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Yellow Feather - White Birches - Little Axe

Yellow Feather - Lucille. Background - Old Fort, North Carolina band Yellow Feather, which features vocalist Casey Kristofferson, daughter of Kris Kristofferson and Rita Coolidge, released their debut album, And Gold, arlier this month. Yellow Feather also features guitarist/vocalist Hunter Begley (who stars in the video for the album’s first single “Lucille”) and lap steel player Charlie Wills and the album features drummer Herschel VanDyke and bassist Robert Parks along with a slew of special guests! And Gold was recorded at Echo Mountain Studio in Asheville, NC with producer Rorey Carroll, mixed at Café Rooster Records in Nashville w/ sound engineer Gabe Masterson and mastered by Alex McCollough (Jim Lauderdale, Amanda Shires, Todd Snider) at True East Mastering in Nashville. Mountains call many to their bosom. Born sheltered by the winding valleys, amidst time-worn peaks, or discovered down a  shady dirt road, songs and humans alike, have many origins. Hunter Begley found himself

Stalking Like Candy - Joe Rusi - Belle Miners - Jenn Vix

Stalking Like Candy - Can You See The Light. Background - Stalking Like Candy are celestial beings, transcended from the ennui of terrestrial life. Indomitable. Their latest single Can You See The Light builds on the Cyberpunk universe of movies like Blade Runner and books like Neuromancer. It tells the tale of a street urchin from neo-Tokyo, her rise out of the slums, and the nostalgia she retains for the neon alleyways of her childhood. Stalking Like Candy combines a Pixies post-punk ethos with synths, beats, raps, and soaring melodies and harmonies. The lineup is Thida G (vox, synths, samples), Dr J (aka Jamie Q) (vox, guitar, synths, ukulele and stuff), Gabe (vox, bass), and Aleŝ ‘jazz hands’ Svoboda (drums). The band grew out of Locos, a covers band that’s been demolishing the Coogee covers scene since early 2016. Stalking mostly plays originals, but they love reinterpreting a few classics to really get the crowd pumping. You’ll see. Can You See The Light was born on a rainy w

The Go Ahead - Hot Dreams - Rosie Carney & Henry Jamison

The Go Ahead - On My Side. Background - Seven year Bay Area music scene stalwart The Go Ahead has evolved a lot from the early, funk-jam-band side project featuring a motley crew of best friends. Since their start, they have matured into a sound that mashes the glossy distortion you’d hear at The Bronze nightclub in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, while tossing out angsty harmonies that would pleasantly float around the dock of Dawson’s Creek. And in that time, they have steadily gained a following. While there are a few eye-and-ear catching features to their sound and live shows (lead singer Kyna Wise’s gritty exuberance, for starters) The Go Ahead isn’t the vision of a singular individual with backup pieces. Rather, the band employs a more decidedly egalitarian mode of music making. Every member has equal ownership of the band: No one is the designated writer or composer, so they all, in turns, pull their creative weight and lend their unique perspective to the music. The result is work

Twin Jackal - The Prids - Taylor Mac

Twin Jackal - Cruel. Background - Twin Jackal are a band on the move! The South London based rock band are to release ‘Cruel’, their follow up single to ‘Humility’. Both songs are from their forthcoming debut EP ‘Optimo Animo’ which has all the hallmarks of a future classic. We are pleased to unveil ‘Cruel’ a forceful contemporary rock punch that’s both adrenaline-powered and lyrically eloquent. Producer Chris Coulter (Arcane Roots, Jamie Lenman, Arctic Lake) recorded and produced the song in Decimal Studios, his riverside studio in late 2016. Twin Jackal formed through a love of underground, experimental rock and post-hardcore bands such as Arcane Roots and Marmozets, along with the starrier likes of Biffy Clyro and Million Dead. With the anger of hardcore or metal, the fuzz of stoner rock and always searching for the true emotion of pop and indie rock, they have truly found their own unique sound: a mind-boggling mix of math rock rhythms, unpredictable guitars and soulful vocals

Cole Phoenix - Have You Ever Seen the Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS? - stop.drop.rewind

Cole Phoenix - Back Back To Me. Background - Cole Phoenix is a singer, songwriter, scriptwriter, novelist, writer, producer, actress and director born in Brisbane, Australia. She creates music that encompasses elements of pop, soul, electronic and rock music Cole Phoenix has worked in feature films such as The Ruins alongside Shawn Ashmore and Jena Malone and Bright Flame, currently in development which Cole wrote, produced and stars in. Nominated for Best New Top 40 Artist of the Year in 2015 at the New Music Awards alongside Sam Smith, Iggy Azalea, Meghan Trainor and Charli XCX. “Back Back To Me” is a contemporary party song with cheek, mixed with old school sass and brass. WEBSITE , FACEBOOK . 'Back Back To Me' is a rich combination of styles that includes soulful musical grooves and refined pop vocals. Powerful, upbeat and melodic, this is a catchy, engaging song. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Walter Martin - Newspoke - Jimmy Sweet

Walter Martin - I Can Run Now From The Hellhounds But I Can't Hide. Background - Walter Martin (co-writer/multi-instrumentalist of The Walkmen) will release his new album Reminisce Bar & Grill on February 16th via Ile Flottante Music. His fourth solo record since The Walkmen's hiatus in 2013, Reminisce Bar & Grill was announced earlier this month with a surprise appearance on NPR Music's Tiny Desk in which he performed two of his new songs with a full band and a barbershop quartet. Reminisce Bar & Grill is one that might throw fans of his two award winning kids' records (2014's We're All Young Together and 2017's My Kinda Music) for a loop. Listeners will still recognize the same affable narrator and quirky musical style as his previous solo work, but here the subject matter is shifted dramatically. With frankness and poignancy, Martin, now a 43-year-old married man with two young children, squarely tackles the subject of adulthood - specifica