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Claudio Conti - Long Branch - Harry Permezel

Claudio Conti - Blazing Lair. Background -  Claudio Conti presents 'Blazing Lair' is the second single off his new album 'Garnet Dusk' album, out now via Seahorse Recordings. This follows up the earlier revealed single ‘Old Clouds Fell‘-. both tracks reel in a delightful ebb and flow, while the new single beautifully embodies California dreaming. The new accompanying video was entirely filmed last September in Los Angeles, mainly in the West Hollywood and Venice areas in September 2017, this video was filmed and directed by Claudio Conti and Frederick Byron, who also edited it. The two previously cooperated on the video for ‘Old Clouds Fell‘, shot entirely in San Francisco and California's Bodega Head Beach. The new film portrays the shadows and lights of Los Angeles, a city that has always been blessed, cursed, crowded and infested by artists, and who shape this luminous place with their greatness, their weaknesses, their achievments and their failures. "

My Pleasure - King of the Travellers - The Rivers - Night Flight

My Pleasure - These Things Take Time. Background - My Pleasure says of the upcoming album: "It's only been six months since my first album came out, but I wanted to deliver on my promise to myself to release as many albums as possible before I die. This one is called Mostly Happy because I am mostly happy with the album, and I'm mostly happy with life." And with regards to the single: "These Things Take Time refers to all manner of trivial things, but generally it's about trying to be patient whenever you feel held back. And seeing as the song features a reference to family, the recording has my partner, daughter and stepdaughter joining me on vocals. It's usually just me in the studio going mad on my own, so it's nice to have a trio of vocalists backing me up for this one." My Pleasure's previous releases, 'Domestic Bliss' (album), 'Party Popper' (an EP) and 'Your House is Made of Nothing and You Are No One' (a c

Juliet Quick - Lou - Second Still - Umbrella Bed

Juliet Quick - Changeling (EP). Background - Brooklyn-based, alt-folk artist Juliet Quick shares her new release Changeling EP, out now on DSPs. Changeling is a 3-part song series, using the folkloric trope of the changeling, in which a child is stolen by fairies and replaced with an imposter, to explore feelings of alienation from the self and the familiar that characterize early adulthood. They don’t follow a strict narrative, so much as trace different points in the evolution of that psychic experience. The imagery is heavily grounded in the landscape of the Hudson Valley, where the artist was raised. It was recorded in Carmel, NY, where it was engineered and co-produced by Rees Shad in his own studio. The orchestral strings were arranged in a collaboration with Juliet Quick, Rees Shad, and Nathan Kamal. WEBSITE . We featured 'Changeling Part 1' back in February and I am very pleased to be able to now share the whole EP. Regarding our last feature we commented "Pa

Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders - Atlantic Machine - Honey Radar

Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders - Feel Brand New. Background - “Feel Brand New” is the third song taken from the forthcoming Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders album ‘Blue Poles’, out May 4 on Self Portrait Records. Capturing the sweet disposition that love can make life’s problems seem insignificant, the track takes a different direction, both musically and thematically from previous single “White Flag”. “The bones of the song appeared on New Years Day after going to bed sober before midnight.“ Ladder says. “That day my partner and I went for a short bush walk that turned into a 5 hour trek. I was feeling a new chapter turning over.“ Jack Ladder is currently supporting Alex Cameron across Europe and the UK soon after a US run together, and will then have his own headline London show at The Shacklewell Arms on April 17th. Upon returning to Australia he will again join Alex Cameron but this time hitting the arenas as the opening act for The Killers on their national tour in Apri

Frøkedal - Susie Scurry - Dr Dog - The Goldberg Sisters - Alfred Hall

Frøkedal - I Don't Care. Background - Oslo, Norway based Frøkedal today announces her long-awaited second album ‘How We Made It’, alongside the release of new single, and album opener ‘I Don’t Care’. The new album ‘How We Made It’, set for release August 31st via Propeller Recordings, follows her Norwegian Grammy-nominated debut LP of 2016, Hold On Dreamer. An exploration of the process of moving forward in a positive manner, in spite of one's naysayers - ‘I Don’t Care’ is based around the idea of firmly closing the door to the past. "I never really questioned my life / 'til you condescendingly said I’d fail” Frøkedal exclaims in the tracks opening verse, amidst a backdrop of gently strummed guitar work and bustling drums. The song then opens up to its rousing chorus - bringing together crunching guitar lines and soaring strings to stunning effect. An attempt to demonstrate being triumphant, rather than actually successfully being triumphant - 'I Don't Car

Rue Snider - Therese Lithner - Ellevator

Rue Snider - Vamonos. Background - Brooklyn-based singer songwriter Rue Snider releases the official music video for "Vamonos" - the debut single off of his upcoming album City Living. Combining 80s alt sounds with a lyrical style reminiscent of 60s rock revolutionaries, "Vamonos" sets the scene for his album release later this summer. Of the "Vamonos" video, Rue explains: "The song lyric is incredibly earnest. I wanted to create something visual that represented the emotion of the song but went in an extreme direction to lighten it up and make the viewer laugh rather than cry. We went super DIY and tried to make everything in the video obviously move in that direction. My thought was what if we play up the ridiculousness and overwhelming nature of a breakup by making the story of the video a bit silly. Everybody has a friend who felt like they were dying while breaking up with someone who was never the right fit to begin with. What if we reposit