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Quality Not Quantity: The Insatiables - Stillwater Giants - ISLES - The Broadcasts

The Insatiables - I Know My Scars.

Background promo - Perth based indie-popsters The Insatiables are gearing up for the May 9 release of their second EP 'Impatient Creatures', with a live launch May 22 at everyone's favourite watering hole The Rosemount Hotel.

Spearheaded by lead single 'I Know My Scars', the six track EP was recorded at Underground Studios with resident producers Mark McEwan and Brody Simpson. 'Impatient Creatures' treads the alternative path, not shy of a trumpet melody or a cinematic sub effect, ultimately providing an expansive landscape. The moodier tracks could sit on a shelf with artists like Lana Del Ray and London Grammar where cyclical guitar and piano riffs swirl around a commanding vocal line.

Following on from their debut 'Let Go of Limbo', which quickly saw the group play the 2013 WAMi Saturday Spectacular showcase, The Insatiables are now armed with an inviting 2016 release that is both lyrically and musically passionat…

Four For Friday: Kid Cupid - The Aves - Winter1982 - AM

Kid Cupid - Siren.

Background promo - After joining forces only a year ago and already being compared to huge acts including London Grammar and Young Galaxy, the London-based indie-electro quartet Kid Cupid are definitely ones to watch in 2016.

Their upcoming new single Siren is the perfect introduction to what’s yet to come. Filled with backing harmonies highlighting the importance of the lyrics and topped with Laura’s incredible vocal delivery instantly draws comparisons to Chvrches’ Lauren Mayberry.

Produced by the band themselves, the track ticks all the right boxes from start to finish. It consist of attention-grabbing lyrics, flowing real-world analogies as well as plenty of space for the listener’s diy interpretation. Their clever use of a broader range of instruments such as the snare drums to add the captivating rolling and additional tribal drum patterns resemble the likes of Jungle as well as Bastille’s hit Pompeii. Siren is the lead track taken from their forth-coming EP, an…

Thursday Double Play: Jack Berry - Stone Cold Fox

Jack Berry - Coal.

Background bio - Originally from Reno, Nevada, Berry created his first album for a school project while studying in Los Angeles. After performing along the West Coast in a duo, Berry decided that he was meant for a career in music and relocated to Nashville. After several months of sleeping on a couch and working to catch the attention of the local press, Berry’s “ample supply of good hooks and riffs” (Nashville Scene) eventually gained the praise of critics throughout Nashville and beyond, earning him spots at well- known festivals, including North by Northeast in Toronto, New York City’s CMJ Music Marathon and SXSW’s Red Gorilla Festival.

Since then, Berry has logged dozens of shows from Nashville to New York City. He most recently appeared at No Country For New Nashville’s December showcase in 2015 and earned the runner-up spot in Hard Rock Rising’s Battle of the Bands. Mean Machine is poised to serve as Jack Berry’s breakthrough record, so be sure to stay tuned t…

50 Foot Wave - Bath White.

50 Foot Wave - Bath White.

What The Promo Says: This LA-based power trio formed in 2003 by Kristin Hersh and Bernard Georges of Throwing Muses (with Rob Ahlers on drums), was named after the lowest note audible to human ears. The band was intended as an outlet for the noise/math rock pieces that didn't fit the aesthetic of Throwing Muses or Kristin Hersh's solo work. They are known for pioneering the name-your-own-price movement.

The band works with Creative Commons licensing to allow film makers and other artists to use their songs without incurring costs or copyright infringement. Though their records are available for purchase on CD and vinyl, 50 Foot Wave gives away its music free for download and encourages all forms of music sharing. As their records state: "Share This Music - burn it for friends, burn it for enemies - Use It" All those involved with the band donate their time to make this possible. Their most successful and influential release, 2009's Power…

Quality Not Quantity: Nelipot - Lánre - Hanna Bech - Duke Chevalier

Nelipot - Coming Coast.

Background promo - Nelipot are a youthful trio of bare-foot, music enthusiasts from the Central Coast, New South Wales. Brought together on the beach side streets of Terrigal, the lads joined and began busking, to feed their need for grooves and to make some extra cash to supply themselves with kebabs and money for fuel.

Crafting and developing a unique blend of blues and alternate rock compositions, with funk and soul stylings, Nelipot produces distinctive as well as captivating pieces. This year, 2016, the boys have set their sights high and are aiming to increase their following enough to tour interstate, spreading positive vibes and their unforgettable grooves as far as they can possibly take them. Already, they’ve been privileged enough to support and share the stage with exploding national acts, such as: Kingswood, Tired Lion, Bootleg Rascal, Ocean Alley, and many more emerging artists. Yet Jordan, Benny, and Jordyn aim to make 2016 the year of headline sh…

Globe Trotting: Russell Morgan - Elouise - Meter Bridge - Groovy Bones - Seavera

Russell Morgan - You Don't Feel.

Words from Russell - "You Don't Feel" is from my new album "Begin Simple", which will be released, May 13th 2016, by Ray Recordings. Throughout the writing of the new record my songs developed their own magic, to me, they are documents of moments and feeling or things that’d I’d been a part of, or had witnessed.

Sometimes I can struggle with my writing process, I have to be sincere to myself. You don’t feel represents being true to that ideal. Without a passion you don't feel. My songs were recorded and filmed live by Filippo Gaetani at Wilddog Studio.

The production of the album took on a new phase. We introduced clever rhythmical aspects and electronic instruments, adding to my folk roots. Filippo was key in bringing these aspects to life, forming key parts where necessary and being absolute and true to the production. The idea was to get out of the box, creating new dimensions within these stories. It worked.

The album …

Genre Wander: ElleKaye - Blaak Heat - Esma Project - Astorian

ElleKaye - Di Caprio.

Background promo - Unsurprisingly, the track has recently grabbed the attention of BBC Introducing London who recently named the south coast four-piece their featured artist. Absolutely soaked in catchy hooks, the new single “Di Caprio by Ellekaye has managed to turn heads and perk ears in the Brighton music scene. In a town where “anything goes” it’s often hard to get noticed but raised on a diet of 90’s dynamos such as Blur, Supergrass and Suede, Ellekaye’s sound is one of true distinct diversity and is a clear niche heard amongst today’s sounds.

You can’t help but admire the nonchalant, defiant attitude from these newcomers as they effortlessly bridge the gap from retro to modern with their sound. “Di Caprio”, the new single from the young quartet released this week boasts infectious guitar lines and vocals that are both familiar and unique making this track rise above the numerous in-vogue bands from their trendy home town. The track has subtle moments of humo…