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Bon Jovi - Milwaukee, USA, 1985

This is Bon Jovi live, back on the 29th June 1985, at the Milwaukee WI, Summerfest in the USA. I had the pleasure of seeing Bon Jovi perform at the final concert at the old Wembley Stadium, London in 2000, prior to the place being demolished and rebuilt. I was never a great fan of Bon Jovi however I was impressed on than night, and even if the show was a little bit 'show biz' rather than just rock'n'roll, it was easy to understand why they sell out stadiums with ease. This boot, is from the period just prior to them hitting major success with their third album 'Slippery When Wet'. The concert was I understand circulated as 'Get Ready' on the Japanese boot label Bondage. Set list was: 1. Tokyo Road 2. Breakout 3. Only Lonely 4. She Don't Know Me 5. Shot Through The Heart 6. Ritchie Sambora guitar solo/In And Out Of Love 7. Runaway 8. Home/Get Ready 9. Burning For Love Band line up was: Jon Bon Jovi (lead vocals, rhythm guitar)

Yes - Live In Chile 1998

A while back I was emailed asking if I had any Yes bootlegs ( I accidentally deleted the message, so apologies to the sender for never replying). The answer was of course yes . I recently came across this show, and one song prompted me to start featuring the band. Lets take a step back. I have most official Yes material both on vinyl and CD, so I have to admit more than a passing interest in the band. That said, down the years I have also found them infuriating! The self indulgent, pretentious, 'prog rock at it's worst' moments, have left me cringing, and the stage costumes in the seventies and eighties, a million miles from street credibility, can only make me gag. However, and a very big however at that! in the right mood and on the right day, Yes can still make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. It was one particular track inclusion on this boot, that even before listening, had me poised for a little neck hair rising. The song in question is 'America' th