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Ashley Shadow - Aidan & The Wild - Ian Jones

Ashley Shadow - Grey. The Vancouver, B.C.-based songwriter, Ashley Shadow has shared her new single, "Grey" which follows on the heels of the MOJO-tipped "For Love" and the Stereogum and Brooklyn Vegan-approved "Don't Slow Me Down" (feat. Bonnie "Prince" Billy). "Grey" arrives as another installment of Shadow's forthcoming second album, Only the End which comes mixed by Joshua Wells (Destroyer, Lightning Dust, ex-Black Mountain) and is set for release via Felte on September 24, 2021 (CD/Digital) & October 29, 2021 (Vinyl). The new release follows her eponymous self-titled debut which found critical acclaim at Stereogum, The A.V. Club, KEXP, Brooklyn Vegan, FLOOD, Under the Radar, and more. Ashley Shadow describes the new single as "a gentle moment of existential dread", a notion mirrored in the track's lyrics as she sings, “Grey took over the sky/far too much to think about, don’t try.” However, any temptation

Lily Konigsberg - Idle Dream - Mae Krell - Big Little Lions - Maria Pellicano - Church Girls

Lily Konigsberg - That's the Way I Like It. Lily Konigsberg, a member of the beloved art rock band Palberta, is announcing her solo debut LP. The album arrives after what has been a busy 18 months for Konigsberg, who released her first solo EP on long-time Palberta label Wharf Cat Records (Water From Your Eyes, Dougie Poole) to an extremely positive reception in March of 2020 (Pitchfork described it as a collection of left-field pop that sits "at the center of a Venn diagram containing haunted dolls, Arthur Russell, and Ariana Grande"), before Palberta released their most critically-acclaimed record to date in January of this year ("a gleefully odd record...perfectly Palberta" according to the New York Times), which was followed by the release of a compilation of her early solo recordings culled mostly from Bandcamp and Soundcloud releases. Her new album is called Lily We Need To Talk Now (out October 29th on Wharf Cat), with the title taken from a text she rec

Bumsy and the Moochers - Abby Huston - Paragon Cause

Bumsy and the Moochers - Living The Nightmare. Chicago, Illinois-based ska sextet Bumsy and the Moochers are set to release their latest single, “Living The Nightmare,” on Friday, August 20. The single is their first in a series of singles releases that will result in a mini-EP release with Sell The Heart Records (Neckscars, Decent Criminal, etc.). The video for "Living The Nightmare" was directed and edited by Katie Makes Films. Although publications like The Washington Post began touting the “ska revival” earlier this year, Bumsy and the Moochers are likely quoting LL Cool J under their breath; they’ve been here for years. Since 2012, Bumsy and the Moochers have been riding a tidal wave sound reminiscent of ’90s pop punk and ska. They deliver melodic vocals, killer horn lines, and steel string shredding hot and fresh to your ears. In 2015, Bumsy and the Moochers debuted their first full length release Bored Up! with the Easily Distracted EP following hot on its heels the f

Montgomery Church - Sue Foley - Dot Allison

Montgomery Church - The Great Divide. Cielle Montgomery and James Church are Montgomery Church - a blend of acoustic folk, Americana and bluegrass influences, grown and distilled in the Snowy Mountain ranges of country New South Wales. With their organic union of dobro and guitar, harmony vocals and thoughtful songwriting, this captivating duo are enthralling in their dynamic intimacy and offer up some of the sweetest darn sounds being heard around Australia's alt. country scene right now! Since their formation, Montgomery Church have been quietly but quickly gathering a fan base who site their undeniable chemistry as a rare and beautiful thing to see live. "Montgomery Church are like the Australian version of Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings but if Gillian was the daughter of Allison Krauss...sitting on a porch, with tea not whiskey... I'm a tad obsessed! The most graceful duo literally gracing stages right now!" - Fanny Lumsden “The Great Divide” is written about a

Amanda Anne Platt & The Honeycutters - Heavy Manners - We Were Promised Jetpacks - TeenCanteen - King Park - Jessica Smucker

Amanda Anne Platt & The Honeycutters - Dallas / Reverie. Since April, Amanda Anne Platt & The Honeycutters have been releasing music from their upcoming collection, The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea, a concept suite built from songs recorded under the straitened circumstances of quarantine and envisioned as a “deconstructed album,” released, not as a package, but in a series of paired singles, with each pair drawing on both of the titular concept’s two sides.  The latest, “Dallas” and “Reverie,” finds the Organic Records artist bearing down on unanswered questions, whether they’re framed in a slowly simmering country-rocker (“Dallas”) or by the more introverted, acoustic treatment of “Reverie.” “‘Dallas’ is kind of a tribute to our old tour van, Toby (no vehicle of mine goes without a name),” Platt notes — though, as is often the case, the ostensive subject barely makes an appearance in the song’s lyric — ”and also to all that went on in the years I spent traveling the country i