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Iris DeMent - Byron Bay Australia 1998

This is Iris DeMent at the East Coast Blues and Roots Festival, Red Devil Park, Byron Bay, NSW, Australia back on April 10th 1998. The performance was subsequently broadcast on national radio on June 14th 1998. Iris DeMent's songs are typically simple, clearly told stories about life's pains and joys. She at times sounds a little like Dolly Parton and occasionally like Emmylou Harris. The songs are superb and in this performance she uses just guitar and piano, which makes for an intimate personal feel. This is the sort of country music I can enjoy, clear of stereotypical songs and falseness, rather just plain simple heartfelt songs stripped back and very roots orientated. Source: FM Broadcast Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3@192kbps. Genre: Country, Folk. Set: Full Set. Set List: 01 Introduction 02 Let The Mystery Be 03 Easy's Getting Harder Every Day 04 When My Morning Comes Around 05 I'll Take My Sorrow Straight 0

2010FM - April Edition Three.

With the third April edition of 2010FM we start with a band to watch out for this year, namely Elogy . The California based band are set to release its debut album 'One' on July 6th, 2010. With sweeping melodies, well thought out synth lines, and driving vocals, Elogy has recorded an album that is distinctly new, but that still evokes contemporaries like Coldplay, Muse, or Thirty Seconds To Mars. Based in Orange County, California, the members of Elogy came together four years ago under the leadership of Derek Cannavo. Transforming an old warehouse space into a fully functional, state of the art studio, Elogy began to develop their sound and their organization from scratch. Using their classical training as a foundation, the band quickly amassed a large catalogue of songs, and as they brought their music to a live setting, their sound began to evolve as well.The featured track certainy evokes thoughts of Coldplay in terms of vocals however the musical style is different and c