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Crawford Mack - Oracle Sisters - Owen Meany’s Batting Stance

Crawford Mack has shared a new video for 'Turning' a song that's taken from his recent album '‘Bread & Circuses'. We had the pleasure of featuring three other tracks from this exceptional album and 'Turning' is another example from this talented and highly engaging contemporary artist. ===== Oracle Sisters have shared 'The Dandelion' along with a video for the song. The Parisian trio have something of a timeless feel musically and have developed some atmospheric, melodic and dreamy music with this gorgeous piece. ===== Owen Meany’s Batting Stance was featured a couple of months or so back and his new video for 'Krakow' is a beautiful accompaniment for this moving and sublime song. =================================================== Crawford Mack - Turning. Glaswegian songwriter Crawford Mack performs with a sense of purpose and ardour in new video ‘Turning’. An ode to the legacy that people leave through their art, the new track is ta

Natalie Bouloudis - Lauryn Peacock - Red Red (feat) Belle Starr - Safe Upstairs - The Mahones

Natalie Bouloudis returns with her third single 'Coal' taken from her forthcoming E.P. due at the end of January. We have featured Natalie a few times in recent years and have always been impressed with her distinctive and atmospheric music which this time manifests itself in dynamic alt rock form. ===== Today Lauryn Peacock has released 'Coming Over Me Again' and it's a rhythmic indie rock song where the vocals carry the melody on this catchy track. ===== Red Red have shared their new single 'Long Black Train (Feat: Belle Starr)'. Energized blues rock and fabulously natural vocals and harmonies make this a hook filled piece.  ===== Zurich-based, New-York-raised Jonas Blumer aka Safe Upstairs has just released 'Everything Went Away' which is a gritty and addictive song, his vocals and incredible lyrics are highly engaging. ===== The Mahones lates album is self explanatory enough, it's titled 'This Is All We’ve Got To Show For It – The Best

Kate Boothman - Sham Chewali - Focus Your Audio - Lorraine Nash

Kate Boothman releases '17' a song that she tells us was pretty much written and fully formed in just twenty minutes. That's impressive considering the depth and beauty of this track, I guess it took a little longer in the studio, either way it was time well spent. ===== Yesterday Sham Chewali released 'Yer Not Wrong' a song that opens with traditional folk sensibilities and gradually develops into a more modern piece, where alt rock is a reasonable reference point. ===== Last week Focus Your Audio shared a video for 'Over There' a song that has already gained plenty of attention for the Vancouver-based duo as their mixture of natural roots and Americana music resonates so well. ===== Lorraine Nash has just released 'Winter Sun' along with a video, we first featured her in October and the new song is another beautiful and creative contemporary folk song. =================================================== Kate Boothman - 17. Kate has gained a re

The Last Morrell - Call Me Spinster - Gillian Stone

The Last Morrell first came our way back in March this year and it's good to have him back with the new song release 'Picking at Stitches'. Once again the melodic vocals are just gorgeous and the music arrangement develops into something quite stirring, add in his magnificent video and this truly is a superb and creative piece. ===== It's just over a month since we first featured Call Me Spinster and they return with another beautiful track entitled 'Two Hearts'. The sister trio are once again fabulously timeless with wonderful vocals and harmonies as a dreamy vibe runs throughout this "oh to" short song ===== Gillian Stone has recently released 'Bridges' and despite the fact we are a couple of weeks late to the show, this exquisite and captivating song remains a must share.  =================================================== The Last Morrell - Picking at Stitches. Not very often do we see an artist create their own music video in quite the

Rosie Carney - Anna Krantz - Grace Gillespie

Rosie Carney version of Radiohead's classic 'The Bends' album is shaping up to be a very special collection as the new single 'Bullet Proof ... I Wish I Was' clearly demonstrates. Her beautiful interpretation of the songs shared so far, has been quite stunning and we only have a couple of weeks until the full album is released. ===== Our third feature for Anna Krantz this year comes in the form of her new single 'The Trouble With Suzie' and her knack for creating melodic, addictive and catchy songs is once again clearly evident.  ===== Another artist who has been a regular here in 2020 is Grace Gillespie who has just released 'For Nick Drake'. This is a really fine lyrical homage to an artist who influenced so many others after his sadly short life, with Grace's creative skills notable again on this gentle folk piece. =================================================== Rosie Carney - Bullet Proof ... I Wish I Was. Rosie Carney shares two final