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H.C. McEntire - Addie Brik - Mia Baron - Quarry

Photo - Heather Evans Smith H.C. McEntire - Dovetail. H.C. McEntire announces her new album, Every Acre, will be released on January 27 via Merge Records. Co-produced by McEntire, Missy Thangs and Luke Norton, Every Acre features nine poignant new songs, including two tracks with backing vocals provided by S.G. Goodman and Amy Ray. Along with the announcement, McEntire shares “Dovetail,” the new single that imagistically depicts various women and their various gifts, their various traumas. “‘Dovetail’ began as a jangly, four-on-the-floor country demo I roughly recorded at home,” McEntire explains of the song’s inception. “In the studio, the band and I leaned into the twang and outlaw attitude, recorded it, and moved on to work on other songs. But something kept calling us back to reimagine this song, to look at it from a different angle. One night after a long day of tracking, Luke started playing the ‘Dovetail’ chord progression on piano, but much more slowly. Daniel jumped behind th

Katherine Fischer - Marlody - Caitlin Rose - Eliza McLamb - Mary Middlefield

Katherine Fischer - To This Day. Like a re-discovered diary entry on your worst day, Katherine Fischer wants you to feel understood. With over 250 songs in her arsenal and counting, she hopes to be your tour guide through the darkest corners to the brightest balcony of her human experience. Hailing from London Ontario, Katherine Fischer writes songs for souls with big feelings. In August 2016 Katherine released her debut EP "Here I Am" followed by her sophomore release "Wildflower Heart" in 2019.  Her EP's share folky heart led narratives that rival your favourite coming of age novel. Katherine's song "I Choose You" was included on Amazon's "Best of 2020: Folk" playlist alongside Kathleen Edwards and John Prine. In 2021 her single "Memories" was released and placed on Spotify's "New Music Friday" and most recently her song "The Current" was added to Spotify's "Folk and Friends" playlist

Moriah Bailey - Paige Bea - SOMOH

Moriah Bailey - The Ocean Life. Oklahoma songwriter & harpist Moriah Bailey releases “The Ocean Life” from her upcoming album i tried words out December 2nd via Keeled Scales. Inspired by her earliest memories of music, the track is a multifaceted and alludes to notions of freedom, environmental degradation, capitalist consumption, and longing for a different kind of life. The music video was directed & edited by Lauren Reese, with assistance from Holly Pierce & Elmer Fajardo. “The Ocean Life” music video couples Bailey’s soft but steady harp with snapshots of the natural landscapes in Oklahoma – revealing that change is omni-present. What Bailey has to say about "The Ocean Life" & music video: "The Ocean Life" is about a lot of things and can be interpreted in different ways. In its broadest sense, for me, the song is longing and hoping for a different kind of life, and its also lamenting losses resulting from the ways that we relate to one another

Sohodolls - The Gilhooly's - The Hengles - Gillie

Photo - Catherine Harder Sohodolls - Bad. London's influential electro-rockers Sohodolls are back! After being out of the limelight for more than a decade, a globally enforced lockdown revived one of their classics ‘Bang Bang Bang Bang’ into an unexpected viral TikTok hit among the Gen Z glitterati, which has inspired the band to reform and release some stunning new music. Following last month’s unveiling of new track ‘Letter To My Ex (Thank You, Goodbye)’, new single ‘Bad’ sees Maya Von Doll giving advice to her younger self on rebelling against gender specific advice: “I regret not trusting my instinct to stand up for myself. So, this song is about understanding and accepting that fight instinct. About standing up for yourself and rejecting advice that I think is mostly given to young women in my line of work. You shouldn’t always act on it, but you shouldn’t deny its existence. We are all animals - females included!”, she further explains. ‘I can be good and sometimes clever, b

Thallo - Liam Fender - Pitou - Micah P. Hinson

Photo - Abi Sinclair Thallo - Crescent. Upcoming Welsh (U.K.) artist Thallo makes a haunting, otherworldly blend of bedroom/dream-pop with contemporary classical touches and subtle jazz textures, laced with her featherlight vocal and accompanied by high-end cinematic visuals. On her enthralling new Crescent EP, Thallo explores a unique subject matter, and one deeply personal to her – immobility. The three track EP chronicles the artist’s own story about an on-going condition causing chronic pain which began in 2020 and left her temporarily unable to walk or stand, locked-in by her condition after the world had been released from lockdown, forced to cancel her planned appearance at this year’s SXSW (re-schedule for 2023). The title track ‘Crescent’ was inspired by a breakup and friends moving away, with its warm, uplifting brass section mirroring the song’s bittersweet paradox - the undercurrent of inadequacy a dependence on loved ones during a long-term condition can cause, contradict