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Lore City - J.D. Wilkes & Legendary Shack Shakers w/Jello Biafra - Nelson Sobral - Tidal Wave - Kat Von D - Birdtalker

Lore City - Participation Mystique (Album). Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow never was. Move your piece around the board, sheath of the physical. Light the lamp within. Corral. Catch sight of a fireball careening across the sky, blazing. Something is on fire, and it’s coming down on us. Lull into the love that is afforded to you, lull into the lead of sleep, lull into the movies.  Push, pull. Marching to our realizations, marching to work, marching to our resolutions. And you’re waiting, waiting for that call to come. Standing across from, standing next to, coming to a standstill. Earthly divide. The eternal afternoons, parallel. The moments when something moves closer. A phantom ship wafting, calling home across the water. Recreating the familiar, ancient original feeling. An expanse, cascading. Queued up in a world of limbo and revolution, Lore City tunneled into new songs, finally sending Alchemical Task to press in the early summer days. By then, they were halfway through Parti

Gabrielle Ornate - Annabel Gutherz - Jenny Stevens and the Empty Mirrors - Lady Di - Reb Fountain - Oliv

Gabrielle Ornate - Waiting To Be Found. Background from Gabrielle - My name is Gabrielle Ornate and I craft bohemian pop/rock tracks for the modern world. Kaleidoscopic soundscapes made from walls of epic synthesisers, adorned with riffing guitar and bass. Led by powerful vocals singing ethereal lyrics. Think Kate Bush meets St. Vincent and Tame Impala brewed into a brand new sound of my own. I’ve been releasing music since early this year and have received lots of playlist support on Spotify, reaching a combined streaming figure of almost 190,000 streams on my two singles. I’ve also had radio support from BBC Introducing for each of my releases (including my upcoming single), as well as being featured in Tom Robinson’s Radio 6 Mixtape. Gabrielle Ornate · Waiting To Be Found ============================================================================ Annabel Gutherz - Remnant. Singer-songwriter Annabel Gutherz shares her new single and lyric video, “Remnant,” from her upcoming debut

Loveland Duren - Romanie - Lunar Vacation - Whiskey in the Pines

Loveland Duren - Tumbledown Hearts / Within Crying Distance. “Tumbledown Hearts” really is a song about two people finding a way to celebrate life together in spite of turmoil, misunderstandings, disappointments, and a life lived long enough to know that while rose colored glasses may not be reality, we can sure put them on if we choose to.  It’s about two creative romantics on a journey, literally, but also about sharing companionship and comfort in an adult world with another battered but hopeful and optimistic soul. The lyrics tell the tale. You’ve heard the expression “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade!”  We just found another way to tell a relatable story about people doing exactly that…having fun and sharing affinity for each other, with each other.  When our thoughts are shining just a bit too brightly on all our fears, we say “Snap off the light immediately; leaving the outside suspended;” put the past behind you, and share “another toast for what’s up ahead!”   You ca

Mamalarky - Tall Heights

Mamalarky - Meadow / Moss. Last November the Atlanta (by-way-of-LA-by-way-of- Austin) band Mamalarky released their self-titled debut full length on the buzzing Brooklyn label Fire Talk (Dehd, Pure X, PACKS). The LP was one of the most critically-acclaimed debuts of the pandemic year, seeing praise from outlets like NPR, VICE, Billboard, among many others. Now Mamalarky are returning with their first new music since their LP, a pair of singles entitled "Meadow" and "Moss" that are being released to mark the announce of the band's first touring in support of their debut, a run of dates that includes shows with Slow Pulp as well as an East Coast headline and a New York showcase with their labelmates PACKS & Wombo. Accompanied by a pair of videos directed by the band (who have worked on several of their own videos and recently began directing videos for other artists as well), the tracks both concern different experiences of nature and were appropriately, acco

Third Lung - Gabe Watkins

Third Lung - What is a Life? Third Lung, an Indie/Alt-Rock four-piece comprised of Tom Farrelly (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Cams Jurasek (Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals), Rob Jacques (Bass) & Sam Waugh (Drums), released their new track, What Is A Life?, on the 30th of July 2021.  The band, with their third single of the year, ask us the deep philosophical question: What is a life on your own? Indeed, who are we when not guided and supported by the people around us we cherish and love? Third Lung will continue the year as they started it. Full of drive and purpose. Following their latest single, What Is life?, the fourth and final single of the year, Climb, will be released on the 24th September. They will then unleash their 6 Track EP Dialogues Of The Fatal Few on the 26th November. ========================================================================== Gabe Watkins - One Summer. Gabe Watkins is an Australian-Thai indie-pop solo artist with a distinctive voice. The inspired young man ha

Martha Wainwright - Single Girl, Married Girl - Nelson Sobral

Photo - Gaelle Leroyer Martha Wainwright - Hole In My Heart. Martha Wainwright is beginning again. The beguiling performer and songwriter returns with Love Will Be Reborn, out in August. Not since 2012’s Come Home to Mama has a Martha Wainwright record been so full of original written material. Wainwright’s fifth studio album follows recent years of loneliness and clarity in search of optimism and joy. Wainwright wrote the first song—and what would become the title track— of the record a few years ago. It was a very dark time, she says, but the positivity and luminosity of “Love Will Be Reborn” signalled what was to come. Wainwright was at a friend’s home in London to collaborate on something else entirely when she was struck by the need to write the song. Wainwright demures when songwriting – her process is undisciplined and she prefers to be alone. That day, soon left to that solitude, “Love Will Be Reborn” poured out of her. “I wrote the song in its entirety within ten or fifteen m