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Kate Kelly - Sophie Morgan - Lewin - The Stick Arounds

Kate Kelly has just released 'Quiet as a Mouse' accompanied by a video, the song itself is a gentle, melodic and quite personal indie folk piece. === Sophie Morgan makes a welcome return to Beehive Candy with 'Bar To Bar' following on from 'Marmalade' and again her alt folk is simply beautiful. === Lewin shares 'Sorrow' the third single ahead of her debut album. This is a gorgeous track from the singer-songwriter, the story around it (see below) makes it even more poignant. === The Stick Arounds recently released 'The Singles Club' album from which we have 'Connection' which typifies the quality and refreshing multi genre rock the band deliver. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Kate Kelly - Quiet as a Mouse Following up on her promising debut LP The Wonder of It All, Nashville-based artist Kate Kelly is back with "Quiet as a Mouse", a heartfelt new single th

DOLLY ZOOM - Cormac O Caoimh - LIJO - WHOOP-Szo - Teenage Dads - Autre Monde - Chrysalism

DOLLY ZOOM are a synth pop band from Brisbane, Australia and have just released 'I Think You'd Know By Now' a mixture of warm synth vibes and atmospheric vocals. === We have to go back to 2017 for our last Cormac O Caoimh feature however 'I'm In Need' ensures that it was worth the wait, this refined song is our first taste of his new album due in May. === We are always on the look out for fresh creativity and LIJO and her new song 'Stranger Danger' does all of that with the video making for a fine companion. === With a rich expansive sound WHOOP-Szo share 'Amaruq' a gorgeous alt rocker. === From Melbourne, Australia we have Teenage Dads with the upbeat 'Adrenaline Rush' which is full of blissful sixties pop feeling. === Autre Monde share 'Brain Upon Your Pillow' a rhythmic, potent and feisty indie rocker. === North London's Chrysalism has released 'Forget Me' a short, gentle and emotion filled song that just wraps

Wilsen - Linaire - Brooke Annibale - Micra

Wilsen return with their new single 'Align' just ahead of the album 'Ruiner'. We have already shared a couple of tracks from the new collection and the latest again promises that we are in for a real treat. === We have to go back to October 2016 for the last time we featured Anna Atkinson, however she is back with her new project Linaire and the beautiful song 'Feeling' accompanied by her rich sounding Omnichord. === Another artist making her third appearance here is Brooke Annibale with 'I Will'. We don't feature that many cover versions but Brooke really does give this Beatles song her own stamp. === Micra have released 'Chemical Freedom' accompanied by a video, the dream pop duo really have created a gorgeous song (and it's welcome back here for a third time as well!). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Wilsen - Align. Today, the Brooklyn-based trio Wilsen released a new

Horse Lords - Jonathan Emile - Bartleby Delicate - Sour Widows - Lilly Hiatt

Horse Lords impress us with 'People's Park' an instrumental that is original, addictive and accompanied by a figure skating video that works alongside beautifully. === Jonathan Emile new album 'Spaces-In-Between' is featured in full along with a video for 'Try A Likkle More', collectively this is a wonderful mixture of reggae music with so many other genre influences enriching the piece. === Luxembourg artist Bartleby Delicate has a brand new single 'From Top To Toe' which mixes electronic music with a folk based anchor, the result is creative and original. === Described as a bedroom rock group Sour Widows obviously make good use of that particular room space with 'Open Wide' a slow paced track with fabulous harmonies and a close up and personal feel throughout. === It's only February and yet Lilly Hiatt is back with us for a third appearance this year with 'Candy Lunch' ahead of next months 'Walking Proof' album relea

Very Very - Sass Jordan - The Saxophones - Brendan & the Strangest Ways - Diners

Very Very shares 'Badlands' accompanied by a video, a confessional and personal song with plenty of atmosphere. === Sass Jordan moves from her rock singer mode into some passionate blues with 'Leaving Trunk' ahead of her first full blues album due in March. === A month after we first featured The Saxophones they have returned with 'Forgot My Mantra' which is another exquisite song ahead of their 'Eternity Bay' album. === Brendan & the Strangest Ways have just released 'We Can Beat Mercury' a powerful hook laden country rocker. === Today Diners have released 'Cup Of Coffee' with a beautifully matched video for what is one smooth and very catchy song. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Very Very - Badlands. Before being banned from the United States for 10 years, Very Very had built a life in New York City. There she found herself crossing boundaries in a relationship ba

Little Misty - Kerry Hart - Henriette - Totemo - The Tristones - Pike & Sutton - Clem Snide

Little Misty have released their self titled album 'Little Misty' which is a collection of nine refined progressive folk songs that are all fabulously arranged. === Kerry Hart has already gained considerable attention, hardly surprising considering the quality of her music, as is again confirmed with the new song 'Great Water'. === German country pop vocalist Henriette shares 'Crash Like This' a song with plenty of power and just a little hint of country rock. === From Israel we have Totemo with 'See You At The Beginning' a beautiful electronic dream pop and highly engaging song. === With a smooth funky groove The Tristones share 'Camaro' a track with all the slick quality Steely Dan used to serve up. === Just four weeks since we first featured the duo, Pike & Sutton return with the new single 'Together' another superb teaser for their full-length debut album 'Heart Is A Compass'. === Clem Snide makes his return just t