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Tourists - Another Sky - Lilikoi - Are We Static - Linda Campbell

Tourists are from Torquay, England and with a new record contract they have shared 'Lego Man' a refined dream pop piece with some shoegaze vibes adding depth. ===Just a month ago we featured  'Fell In Love With The City' by Another Sky they are back with 'All Ends' which is another sophisticated and beautiful track. === Lilikoi are a Psychedelic Dream Pop band from London whose latest release is 'SOS' and it's a dreamy, relaxed and melodic piece. === From Wigan, England we have Are We Static and the first taste of their sophomore LP, 'Accepting The Universe' which is 'The Godfather' a distinct and impressive indie rocker. === We have the full album from Linda Campbell which is entitled 'My Geography' comprising of twelve original songs, it's a feast of fabulous music, the write up below gives an idea of the class and quality you can expect. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Jess Locke - Sandtimer - Certain Animals - Eleni Drake - Crawford Mack - Godcaster

Jess Locke has shared 'Fool' and it's a hook filled indie pop song with some grittier rock attitude alongside. === Sandtimer return just a month after we featured 'Different Seas' with another new track entitled 'Three Cars' a stunning indie folk piece. === Certain Animals make their seventh appearance here in less than a year such is the calibre of the music and the newest alt rock song 'Too Long' keeps the momentum going. === Eleni Drake has released 'Melbourne Blues' ahead of her E.P ‘Vanilla Sky’ and it's a beautiful example of what to expect. === Crawford Mack shares 'Depends On Where You Stand' which is a striking singer songwriter track with refined vocals and a fabulous musical arrangement. === Godcaster cut to the chase with 'All the Feral Girls In The Universe' a feisty track and if the video and title doesn't grab your attention the song is just as amazing. --------------------------------------------

Grizzly Coast - Sera - Priestgate - Hannah Georgas

Grizzly Coast makes her seventh appearance on Beehive Candy with a new video for 'Lonely Planet', we've said many positive things about her superb indie rock, this song makes for a solid reminder why. === Sera is another artist who has impressed us on a number of occasions before and the new song 'Switch' continues that trend as the singer songwriter's distinctive style really pleases. === Priestgate recently shared 'Now' and the five piece Yorkshire, England band sound so good, refreshing and powerful that this is a fabulous song to be heard far and wide. === Hannah Georgas new song 'Just A Phase' sees the artist continue to release refined new music, her vocals shining above a sophisticated musical arrangement. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Grizzly Coast - Lonely Planet. Late last summer, Alannah Kavanaugh (Grizzly Coast) and her partner bought a Volvo, named it Ducky, and

The Sea The Sea - Jenny Banai - Ramiro Fauve

The Sea The Sea have shared 'Fall Before The Climb' and it's a soothing, atmospheric modern folk piece with delicate melodic vocals and a flowing musical backdrop. === Making her third appearance here this year Jenny Banai returns with the new song 'Gold' and her lush modern pop sensibilities continue to really impress. === Ramiro Fauve first single from 'Where Rivers Cross Vols. 1 & 2', due October 6th, 2020 is 'I Give You All I Have' and as a foretaste of what's to come this is a powerful modern country rock song that packs feeling. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Sea The Sea - Fall Before The Climb. Frequently lauded for their otherworldly vocal harmonies, heart-piercing lyrics, and unconventional song arrangements, The Sea The Sea – comprised of Chuck and Mira Costa - continue to make waves in the music industry. The New York-based indie folk-pop duo is releasing “

Zoe & Cloyd - Bearcraft - The Equators

Zoe & Cloyd have a brand new single 'Hoffman's Hora/David's Frailach' and they really are digging right back into their musical roots with this gorgeous taste of instrumental Americana based on music from days gone by. === Bristol-based music collective Bearcraft just released their distinctive new track 'Outside In The Morning Snow' a song where the hooks gently dig deep. === The Equators brand new song 'Nice To Be Nice' comes 35 years since their fabulous cult album 'Hot' and their timeless Ska music sounds fresh and beautiful. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Zoe & Cloyd - Hoffman's Hora / David's Frailach. With their latest Organic Records single, Zoe & Cloyd reveal once again their unique ability to blend mountain music with the klezmer music legacy of Natalya Zoe Weinstein’s family on “Hoffman’s Hora/David’s Frailach.” Incorporating two klezmer tunes