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Globe Trotting: Woodes - Velvet Bow - Elijah Ford - Aloric

Woodes - The Thaw.  Background promo - Acclaimed Melbourne based artist/producer Woodes releases her new single 'The Thaw', following on from her debut solo single 'Daggers & Knives’ which was added to radio rotations and praised online in Australia and beyond. With the new single 'The Thaw’; Woodes creates another powerfully beautiful track, combining her poetic lyrics with a textured production to construct a song set in a wintery realm. Woodes will be hitting the road this August as she joins Dustin Tebutt as the support act for his 'First Light' Australian national tour. Her previous single 'Daggers & Knives' has ticked over 250,000 total plays and was been added to rotation on; triple j unearthed, FBi Radio, SYN, profiled on Spotify Australia and various US college radio stations. Woodes has previously been in the spotlight for her collaborative EP with producer Elkkle, garnering instantaneous praise across the radio and blog-o-sphere in A

Genre Wander: Wildhoney - Birdtalker - Eight Bit Tiger - Georgia Ruth - Katie Burden

Wildhoney - Horror Movie. Background - Four great bands, two great labels and two continents meet on this stellar mini-LP. Frequent collaborators Slumberland Records and Fortuna POP! team up to bring you 'Continental Drift,' a smashing eight song sampler of some of the finest pop out there in 2016. Baltimore's Wildhoney have been making music together since 2011, forging a fresh sound from raw materials of shoegaze, punk and good old indiepop. 2015 saw the release of their debut LP and follow-up EP, and now we've snagged two top-quality exclusive tunes for this compilation. 'Continental Drift' is out August 26 [ pre-order ] featuring tracks from Wildhoney, Mercury Girls, The Spook School & Tigercats. Wildhoney Tour Dates: 7/15 Boston, MA @ The Democracy Center w/ Literature, Bent Shapes 7/16 Philly, PA @ PhilaMoca w/ Literature, Hurry, Free Cake for Every Creature 8/12 Raleigh, NC @ Ruby Deluxe w/ Jenny Besets and Essex Muro 8/13 Atlanta, GA @ Wrecking

Globe Trotting: Joe Nisbet Jr - Late Hala - Cameron James Henderson - Georgia Reed

Joe Nisbet Jr - 'Judge Not' Background promo - Following his critically lauded first album (The Gospel According To Mr Niz), KFM Records is delighted to announce the release of Joe Nisbet Jr's first self-penned song, "Judge Not" on Monday 18th July. "The positive things people said about the first album gave me the confidence to start writing and recording my own material, which turns out to have a different sound, but doesn't stray far from the usual obsessions - good times, regrets, early r'n'b, drinking, and a bad attitude to authority. Given the nature of the lyric, I knew the song had to be urgent and honest, so we recorded it very quickly and very live with a group of good friends who just happen to be brilliant musicians - they contributed a level of personality and attitude that you don't often get in the studio - and I think that comes across - although it sounds like a badly behaved gospel meeting in a New Orleans hip-hop club, i

Genre Wander: Giant Head Collective - Emma Cook - Tempesst

Giant Head Collective - This Time I'll Fight. Background - Giant Head Collective are a group of musicians who have come together to write and perform a unique crossover style of music.  We blend Americana and Rock with a Celtic undertone. Our philosophy is, that no matter what we do, it has to have a strong sense of melody.   One minute you could close your eyes and think you are in Seattle, and then travelling via the Appalachian Mountains across the Atlantic to Scotland.  If you love to listen to music that takes you on a musical journey, then please check us out.  Our journey is a long one and we would love your company along the way! Members: Mark Breingan - Guitar, Brian Robinson - Pipes & Mandolin, Colin Rodger - Vocals, Allister Weir - Bass, Scott Dawson - Drums. Bands Website Here . From the bands latest album 9 Tales (released last month), we feature the song 'This Time I'll Fight'. This is such a fine album comprising of course of nine songs, th

Monday Double: Kyle Britton - Gringo Star

Kyle Britton - Riddle. Background bio - Inspired by the quiet musings of troublesome love and the path to understanding, the emotionally evocative music of indie-folk singer-songwriter, Kyle Britton, epitomises storytelling in its truest fashion. Britton’s distinctive sound combines undeniable dark undertones with roving melodies and atmospheric refrains, offering a unique experience for his listeners. 
 “Riddle”, the first of two singles, is a song detailing the demise of a poisonous love affair and the enduring pain that follows. “Never able to accept love again, every man who she came across from then on was in for a world of pain and heartbreak”, confides Britton. As the song builds, the Belle Epoque-inspired strings render the listener to a melodic montage. On “Villain”, Britton successfully demonstrates diversity as both a lyricist and performer. The dramatic self-confession, encapsulates its audience through the use of defiance against typical folk arrangements, opening us u

Sunday Four: Canary - David Nyro - The Attics - The By Gods

Canary - Burning Man. Background promo - Melbourne's Canary have just released their second studio album I Am Lion, to be followed by a three-date album tour. I Am Lion, self-produced by bassist Isaac Barter & the band as a whole, is "emotionally and thematically heavy". The release was born out of a particularly intense breakup that frontman & songwriter Matthew Kenneally struggled through. Each song is the embodiment of an emotional state that Kenneally lived & breathed at some point during the aftermath of this poignant life event. The breadth of humanity's capability to be bitter & ugly is openly on display, dichotomously captured in deceptively peaceful, refined ways in tracks such as 'Smile' or 'Last Resort'. In many ways, Kenneally acknowledges that I Am Lion is somewhat of an extension of the themes he previously explored in debut album Dear Universe. And how could it not be? Canary's first LP explored the bass notes of

Helen Henderson - London (Album)

Helen Henderson - Windows Of Gold. Background promo - Kiwi born L.A. based singer/songwriter Helen Henderson is pleased to announce the release of London – a collection of beautifully crafted, honest folk/rock offerings penned and recorded in London in the 70’s, capturing the special time and energy of a bygone era.  Arriving in London as a young woman with just fifty pounds in her pocket and relying on the kindness of ex-pat NZ friends, Henderson was introduced to Nigel Grainge who signed her to Ensign Records – home to The Boomtown Rats, The Water Boys and Sinead O’Connor. With the help of some of London’s top session musicians, Henderson recorded a selection of songs at Advision Studios, the home of many a hit record. These tracks captured the attention of Geffen Records in Los Angeles. The only artist signed to Geffen’s new label at that time was John Lennon. Henderson flew to LA in November 1980 to meet with Geffen, only to be stalled and deeply shocked by the death of John Len