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Mirrorball - Le Module - The Silver Lake Chorus

Just over a month ago we featured Mirrorball for the first time with the song 'This Time' and they return now with another fine track titled 'Natural World', and once again their dream pop is gorgeous. Le Module has shared 'Lovers In Twos' where Joe Robbins distinct vocal style and his multi instrumental abilities are impressive, as is the song. Our second feature for The Silver Lake Chorus is a new song and video for 'Not Now' a beautifully natural sounding choral piece that gently and sensitively, charms it's way into our lives. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mirrorball - Natural World. Mirrorball shares a new single "Natural World"; an ode to the oddities that come with aging. "Natural World" is part of Dangerbird's Microdose single series. Dangerbird Records is proud to announce the latest artist to feature in their Micro

L.A. Peach - Plastic Dolls - Bus Stop Poets - RotJoch - Thoughts

'I Can Remember Where You Are' the latest song from L.A. Peach drifts along with a laid back feel. It's gently melodic and with superbly distinct vocals this one stands out, however loose the vibe is. Plastic Dolls have shared 'I Don't Sing The Blues' a pulsating rocker with simmering emotion, this Amsterdam based band should be playing live soon. The sophomore album from Bus Stop Poets titled 'Leave it to the Kids' is due out next month and from it we have 'Blow' which typifies the bands slick, tight and natural rock music. So what's thirty eight years between new releases? Well that's the case with The Netherlands Rotjoch whose return is nonetheless very welcome, with the featured song 'Fade Away giving just a hint of what's in store on the album. 'Tethered' by Thoughts has a beautiful feel to it as does the whole album 'The Last Summer' which is  bright, breezy and rather catchy to say the least. -----

Native Harrow - Eil Marchini - The Hengles - The Navettes

Native Harrow returns to Beehive Candy with a third song this year and an intriguing video to accompany it. The nom de plume of singer-songwriter Devin Tuel, Native Harrow has some accomplished creative talent, the latest song at just under seven minutes length, I would argue, confirms that opinion even further. 'Magpies On Acid' now there's a thought, and Eil Marchini 's new piece with that colourful title, is fast paced as the layers of music intertwine with each other in what is a fabulous and epic arrangement. The Hengles have released (I Dream Of) Jeannie (also a sixties TV show that still has re-runs in the UK) and this song has some timeless vibes that could be from that era, the bands melodic and refined pop is extremely catchy. The Navettes from Manchester in the UK have released the song 'Asleep' a vibrant synth pop track that has charmed it's way into my world, and the delightful back story somehow makes it even more pleasing. -----------

Curse Of Lono - Kidsmoke - Dani Taylor - SERA - Go Gracious

It would appear we are averaging an appearance per year with Curse Of Lono , a band who consistently impressed me with their highly refined style of Americana. The latest material recorded in a live setting at Toe Rag Studios is stunning and hopefully will see the band reach an even bigger audience, they deserve that at the very least. We featured Kidsmoke a couple of times last year and their latest offering 'She Takes You Under' is a refreshing indie song, their melodic hooks are intact and make this song shine. Dani Taylor has shared 'Hello Dallas' a beautiful country song with some fine roots feeling countered with a more modern singer-songwriter vibe. 'Rabbit Hole' from SERA has an excellent musical arrangement that complements her vocals as both elements sync together on this hook fuelled song, where the momentum seemingly builds and builds. Go Gracious have a slightly crazy video for 'Solid Influence' a song that stands out with define

Miss June - Sarah Klang - Gabi Hartmann - Grace Acladna - Deanna Petcoff

New Zealand's Miss June have shared some spirited rock with bags of hooks, I am tempted to suggest it's literal garage rock, check the video to see where I'm coming from on that. 'New Day Coming' by Sarah Klang is a melodic and catchy piece, her vocals are beautiful and the subtle Americana hints add even more. Gabi Hartmann has shared 'Always Seem To Get Things Wrong' a charming ballad where both the Parisian's vocals and refined musical arrangement exude a sentimental and timeless feeling. We have already featured Grace Acladna twice this year and her new song 'Apnea' is another imaginative and simply addictive track, her vocals sweeping above a cleverly constructed soundtrack, this is hard to ignore. Deanna Petcoff also makes her third appearance on Beehive Candy, this time with 'Stage Light' a robust indie rocker that mixes melodic hooks with some simmering energy. -------------------------------------------------------------