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Uncle Tupelo - Beloit, WI, USA 1992

Although Uncle Tupelo broke up before they achieved significant commercial success, as mentioned on the recent Wilco concert posting , the band are renowned for their impact on the alternative country music scene. The group's first album, No Depression , became a byword for the genre and was widely influential. Uncle Tupelo's sound was unlike popular country music of the time, drawing inspiration from styles as diverse as the hardcore punk of The Minutemen and the country instrumentation and harmony of the Carter Family and Hank Williams. Farrar and Tweedy lyrics frequently referenced Middle America and the working class of home town Belleville. What was very surprising, though, is that, unlike the band's previous country-meets-punk releases, 'No Depression' and 'Still Feel Gone' , the third album was performed almost exclusively on acoustic instruments. It's a testament to the group's courage and integrity that, in a time when Nirvana's '

Girlschool - Cologne - Germany 1991

When featuring the Go Go's recently, I came across the fact that Kathy Valentine had for a short while been a member of Girlschool . A small piece of trivia, that gives a tenuous link to sharing a Girlschool concert. The make you feel old fact, is that Girlschool have been around for thirty years, as of this year. This is only part of a concert from 1991, the band have released three official live albums, more details on their website's discography HERE . Performing at Music Hall, Cologne, Germany during December 1991, this is brimming with their usual live energy. The setlist for this recording is: 1. Uh, All Night 2. Screamin' Blue Murder 3. Demolition Boys 4. C'mon Let's Go 5. Emergency 6. Tush 7. Play With Fire This is from a stereo FM recording of very good quality. DOWNLOAD LINK IN COMMENTS BELOW. Official web pages HERE , shop page HERE and MySpace HERE .

Whats Up Doc - Number Ten - May 2008

Whats Up Doc goes international again for this edition, some unashamed plugs, and a few gems found on other sites, all shared here for your pleasure. Australia first and the excellent Angus and Julia Stone , who are currently touring in Europe before heading home, the picture tells a story, here are a couple of songs to add more. Links Removed - MP3 Policy. Angus and Julia Stone - Bella.mp3 Angus and Julia Stone - Here We Go Again.mp3 Check their MySpace and listen to more HERE , Beehive Candy store purchase option HERE . Giant Bear is a five-person collective of multi-instrumentalists, singers, poets, and songwriters. Their music is firmly rooted in the sound of the American South, but never confined by its conventions. Well so say their website and I tend to agree! Giant Bear - Nashville.mp3 Giant Bear - Devil on the Wall.mp3 Check their site for more music HERE , or buy HERE . As mentioned previously James have recently released 'Hey Ma' and it does not disappoint. A coupl

James - Live in London 1993

James have just released the superb new album 'Hey Ma' , more about that in the next round up of all things new 'whats up doc'. This is James back in 1993. Part of the whole Factory records and 'Madchester' scene, by the early 1990's the band had achieved much deserved success, releasing some excellent albums and singles along the way. This concert was recorded by Radio One in the UK and was also syndicated to the Westwood One network in the US. Recorded at the Brixton Academy on the 9th December 1993, this show has James touring their landmark 'Laid' album from which most of this set comes. Originally broadcast in the UK three days later the recording set list is as follows: 01 Born Of Frustration 02 Sound 03 Laid 04 Knuckle Too Far 05 Honest Joe 06 Out To Get You 07 Low Low Low 08 Skin diving 09 P.S. 10 Lullaby 11 Sometimes The sound quality is superb, their performance is wonderful. DOWNLOAD LINK IS IN COMMENTS BELOW. You can check out James in