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Groucho Marx - I Never Kissed An Ugly Woman

This is wonderful, a bootlegged vinyl album of Groucho Marx, predominately singing songs, as only this comedy legend could have (no apology for using the over used legend word, in this case).

As I understand it, the actual vinyl bootleg album is very rare, so if you have one keep hold of it!

If you were a fan of The Marx Brothers, or indeed just Groucho, then this is a must have.

If you just like nostalgia, or appreciate comedy old and new, then this is a must have.

If you are just someone who must have, must haves then this is a...

Source: I do not know the specifics, I am guessing mainly from CBS radio programmes.

Sound Quality: Direct vinyl rip (1st generation), warm and old, with a few crackles, and so very, very listenable for fans, and interested parties a like (its stereo in places).

Genre: Comedy and musical styles from a bygone era.

Track list:

Hooray For Captain Spaulding
Just Wait To I Get Through With It
I Want My Shirt
Omaha, Nabraska
The Country's Gone To War
Go West You…

Midnight Oil - Wembley Arena, London, 1990.

This is the second Midnight Oil live recording presented on 'Beehive Candy', this one a 'full on electricgig' that captures the band live in concert at The Wembley Arena, London, back in 1990.

Source: FM stereo recording from the Westwood One Show, broadcast on WHFS Annapolis, MD, USA, in 1990.

Sound Quality: Very good FM stereo, this is first generation from the TDK Cassette SA76 Dolby C recording (WMA 9.1 Rip CBR @ 96kps).

Genre: Rock, Alternative Rock.

Set: Majority of live concert.

Set List:

01 King Of The Mountain
02 Dream World
03 River Runs Red
04 Warakurna
05 Read About It
06 Read About It Cont.
07 The Dead Heart
08 Best Of Both Worlds
09 Kosciusko
10 Power and The Passion
11 Beds Are Burning
12 Bedlam Bridge, Forgotten Years
13 What's So Funny About Peace Love And Understanding
14 Hercules
15 Know Your Product
16 Blue Sky Mine

Links: The official (record label) site HERE.

Comments: Keeping it up to date in 2009:

By ROD McGUIRK, Associated Press Writer – Thursday March 12th 2009.

Texas - Paradiso, Amsterdam, 1989.

Considering Texas only formed in 1986, and made their live debut in March 1988, by the time of this concert in June 1989, they sounded very polished and professional, having already scored a top ten hit in the UK and parts of Europe.

Was it really twenty years ago ?

This concert was performed at The Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland on the 12th June 1989.

Many of their tour dates were bootlegged at this time, this concert circulated as 'First Dive' on CD, but did not include the full set.

Source: The concert was recorded by Dutch radio and broadcast at a later date.

Sound Quality: Very good FM Stereo rip @ 320kbps.

Genre: Indie Pop to Indie Rock.

Set: Majority of live concert (last track fades out).

Set List:

1.Fool for love.
2.Everyday now.
3.I don't want a lover.
4.Nowhere left to hide.
5.Fight the feeling.
6.Future is promises.
7.Tell me why ?
8.Livin' for the city.
9.A prayer for you.
10.I can't get next to you.
12.It hurts me too. (edited fade out).

Links: Official UK site…

Boz Scaggs - Expo 1985 - Live in Japan

This is Boz Scaggs live in concert at The Budokan, Tokyo, Japan, on March 15th, 1985, part of Expo 1985.

I do not intend to go on about Boz Scaggs in detail here, when his 'official' fan site has a mass of information that would keep the most ardent fan amused and interested for hours.

All I will say is, if you remain unfamiliar with Boz's music and you like a quality singer - song writer, who plays the guitar superbly, and enjoy anything from Rock to Soul, Blues to Pop, take a listen to this recording.

Source: Originally circulated on CD bootlegger's 'Fire Power' (FP9045), who used silver discs rather than CDR's, the original was recorded from an FM radio broadcast.

Sound Quality: Very good stereo FM (mp3 @ 192kbps).

Genre: Wikipedia reckons -Blue-eyed soul, Disco, Rock, Blues Rock, oh just listen and make your own decision if it's that crucial!

Set: Full live concert

Set List:

01 Dinah Flo - 3.37
02 Jojo - 5.54
03 I Got Your Number - 3.49
04 Isn't It Time -…