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Megan Nash & the Best of Intentions - Jonny Woolnough - Seneko - French for Rabbits

Megan Nash & the Best of Intentions - Coffee. Recently, Megan Nash shared the new single “Coffee” from their upcoming LP, Soft Focus Futures, arriving November 3 via acronym. Now the Saskatchewan songwriter is revealing the video for the track. “Once again, I am collaborating with the wonderful Andrew Friesen (‘My Own Heart’, ‘Artifact’, ‘Wait’) on a music video,” says Nash. “My friends and I filmed footage during the Summer of 2021. We had all these little snippets of friendship and I wanted to tie them all together with some footage of me singing the song. This song is so vulnerable for me. And sometimes being open and vulnerable can just make you feel silly and uncomfortable. I wanted to look like how I feel singing this song. So here it is - a video of a hotdog singing lyrics about being worried that someone will leave them once they find out they have anxiety. Hope you enjoy this video. It's a snapshot into my life and who I am - equal parts serious songwriter and total g

Taxiway - Rebecca McCartney - Joel Jerome - Zach Churchill - Big Little Lions

Taxiway - Four Star. Taxiway releases “Four Star,” a song for late-night lonely hotel rooms, October 21 on Seven Plates Records. It is off the album, Absence, due out November 5. The single partially inspired by the film “Up in the Air” depicts a drunken conversation with a hotel’s front desk and the broader message that everything is temporary. The song tells the story of a man who travels frequently for his job and learns that his company plans to lay him off and replace him with the overseas workers he’s been training. He runs up an enormous hotel room service tab and charges it to his company credit card out of spite. The song’s rolling snare gives a marching undercurrent of war waged on the soon-to-be-former employer. It serves as a reminder that a comfortable way of life can be one phone call away from completely falling apart. And corporate America will cut you loose without a second thought if it results in a temporary boost in their stock price. The album is bookended by song

Pieta Brown & JT Bates - Beauty Pill - Log Across The Washer - Ovlov

Pieta Brown & JT Bates - Is/Was. Beloved singer/songwriter Pieta Brown has teamed up with acclaimed percussionist/producer JT Bates (Bonny Light Horseman, Big Red Machine, Taylor Swift) for two new singles to be released through Righteous Babe Records. Today they shared the first single “Is / Was,” a slow-burning experimental ballad anchored by Brown’s stirring guitars and dreamy vocals and Bates’ innovative beats and ethereal instrumentation. “We made ‘Is / Was’ out of musical fragments, across space and time,” said Brown. “For me, music, memory and dreams make the world more coherent. One day when I was feeling extra isolated during the heart of the pandemic I sent some fragmented guitar recordings to one of my all time favorite drummers, JT Bates. We played some musical ping pong with the fragments: adding, taking away, exchanging…and then all of a sudden we had a coherent piece. It had a beginning and an end. When I heard the instrumental track I flashed on a song I had writte

Twin Rains - HotKid

Twin Rains - The Garden. Gardens are rich in symbolism: they can represent fertility and abundance, but also entropy and decay. With our new single, I wanted to write about this twofold nature—the cyclical pattern found in all of existence—from the perspective of human relationships. Kaleidoscopic, lush and dreamy, this song is a reverie, a daydream. It is a story about the bittersweet nature of love and beauty, and how I can't seem to experience either without an awareness of their inevitable breakdown. But the mood of "The Garden" isn't sad, it celebrates this mystery. We travelled to the Château de Villandry in France's Loire Valley to shoot the song's video several years back. We had only a day to shoot after scoring a flight deal to Paris but each of the pieces fell into place when the Chateau granted us permission after telling us they loved the music and our videographer, Fred Yurichuk, was able to book a last minute flight. "The Garden" was

The Lagoons - Scott Klein - Astrid Williamson - Tilde

The Lagoons - Madness (w/ Jelly Ellington). The Lagoons are the DIY musical project of Southern California-raised, jazz-trained, multi-instrumentalist brothers Ryan and Joey Selan. The duo writes, produces, and records their music out of their home studio. They released their debut album Midnight Afternoon in 2020, notching millions of streams alongside praise from fans and critics alike.  It came on the heels of years of tastemaker support that found them featured everywhere from Ones To Watch to Paste Magazine’s studio sessions, all the while topping 50 million streams on their breakout single “California.” On the live circuit, The Lagoons have sold out multiple headline tours with stops everywhere from Los Angeles to New York, supported by a range of artists including Tim Atlas and Future Generations. With the recent release of “Snowy Mountain,” subsequent release of “Daybreak,” and plans for more singles throughout 2021, The Lagoons have a prolific year in store. The Lagoons · Ma