Louis who share their brand new song 'Winter Pollen' where the art rock band power up musically surrounding the vocals with swirling guitar licks and more. === We shared a song by Casii Stephan back in May of last year and now we have her brand new single 'Trapeze Artist' which is a wonderful and passionate rocker with plenty of soulful vibes. === Honey Cutt give us a taste of her March album release with the title track 'Coasting' and put simply, it's gorgeous. === We have so

Rachel Beck - Seablite - Arabnormal - Adwaith - Vundabar - Ted Jasper

Rachel Beck shares 'Warrior' where her beautifully distinctive vocals glide above a refined musical backdrop. === Less than a month since we featured 'Skeleton Couch' Seablite are back with 'High Rise Mannequins' and again their mixture of dream pop and shoegaze impress. === Arabnormal have a pretty unique opening for 'Digital Veil' on the video version of the song. I think I'll stick to the audio version in the longer term but it's well worth seeing. === The trio Adwaith release 'Lan y Môr' tomorrow on Welsh Music Day, and it's a natural rocker that packs plenty of feeling. === We shared a song from Vundabar back in 2017 so it's been a while however 'Petty Crime' is a catchy and slick indie rocker, so welcome back. === From Ted Jasper we have the intimate and intricately arranged 'Stone Cold Kisses', it's a taste of what's to come on his 'Equinox' E.P next month and a very fine one at that. ---

Aminah Hughes - Rizo - Cold Reading - EnnieLoud

Aminah Hughes has shared 'Tell Me It's Over' accompanied by a video, the song is a refined ballad with soulful overtones and a timeless gospel chorus. === Rizo has a new video for her single 'Hit Of You' the song is gorgeous, the video adding some risque intrigue, but it's the song that works for me. === We featured a couple of songs from the new three part concept album by Cold Reading last year, and from the third part we have 'Tree Diagram' this is a highly imaginative indie rock band. === From EnnieLoud we have a song and video entitled 'The Best I Can Do' a genre defying piece, that's rich yet musically minimalist, the vocals adding passion and emotion. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Aminah Hughes - Tell Me It's Over. When Aminah Hughes steps on stage she does more than fill the room with her honeyed voice. She draws her audience into nostalgia, calling us to reme

Fassine - Les Flâneurs (Feat Hanna Turi) - HMS Morris

Fassine make their fourth appearance on Beehive Candy with the brand new song 'Bloom' ahead of the third album 'Forge' due in March, the track mixing a powerful chorus with more melodic and beautiful vocals. === Les Flâneurs has released 'Your Days' which features the impressive and delightful vocals of Hanna Turi, plus the fabulously arranged musicianship of Alex Marchetti. === HMS Morris new single is 'Babanod' (meaning Babies) the Welsh language song is passionate and expansive, the music growing in depth, the hooks building throughout. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Fassine - Bloom. Fassine’s third album FORGE (March 27), and first on Trapped Animal Records & Cargo Records, is a tribute to the unassuming heroes on the fringes of society. New single ‘Bloom’, out today, is a response to the obsession of perceived beauty in perfection. Addressing this disconnect, the band asks if

AM Clouds - AyOwA - Howie Payne - Delune

AM Clouds mix and merge rock styles and arrive with a sumptuous and rich overall sound as is witnessed by 'Tune Me In' a fine taster for their 'Rainmaker' album due later this month. === It's been a while since we last shared some new material from AyOwA so 'First Frost' makes for a more than welcome return by the electronic duo and their fabulously individual sound. === On Friday Howie Payne released 'Into Daylight' a gorgeous mixture of alt rock and lovable psychedelic vibes. === Sister duo Delune have a brand new release entitled 'Lavender Too' which put simply is short in duration but absolutely beautiful. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ AM Clouds - Tune Me In. Oregon-based AM Clouds craft adventurous roosty indie rock that traverses both the internal and external landscapes of human experience. Their hometown of Bend offers extreme climate changes and expansive beauty, pro