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All Things Blue - llawgne - Flight Attendant - Palberta

All Things Blue are a Los Angeles pysch-shoegaze band and they have just released 'Lully' ahead of their debut album 'Get Bit'. The song itself slowly opens with gorgeous vocals and plenty of originality, adding some refined musical accompanyment. ===== llawgne (aka Mathias Engwall) shares 'Reverie Neverending' a song that is smooth flowing dream pop with a hint or two of showegaze, the melodic hooks making the piece really stand out. ===== From Flight Attendant we have the new track and video for 'Comedy Show'. The Nashville based quintet serve up a song that builds both musically and with intensity, it's a little dramatic and very enticing, the video conveys all of that. ===== Palberta return just over a month since we featured 'Before I Got Here' with another new song and video for 'Corner Store'. Once again the vocals and especially the harmonies are notable and the stripped back music complements well. ========================

Flor and The Sea - Sketch Club - Rampton Prom - Looms

Flor and The Sea have just released their new E.P 'Kings & Queens'. Last month we shared 'A Candid Lie' from the collection and we now have the full set streaming below, this really is a sumptuous collection of indie electro music. ===== Yesterday Sketch Club released 'Futile Pursuits' which is a rhythmic and sweeping alt rocker with some fabulous melodic hooks. ===== Rampton Prom debut single 'Too Baby' is a stunning and dreamy song that flows along and demands an immediate replay. ===== Brooklyn rockers Looms have shared 'Obvious' a song that packs plenty of power, emotion and some very catchy vibes. =================================================== Flor and The Sea - Kings & Queens (E.P). The songs of Flor and the Sea’s debut EP Kings & Queens invite listeners to surrender themselves to the stream of music: to dream, to dance and to defy the world’s tumult for a moment and abandon themselves to the group’s heady stylistic fus

Falcon Jane - Loryn Taggart - Leif Vollebekk - HOPdot

Falcon Jane has shared 'Feelings' just ahead of Friday's album releases 'Faith'. We have already had the pleasure of featuring two songs from the new album and the latest 'Feelings' is another fine reminder of her knack for creating original and lovable music. ===== From Loryn Taggart we have 'The River' where the folk and singer songwriter shares a gently opening and intimate song, the build is gradual, the end is fabulous and in between we are treated to some wonderful vibes. ===== Leif Vollebekk has released a new original song entitled 'Long Blue Light' it's accompanied by a cover of Bon Iver's '29 #Strafford APTS'. We are just sharing 'Long Blue Light' which is a gorgeous piece that just funnels emotion. ===== HOPdot contacted us directly with 'Before We All Go Under'. They are a father and daughter duo and collectively they are simply fabulous as is born out with this gentle, intelligent and beautiful

Michaela Bekenn - AJ Rosales - Muca & La Marquise

Michaela Bekenn recently released 'The Earth Has Music' and thankfully it came our way this week. The Toronto based artist has a multitude of skills which include creating intimate, refined and beautifully arranged singer songwriter pieces, as this track amply demonstrates. ===== Chicago singer-songwriter AJ Rosales has shared 'If Not Today'. AJ has drawn a number of impressive comparisons and his music is hard to pin down into any one genre, more importantly though this is one powerful and irresistible song. ===== We are also just catching up on Muca & La Marquise who released 'October Blues' unsurprisingly at the end of October. The vocals are quite stunning as is the sumptuous bluesy musical backdrop, there's shades of Jeff Buckley but come on, surely nobody can complain about that. =================================================== Michaela Bekenn - The Earth Has Music. Michaela Bekenn is a Toronto-based interdisciplinary singer-songwriter, soun

Lusterlit - Red Spot Rhythm Section

It's been a couple of years since we last shared a song from Lusterlit (time flies and all of that) so it's a big welcome back especially as their new song 'Squealer' is just so good. It's something of a departure from the last song share however it's still something special as the rhythm and vocal passion simmer together wonderfully. ===== Another band serving up some original and creative vibes are Red Spot Rhythm Section who recently shared a couple of imaginative and hook filled tunes, namely 'Hard To Give Thanks' and 'Foundation'. =================================================== Lusterlit - Squealer. With their songs created for Bushwick Book Club, BBC founder, Susan Hwang and BBC contributor and producer, Charlie Nieland, have joined forces to perform as the new, literature-inspired duo—Lusterlit. Both vocalists and multi-instrumentalists, Charlie and Susan alternate lead vocals and harmonies while supporting each other on guitar, bas

Kai Strauss - Grace Gillespie - Rosie Carney - WeatheredMan and The Noise

Kai Strauss shares the title song for his forthcoming album 'In My Prime'. Comprising of eleven tracks this is a powerful, high quality collection of stylish blues and blues rock material ===== Grace Gillespie is back with her beautiful, personal and gently melodic song 'The Child' making it appearance number five this year. ===== Rosie Carney is another regular here and long may that continue as she presents another song from Radiohead's 'The Bends album this time we have 'Black Star' where to say she puts her own mark on it is something of an understatement. ===== WeatheredMan and The Noise have released 'Natural Force' and the band serve up some feisty, hook filled rock that has plenty of depth and layers considering there's just two of them. =================================================== Kai Strauss - In My Prime. After 25 years on the scene Kai Strauss is no longer “just another guitar player from Europe”. First as musical master