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SLUGS - Gunke - Gawain and the Green Knight - Shannon Dooks - This Is The Deep

SLUGS - I Could Do Better. SLUGS is a four-piece alt-rock outfit out of Los Angeles comprised of singer/songwriter/guitarist Marissa Longstreet, Sarsten Noice (bass/vocals), Josh Beavers (lead guitar) and Dash Hutton (drums). Their influences range from Linda Perhacs with their melodic harmonies and tenderness to Thee Oh Sees with their high energy, spitfire performances. SLUGS latest tune “I Could Do Better” got its title after enduring a flight from a poor choice of airline when the idea of I could do better humorously arose. Later working with a friend the song was written and developed at a time when exploring the journey of sobriety, where the lyrics took a deeper dive into the meaning. The song narrates wanting to find a way back to the blissful naivety of being a child, as well as the wonderful and complicated revelations and the highs and lows during the process of grounding. Longstreet shares, “I compared my carefree attitude as a child, finger painting an image of nothing, to

Braids - Lazerine - Third Lung - Sam Lapro - Loretta Querceto - Matilda Lindell

Braids - Slayer Moon. Fresh off the heels of the release of DJ Python’s “Young Buck” remix, which saw support by Pitchfork, BBC 6Music and more, Braids is thrilled to reveal today two brand new songs titled “Slayer Moon” and “2020.” Recorded during the sessions of their last album Shadow Offering. The band shares their inspiration behind the songs: “'Slayer Moon' is inspired by a Sailor Moon phone case I bought in Tokyo, at 3am while on tour in Japan. Growing up I was obsessed with Sailor Moon, particularly with the ability to magically transform from a normal girl into a full-on mystical and powerful Sailor Scout, battle-ready to combat the evil forces of the world.” “What a deal, legs with more potential than my life” “Sailor Scouts have the longest legs ever drawn - so long that I drew a parallel between their immaculate legs, and our frenetic modern minds, lost in the ego abyss of the infinite scroll.” “I can’t figure out my life blood, what should I prescribe to?” “‘2020’

Charlotte Spiral - The Weeping Willows - Renée Reed - Natalie D-Napoleon

Charlotte Spiral - Out Of Here. Dark-alt pop duo Charlotte Spiral impressed with their debut EP Ideal Life in February 2020, garnering widespread critical acclaim, a Union Chapel show in support of Alice Boman, a Rough Trade Recommends showcase, and support from BBC 6 Music. A year later, they’ve teamed up with Speedy Wunderground’s Dan Carey (Kae Tempest, Bat For Lashes, Sia) once more for their evocative new EP, New Light. Confronting and examining loss, escapism, dissatisfaction and comparing oneself, the EP will be released on April 9th. Today, the duo share a new track ‘Out Of Here’ which was co-produced with Dan Carey over Zoom during the first lockdown. The song addresses a recurring situation that breeds a longing for escape - “There is something about doing things over and over again in a monotonous way that makes a situation feel worse than it is, and I wanted to portray this throughout the song,” explains lead singer Amy Spencer. Sombre piano and laidback rhythms surround l

Jiants - Aaron Burdett - Career Boy - The Rose Petals

Jiants - Some Kind of Loser. Learning to let go of internal and external pressures is a continuous learning process. Our new track, "Some Kind of Loser," was born out of a rough day in the studio that was followed by some upcoming shows falling apart in advance. I was half joking around thinking about how much time and energy I was spending obsessing over music stuff and feeling like a bit of a dork. I think everyone can relate to that in some way. But that's when it dawned on me that sometimes you might just have to learn to enjoy the rollercoaster because I knew that I was always going to continue making and sharing music, regardless of the results. This is a song that lets our pop freak flag fly. Committing to the addition of strings with the help of Drew Jurecka took the song to another level. Truth told we both know we're in the wrong. As much as "Some Kind of Loser" is about charting your own path, these lyrics reflect on how it would ultimately be ben

Jitensha - ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo Davis - MF Tomlinson - Ana Egge

Jitensha - Sojourn. Jitensha is the garage rock love child of Erin Rose Hubbard and David Martinez. Their sound is a silvery union of honey sweet proto-punkiness and modern indie that is harmonically reminiscent of 1950s rock & roll.  With just vocals, electric guitar and drums, stealing a niche somewhere between the White Stripes and the Civil Wars, Jitensha nestles catchy, poignant melodies into hard hitting rock grooves.  Lyrically, the duo toes the line between realism and optimism, focusing on social justice, environment and psychology, bringing you on a winsome journey of the human experience.  Jitensha has released two full length studio albums, Buck Moon and Periscope. Their single “Sojourn” dropped on March 19th 2021. =================================================== ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo Davis - You Better Watch Yourself Third single release from the 'transatlantic quarantaine sessions'. Between 1998 and 2020 Boo Boo Davis used to tour in Europe sev

Marco Dalla Villa feat Leanna Gage - Marie-Clo - Thee More Shallows - Anya Hinkle - Trapper Schoepp - Jesse Marchant

Marco Dalla Villa - Wonderful days (feat. Leanna Gage). Marco Dalla Villa is a London based DJ and producer originally from Italy. Having studied music theory and composition from a very young age, Marco uses his theoretical knowledge in an experimental way. Instead of following a structure, his songs are simply a flow of real emotions which follow a strong, hypnotic beat. Marco doesn’t take himself too seriously and hopes his listeners will do the same. With the ultimate goal of making music to share emotions and encouraging others to dance and feel happy, Marco provides a healthy dose of positivity throughout his intoxicating soundscapes. His latest release “Wonderful Days” is a modern take on the 1971 song “Help (Get me some Help)” by Tony Ronald. Telling the tale of longing for love after experiencing heartbreak, the melancholy lyrics are a juxtaposition to the uplifting melodies. Marco took the melody from a football chant from his local football team, deciding to put a fresh spi