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Dani Teveluwe - Lewis & Clarke - Slim Wrist - Joan & The Giants

Dani Teveluwe - Into The Deep (E.P). Gold Coast (Yugambeh Country) based First Nations musician Dani Teveluwe (pronounced 'tee-va-loo') is set to captivate with her spirited and soulful take on acoustic-pop with her debut EP, ‘Into The Deep’, out yesterday. Formerly a primary school teacher, the singer-songwriter broke down the walls of her comfort zone and took a courageous leap into music. It seemed impossible at first, but with inspiration from a David Bowie quote, she summoned the determination to make her dream a reality. Dani explains: "This EP is a culmination of a lot of courage. Not so long ago I lived another life and I never would have believed this (releasing 'Into The Deep') would be possible. And it wouldn’t have been, without courage." Recorded at Big Note Studios, produced by Tim Goodburn, and mastered by Paul Blakey, this body of work celebrates bravery, and is also an exploration of love in all its forms - romantic, compassionate, and love f

lund - Annie Dressner - Colenso Jones - Ruth Lyon - Kings Elliot

lund - Good Advice. "Good Advice," the new single from Asheville-based outfit lund. As a teenager, Nicole's dad snuck her into a club in her hometown of Charlotte, NC to see Derek Trucks, and that show changed her life. That very night, she became a member of the band's Street Team. Then, she took over the street team's operations, and then interned with the band's manager after graduating with a vocal and music business degree. After the internship ended, Nicole became his assistant and learned the ins and outs of the music business. After a decade in the music business on the management and booking sides, the classically trained singer has finally moved into the spotlight. lund · Good Advice ============================================================================ Annie Dressner - I've Always Been Like This. UK-based folk singer-songwriter Annie Dressner has released her latest single, "I’ve Always Been Like This" today — Dressner's s

Cari Cari - Gabrielle Metz - Someone - Brenda Cay

Cari Cari - Last Days On Earth. Cari Cari have announced that their new album Welcome To Kookoo Island due out September 16th, 2022 via Perla Nera Records. Recorded at their studio, located in an Austrian national park in 2020 and 2021, the band’s second album is a slice of psychedelic escapism. Now Cari Cari share the newest, and last single before album release. ‘Last Days On Earth’. The new single is Cari Cari’s idea of what a 00s indie anthem would sound like if it were produced by Daft Punk or Justice. “The song started as a jam we would play while sound checking at summer festivals like Sziget and Primavera Sound a few years back,” explains Koeck, the energy of said festivals is palpable when listening to the recording. Cari Cari is Stephanie Widmer (vocals, drums & didgeridoo) and Alexander Koeck (vocals, guitars). Since their inception, Cari Cari have been tirelessly working to create their own world, carefully crafting everything from their music to their artwork, videos t

Shannen Moser - Sara Noelle - Sara Niemietz

Shannen Moser - Ben. The Philadelphia-based artist Shannen Moser just released “Ben,” the second single from their forthcoming album The Sun Still Seems To Move that will be released on September 30 via Lame-O Records. Moser announced they will celebrate the album’s release with shows in Philadelphia on 9/30 and in Brooklyn on 10/7 with support from Greg Mendez & Yours Are The Only Ears. Shannen Moser explains the story behind “Ben”: When I was in the 3rd grade I made a friend who I would ride the bus with to school for the next 8 years. We were neighbors in an extremely rural county – the kind of rural that was kids riding their family tractors to school and cow crossings holding up “highway” traffic. The streets around our houses didnt get paved until I was in middle school. They didn’t even paint the yellow road dividing lines on until after I graduated and moved away. I would spend a lot of time with this friend on the bus. We shared a headphone splitter to listen to music, we

Lauren Monroe - The Slackers - Maddisun - Cynthia Hamar - Cozy Slippers

Lauren Monroe - Void Of Course. With messages of healing and exploring the multiple facets of love - both dark and light - Messages from Aphrodite by Lauren Monroe will be released on September 9, 2022. In anticipation of the album, she has released the new video “Void of Course.”  The term “void of course” is an astrological term defining a state of the moon where it appears isolated as it transitions away from one planet and moves toward another. Monroe used this as a metaphor to explore the struggle of an unhealthy relationship. “I thought it was important to explore the shadow side of love, which is painful but has gifts for us to receive. The lyrics tell the tale of feeling void of connection and wanting to leave a toxic partner but not having the inner power to go through with it,” she explains. “In these darker textures of emotion and pain can live tremendous potential to see oneself and become stronger.” One of the most rock-based songs on the album, “Void of Course” offers li