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Fletcher Gull - Darrin Bradbury - The Needs - Moddi

Fletcher Gull has shared a beautiful song entitled 'Hypothermia'. A personal account of enduring in sub zero temperatures, if you excuse the well intentioned pun, this song exudes warmth and feeling. We featured the title track from his forthcoming album earlier this month, however Darrin Bradbury is more than welcome back with another taster called 'Breakfast', where once again his lovable humour and observations are very engaging. The Needs latest single 'Hey Wake Up' is a smooth and pleasing indie pop track and a fine indicator for their debut album due out early next month. Our fourth feature for Moddi is the enchanting 'New Dawn'. Moddi produces modern folk of the highest calibre, his passion and commitment is second to none and the beauty of his music is quite stunning. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Fletcher Gull - Hypothermia. When one life ends another has already happe

Peach Pyramid - 5K HD - The Black Watch

Peach Pyramid first single from their 'Bright Blue E.P due in September is 'Wear Sunscreen'. The bands indie pop is fresh, melodic and beautifully arranged. Austrian experimental pop band 5K HD have shared 'Crazy Talk' the latest single from the album 'High Performer' which is out on September 6th. It's a fine pop song and yes the band do have an element of experimental nature within the piece. The Black Watch return here after their first feature in June with a taste of 'The Crying All The Time' E.P due for release as a 7" in October, their slick and addictive rock as always engaging, to say the least. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Peach Pyramid - Wear Sunscreen. Peach Pyramid are announcing their EP Bright Blue (due out September 20th on Oscar St. Records) with its first single "Wear Sunscreen." Co-produced by and featuring keyboards from Kathryn Calder of T

Katrina Parker - Michael Blakeman - SoccerPractise - Brynn Andre

Katrina Parker was featured a couple of times here in July and returns with 'Don't Give It Up' her latest single which is a fabulous mixture of folk & Americana plus, a further taster for the album 'Stars' due out early next month. From Michael Blakeman we have his brand new E.P 'Future'. This is beautifully textured synth pop that is imaginative, sometimes a little experimental, but never dull. Just four weeks since we were first introduced to SoccerPractise they are back with 'Younger Looking Skin'. It's a genre defying electronic piece that is atmospheric and understated, it's also very, play me again material. Minneapolis singer/songwriter Brynn Andre has shared 'Bright Side'. It's a refined modern alt pop song that slowly lets it's hooks dig in. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Katrina Parker - Don't Give It Up. Katrina Parker knew from a very

R.W. Roldan - Misty Blues - Acoustic Black

From R.W. Roldan we have the new album 'Can You Feel This' and what a gorgeous album it is. His mixture of folk and Americana is melodic and produced to a very high standard, however it is the story telling lyrics that make a fabulous difference. They are totally engaging and can't but help draw the listener in, this collection of songs is thoroughly recommended for a listen! Misty Blues recently released their 8th studio album 'Pickled & Aged. They are a natural blues band who take their music into other musical areas without losing that blues centred feel, they can add in some funk, jazz or whatever, the music remains consistently honest and quite addictive, this is a class act. We have a music video from Acoustic Black for one of their singles 'Destiny Ride' which is also included on their forthcoming album. The bands mixture of feisty vocals, acoustic and electric rock combination is well demonstrated by the featured song, and overall there is an up

Aweful - Bjørn Tomren - The Warp/The Weft - Sunscreen - Laid Blak

Aweful released 'Me Me Me' a five song E.P earlier this month. A maelstrom of uncompromising rock and roll the trio deliver hook filled rock that mixes garage basics with more sonically imaginative moments and it's a blast. A month after featuring Bjørn Tomren for the first time he returns with 'Bad Science Fiction' the title track from his album due next month. His Americana folk style is slowly paced and a little sombre on this atmospheric and beautiful song. The Warp/The Weft were featured here with 'A Sun Filled Room' at the beginning of June, and they return with the full album (Dead Reckoning) from which that track came. I have to say this is a really good collection of material where the bands progressive folk and psychedelia is notable throughout. If you can, then listen to the whole piece, bands like this deserve to be heard, their imagination and creativity, positively demands it! Sunscreen return for a second time this year with 'Th

Hayley Marsten - Reina del Cid - Miriam Clancy - Sarah Jane Scouten

Hayley Marsten new single 'Red Wine, White Dress' is a refined country rocker that exudes quality and feeling and is a very good indicator for her forthcoming debut album. Reina del Cid has released 'Bernadette' the first song from her 'Morse Code' due out in October. This is my first listen to Reina and clearly I am a little late to the party, nonetheless what a pleasure it's going to be playing catch up. Miriam Clancy has shared 'The Bells' the lead off single from 'Astronomy', her first album in nine years and it's a gorgeous rocker where the solid soundtrack and her gliding melodic vocals although seemingly opposites work fabulously together. Sarah Jane Scouten striking new song 'Ballad of a Southern Midwife' mixes folk, country and rock together which is rather good in it's own right, however it's the determined passionate vocals that really stand out. -------------------------------------------------------