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Saturday Specials: Feral Love - Mercury Girls - Close Lobsters

Feral Love - Like The Wind. Background words - Feral Love formed when Adele Emmas and Christian Sandford emerged from the ashes of Bird, a band who were on the cusp of success having played BBC Radio 6 Music's festival alongside Damon Albarn and Haim, were championed extensively by the UK music press and had their music featured on TV's Sky Sports, The Killing and The Messengers. When Bird suddenly disappeared, Emmas and Sanford spent a year in a damp, windowless basement studio writing, emerging only when they knew they'd arrived at the sound they'd been striving for. Recorded at Parr Street Studios with Chris Taylor (Hooton Tennis Club, Bill Ryder-Jones), 'Like the Wind' is Feral Love's debut single and is released on Edge Hill University's The Label Recordings. Live Dates: 1st May - FESTEVOL, Camp and Furnace, Liverpool (W Steve Mason and Juliette and The Licks) 5th May - The Bedroom Bar, London 18th May - Heavenly Social, London 29th May

Down Under Triple Play: Elli Schoen - Babaganouj - Kinsky

Elli Schoen - Hard Heart. Background promo - With immediate spins from Triple J's Home and Hosed and Unearthed Radio, 'Hard Heart' is quickly resonating with critics and listeners alike for its stripped-back honesty and throat-catching emotion. The track features exquisite layered harmonies, frank lyrics, and tender melodies - but the true star is Schoen’s voice that soars with remarkable expression. She answers the unmet expectations of a disappointing boyfriend with an indie-folk tale that’s equal parts sorrowful and empowering, sassy and wise. Just think of it as the most redemptive break-up song you’ve ever heard. "Hard Heart is about when someone hurts you and you never truly regain that vulnerability," says Schoen. "But it has an uplifting feel and energy towards it, it's a break-up song that isn't depressing." The song was produced by pop heavyweight Joel Quartermain (Eskimo Joe, Meg Mac) who has a knack for nosing out bangers and pol

Friday Five: TH'FIKA - Hemingway - Júníus Meyvant - Colorworks - Mokita x Kaptan

TH'FIKA - Stranger. Background promo - ‘Stranger’ is the debut single from upcoming Gold Coast band TH’FIKA. The track as the name suggests, talks about the emotions related to becoming a ‘stranger’ in somebody else's eyes. ‘Stranger’ is a creative response of disappointment and anger to a one sided relationship. Originally It was never meant to be a song for the band but an emotional vent to gain closure. When Michael heard Lily sing stranger in its raw essence he could feel her pain. They re-wrote the song from two perspectives; a back and forth argumentative song. This being one out of the two Alt/Rock songs on their EP, it really came together when drummer Mitch Clark got involved. Stranger is the harsh reality of growing apart which you get to hear from the vulnerable exchange of vocals. Rewind to 2010, two high school students, having never met before are auditioning to study music at university. They meet, they sing together, they bond over mutual influences and bot

Midweek Mix: Brutus Begins - Astari Nite

Brutus Begins - Never Fade. Background promo - Brutus Begins is a solo project by Ricardo Temporao, a Portuguese-Canadian musician writer, and director currently based in Toronto (hailing from Kitchener, ON). Elements of folk are resampled and synthesized, blurring the lines between what is real and reconstructed and challenging notions of what is natural.   

Ricardo has fronted bands for over decade from the New Low, General Staff and Skinny Bitches (which was featured on Alan Cross's blog). In 2005, he released an album under the name “Rick Temporao & the New Low” which received radio airplay across Canada and earned critical acclaim (see below). He has also composed music for films and television (i.e. short films "Dead Wake", "The Visitor", BRAVO television’s "Bravo Playlist" theme song and currently composing for short film "Scales"). Ricardo has directed and edited music videos for award-winning musicians Lily Frost, Cedar Par

Alternative Take: Dannika - Omodada (feat. Tik Tu)

Dannika - Next To You. Background info - Dannika Horvat is a writer/director from Melbourne. Dannika has directed short documentaries and film clips with The Summer of ABC Burns marking her narrative directorial debut. She is drawn to telling stories that are uniquely Australian with a strong focus on women, youth and sexuality. The Summer of ABC Burns has been nominated for a number of awards, with considerable success. She has just released her new single 'Next To You' as part of her forthcoming EP For Peaches. The EP was recorded with the guys from Good Morning and is described by Dannika herself as "four mates making soft, feminine rock". I do not have much background on Dannika, however rather than hang around asking for more, I just wanted to share this beautiful song. It's gentle and loose feel, conjures up images similar to the one featured, with natural and relaxed vibes, and the pleasure of just playing and singing along. -------------------

Monday Double Up: George Guy - Jacob Moore

George Guy - Just Memories. Background from George - Hi, my name is George Guy and I am a music producer / songwriter /dreamer based out of New York City. I have been involved in music for a long time - honing my creative skill set over the last eight years. Music plays a very important role in my life; it is not just a form of entertainment for me. My connection with music is somewhat spiritual; it provides me with a medium to transport myself to places and times I envision. It is my own form of meditation. Music is the soundtrack of my life. I have big dreams of where music can take me and I am confident that music will continue to play a key role in my life. As those dreams unfold, I want to continue to write/produce songs that are timeless and memorable. I spend inordinate amounts of time and effort, writing and producing songs that can stand above all the clutter of songs that constantly bombard the airwaves. I hope my passion and dedication to my craft is evident in the

Quality Not Quantity: The Gray Havens - Neighbourhood Youth - Basement Revolver

The Gray Havens - . Ghost Of A King. Background promo - Three words. That’s how it started. Three words that teased the start of a story, a story that became a song and a title track for an album that was originally only supposed to be an EP. Three words that hint at a bit of mystery: “Met a ghost….” There’s already a touch of mystery in the name of Dave and Licia Radford’s band, The Gray Havens. It provides a moment of recognition and camaraderie for Tolkien fans who know the reference to the mythical seaport where ships sail away to a far country. Beyond the reference, the name helps the listener learn what to expect: this is music meant to take us somewhere. The Gray Havens’ third studio release, Ghost of a King, finds the husband-wife duo in fine form, stretching musical boundaries and writing some of their most personal and powerful lyrics yet. Dave notes an important difference this time around: “The last two records both have songs on them I wrote in college, so I feel lik