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Sean Listro - theWorst - Lokoy with Emilie Østebø - Paper Fishes

Sean Listro is a solo alt rock artist from Toronto who has just shared 'Feel Your Touch'. The song conveys a sense of heartfelt feeling through some engaging vocals whilst the musical arrangement gradually builds with intensity. ===== theWorst shared 'Yes Regrets' a few days ago along with a live video. The track mixes subtle refrains with some full on and epic blasts of potent rock, the vocals demand attention as does the bands feisty musical delivery. ===== Lokoy just released 'a mistake' accompanied with Emilie Østebø. It's a fabulous indie pop/rock song with melodic vocals and a mass of gorgeous hooks throughout.  ===== We featured Paper Fishes 'Instant Happiness' album in full back in July which includes 'All Your Lives Are Dreams Played Inside My Head'. However having just released a new video for that song and because it's just so good, here's the video as a reminder of this really fine album.   ==============================

VISSIA - Alice Hubble - Quiet Marauder - DB Armitage - Roxanne de Bastion

VISSIA has shared 'About Moving On' today, a deep bass line and layered synths sit behind her dreamy vocals on this exquisite song. ===== Alice Hubble has released 'We Are Still Alone' where vintage synths and mellotron take us back to the early days of bands like OMD in part, however Alice's vocals add another melodic and pleasing dimension to this beautiful track. ===== Quiet Marauder have today released their new E.P 'Tiny Men Parts'. Upbeat, good humored and full of energetic pieces, this collection of genre mashed songs is simply lovable and it's streaming in full below. ===== DB Armitage (the experimental pop project from Dalma Berger) has released 'Old Bones' accompanied by a notable video. This is a powerful song that is packed with emotive atmosphere, a driving rhythm and just begs for another listen.  ===== Singer-songwriter Roxanne de Bastion has just released 'Heavy Lifting' and it's a smooth flowing and melodic song

Melin Melyn - Chris Lewington

This year we have enjoyed some fabulous Welsh bands and artists with Melin Melyn being no exception as their new single 'Rebecca' ably demonstrates. It's an alt rock song of sorts however take that as a centre point from which the band expand, the vocals are positively surreal, the lyrics a tad disturbing, the underlying humour is wonderful. ===== Chris Lewington has a new album out entitled 'Riverside' from which we have two tracks namely 'Spread Your Wings' and 'Armistice Day'. I chose these two songs because they give a good feel for the scope of the album, with the first track we have a passionate acoustic song, the second has a lush string arrangement behind some stirring vocals, both reflect well on the album as a whole which in my opinion is quite stunning.  =================================================== Melin Melyn - Rebecca. Welsh band Melin Melyn announce themselves to the world with their explosive new single ‘Rebecca’. Starting off

Hot Summer - POSTDATA

Hot Summer recently shared 'Fire And Ice' along with a video for the track, musically the song opens with a soothing and melodic flow, the vocals perfectly match the mood and flourishes of additional synths and drums gently up the power. ===== From POSTDATA we have the new song 'Twin Flames' also with a video. Paul Murphy's distinct and emotion filled vocals are central to the song however there are some gorgeous soundscapes simmering beneath, there are moments when the structure brings Leonard Cohen to mind, see that as the complement it is intended to be.   =================================================== Hot Summer - Fire And Ice. The Shins’ Jon Sortland joins EV Kain’s Brian Belier to form the band, Hot Summer. Fresh off The Shins release of “The Great Divide”, co-written by Sortland, Hot Summer are set to release their debut single and video, “Fire And Ice” is out now on Dowd Records. The track “Fire And Ice” is indirectly related to the collision of fire

Rob Kovacs - Pearly Drops - Samana

Rob Kovacs is an indie rock pianist and singer-songwriter whose latest song 'Here in the Future' has just been shared. Unsurprisingly the music is centered around a piano arrangement that in itself is impressive, add in the other instruments, the melody and Rob's dreamy vocals and we have an outstanding song. ===== Helsinki, Finland pair Pearly Drops have just released their debut album along with a video for the title track 'Call For Help'. A smooth flowing and rhythmic track with beautifully embedded vocals, this is a highly addictive song. ===== Samana were featured a couple of times in September and it's great to have them back with a song and video entitled 'Live For The Road'. Once again we can indulge in some heartfelt and beautiful music, the vocals and harmonies just pour out, and are backed with a gorgeous musical soundtrack. =================================================== Rob Kovacs - Here in the Future. Indie rock pianist and singer-s