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Jillette Johnson - Bee Bee Sea - Sandtimer - Deepfake Moneybomb

Jillette Johnson releases 'Annie' and announces her new album due in a few months time, the new song is a gorgeous slice of modern folk pop with hints of timeless country. === We have featured the first two singles from their upcoming new album 'Day Ripper' and now we have the title track from Bee Bee Sea namely (of course) 'Day Ripper' where the bands nod towards The Beatles is notable. === Sandtimer are another band who have appeared here a couple of times already in 2020 and are back with 'You Never Had Control' a stripped back track that exudes plenty of personal feeling. === Deepfake Moneybomb has released his self titled album and it's streaming in full below. Always on the lookout for different, creative yet accessible music we are delighted that all those boxes have been ticked with this talented and crafted release. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Jillette Johnson - Annie.

Stephen Becker - Juanita Stein - Deadletter

Stephen Becker has shared 'Clean' along with an imaginative video, the song itself is a smooth flowing and gently melodic piece. === We have shared two songs by Juanita Stein so far this year and now we make it three with 'L.O.T.F' as the alt rock artist continues to create standout songs. === Now based in South London Deadletter have just released the powerful rocker 'Fit For Work' where the band kick up a storm, inter-spaced with some hypnotic vocal moments. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Stephen Becker - Clean. Stephen Becker has announced the release of a new EP the first under his own name out October 30 on NNA Tapes. Nothing Sun Under the New expresses exactly the kind of poetic sleights-of-hand we encounter throughout this short, brilliant offering. This compact record is filled with aphorisms flipped on their heads, reversals of logic and intuition, dislocations of causality and expecta

Blue Stragglers - Caitlin Quisenberry - Nadia Vaeh

Blue Stragglers share a video for 'Forever and A Day' taken from their new self titled E.P 'Blue Stragglers' both of which are all present and correct below. The bands raw power is easily matched by some more thought out structured and even anthem filled moments, as they deliver hook laden and impressive natural rock music. === From Caitlin Quisenberry we have a video for her new single 'Imogene'. Beautifully arranged the song showcases her classic country vocals whilst allowing space for a more modern and contemporary feel. === Nadia Vaeh today has shared 'Anxiety' a very personal song that tackles one aspect of mental health without being self pitiful or morbid, in fact it's more an energized encouragement to seek help and supports MusiCares, an organization focused on providing critical assistance to people in the music industry, and resources that affect the music community’s health and welfare.. --------------------------------------------

Julia Logan - Lore City

Julia Logan has shared a live session video for the rather splendid song 'Everly, Foreverly' a fabulously arranged piece with notably melodic vocals, it exudes sincerity and feeling. === We have two of the six tracks that make up Lore City's forthcoming album 'Alchemical Task', namely 'Into Your Blue' and 'It's All Happening'. Genre wise the duo cover a lot of ground, these two tracks provide some idea of what to expect, however expect more from this creative pair. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Julia Logan - Everly, Foreverly (Live Session). "Everly, Foreverly" is Stockholm, Sweden, based Julia Logan’s second single. Like artists Karen Dalton and Jim Ford, she is also searching for solace, sincerity, and quiet human understanding in chaotic and loud times. “It’s about family and the ties that connect us, even when one of us feels there is darkness and no clear path

Terra Lightfoot - Samantha Tieger

Terra Lightfoot shared 'Paper Thin Walls' just a month ago and has returned with another really fine song 'It's Over Now', her refined and distinctive rock again impresses. === We featured 'Close My Eyes' a few weeks back and Samantha Tieger is back with 'You Light Me Up' which is a gently melodic and enticing track. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Terra Lightfoot - It's Over Now. On the heels of her recent announcement of a new studio album, nearly three years since the release of her critically acclaimed album New Mistakes, soulful rocker Terra Lightfoot shares the new single and video for "It's Over Now" off the upcoming studio album Consider the Speed. "'It's Over Now' first emerged as a slower, more sombre song — about letting go of a failed relationship, one that seemed viable but that ultimately just didn’t work out," says Lightfoot. &