Thursday, 6 December 2007

Whats Up Doc - Number Four - 2007 and all that kinda thing...

I am going to avoid any pretentious personal charts for the year soon to pass.

Rather you can just skip back over the previous 'Whats Up Doc' posts, and if you are still awake, after the ordeal, get a feel for some of the more current music that has appealed to my ears.

Among those already featured have been, Vanessa Paradis, Clare Burson, Lucy and The Teenage Monster, Siouxsie, Tegan and Sara, Radiohead, Bruce Springsteen, Babyshambles, Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, The White Stripes, Pauline Croze, and plenty of others, some well known and some not so well known.

So on this edition I thought I would fill in some of the gaps, of other artists and music, that has appealed this year.

Afterwards I will probably remember some more, so lets just say, this is far from definitive.

Neil Young's 2007 release 'Chrome Dreams II' is simply wonderful! Full of a variety of styles , it exceeded all expectations by miles. Here are a couple of examples:

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Neil Young - 01 Beautiful Bluebird.mp3
Neil Young - 09 No Hidden Path.mp3

If you have not checked out Beirut, then please do, Zach Condon has come up with some incredible music that skips across genres with ease. I just love watching the music press trying to place them in one. From the second album 'The Flying Club Cup' here's some choices:

Beirut - 02 - Nantes.mp3
Beirut - 03 - A Sunday Smile.mp3
Beirut - 04 - Guyamas Sonora.mp3
Beirut - 09 - In The Mausoleum.mp3

The previous album 'Gulag Orkestar' has a wonderful 'Balkan gypsy style' , like I say hard to define, all I can say is check them both out!

Bjork remains as popular as ever, her album 'Volta' this year, is a favorite of mine, and watching the Glastonbury concert (albeit on TV sadly), was really superb.

Bjork - Earth Intruders.mp3
Bjork - Volta - 07 - Pneumonia.mp3
Bjork - Volta - 09 - Declare Independence.mp3

Grinderman was a rollicking blast from Nick Cave and three other Bad Seeds, gone was some of the seriousness on more recent material, and a little bit more rock'n'roll.

Nick Cave & Grinderman - Go Tell The Women.mp3

Have I mentioned Arcade Fire this year? OK so here is another shameless plug for their second album 'Neon Bible'. That's all it is, a shameless plug.

Arcade Fiire - 05 - Black Wave Bad Vibrations.mp3
Arcade Fire - 07 - The Well and the Lighthouse.mp3
Arcade Fire - Black Mirror (1).mp3

I banged on about Rilo Kiley last year on another blog, this years album 'Under The Blacklight' has gained lots of attention, and that's deserved as far as I am concerned. Its a good album, a little less indie a bit more LA classic pop, and whats more highly enjoyable.

Rilo Kiley - Dreamworld.mp3
Rilo Kiley - 05 - Under the Blacklight.mp3

Last month I mentioned Kate Nash, and commented that I was not sure what to make of her album. Yes I still here Lily Allen in there, and I can add Goldfrapp as well now, but actually I really like her music. Here's a couple more reasons:

Kate Nash - Foundations.mp3
Kate Nash - Carolines a Victim.mp3

Finally a totally unrelated song from the late great Kirsty MacColl - do I need a reason?

Kirsty MacColl - A New England.mp3

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Monday, 3 December 2007

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Minneapolis Live - 1999

There are so many positive things to write about Tom Petty and his musical career. For me three things stand out immediately with a dozen or so more, hot on their heels.

First of all the music both solo and with The Heartbreakers, and whether studio or live, has been almost 'a' typical working mans (and women's!) rock'n'roll, and also so good to sing or dance along to.

Secondly he has the respect and admiration of so many other musicians and artists, and yet his personal ego appears from a far, to be permanently under control.

My third initial thought is how he has been prepared to stand up to the music industry, and maintain his principles against the cynical ways within. He has also spoken out on the dire state of commercial radio, and so gets my immediate thumbs up on that one.

This is a really good performance (well after the above comments what else would you expect), recorded at the Target Center, Minneapolis, MN, USA, on the 3rd August 1999.

The set list is:

01. Jamming Me
02. Running Down A Dream
03. Breakdown
04. Swingin'
05. Don't Do Me Like That
06. Last Dance With Mary Jane
07. I Won't Back Down
08. Listen To Her Heart
09. Diamond Head
10. Don't Come Around Here No More
11. Walls Fall Down
12. Room At The Top
13. You Got Lucky
14. Free Girl Now
15. You Wreck Me
16. Free Fallin'
17. Gloria
18. American Girl

Replacement link in comments or click on the picture (24th January 2010).

This is a stereo soundboard recording that I understand originated from the SFX Radio Network. The audio quality is excellent.

The Beehive Candy Store has a few Tom Petty Cd's for sale, including new & used at sensible prices - click HERE for more details.

The Wikipedia main article on Tom Petty, makes interesting reading, and hopefully explains some of my opening comments more clearly. Click HERE to read.