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Geowulf - November Ultra - Benz - Clever Hopes

Geowulf - Open Me Up. Following on from the triumphant ‘I’ve Been Over It’, which marked Geowulf’s reintroduction to the world and the first glimpse of a forthcoming EP, the band return with brand new single ‘Open Me Up’. ‘Open Me Up’ is a country-tinged song written in the height of Covid that bristles with raw honesty and emotion as Star opines on falling in and out of love in a strange time. About the track Star says: “Toma and I were having a brief catch up on the phone - I showed him a melody real quick I was working on, he was like “shit yeah I love it!” and we spent next two hours on FaceTime between London & Australia finishing the song. It’s a raw song for me that tells a personal story but it’s also one of my favourites we’ve done so far.” Geowulf are an Australian alt-pop duo based between London, UK and Noosa, Australia. Childhood friends Star Kendrick and Toma Banjanin dived into the dream-pop scene in 2018 with their luminous debut album ‘Great Big Blue’ featuring th

The Money War - Sterre Weldring - Polar Klub - ModernFolkRevolution - Starlite Campbell Band

The Money War - Blood (E.P). Rounding out a monumental 2021 with their distinctive graceful tenacity is WA indie pop/ rock duo The Money War with the highly-anticipated unveiling of their latest EP ‘Blood’ today November 5. Delivering elegant pop pureness that beats with the steely resolve of an indie-rock heart, Dylan and Carmen Ollivierre of The Money War approach their craft with unwavering sincerity, recounting intricate experiences through gorgeous melodies and elegant production. Recorded at their studio where it was produced and mixed by Dylan, ‘Blood’ is about connection, exploring the binding ties of family, partners, even strangers, while showcasing the pair’s songwriting depth and refined sonic execution. The duo explain: “The EP is a collection of songs that bookmark 2021 for us. We’re always writing, but these were the 5 songs that rose to the top and we felt that we needed to record.” Opening in a bittersweet flourish of nostalgic grace is title-track ‘Blood’, written ab

Vera Ellen - The Ragged Roses - The Ninth Wave - Arctic Plateau

Vera Ellen - Joy. Vera Ellen has proven she is unstoppable! She has today released yet another video, this time for album closer and tear-jerker 'Joy'. “I wrote ‘Joy’ for my nephews and nieces, who forgave me over and over for leaving them to pursue music, and who love me unconditionally. Children are magic.” The video was filmed by Al Kalyk at the artist's 'It's Your Birthday' listening party in Los Angeles. It was filmed on an iPhone in a single shot and features Vera's backyard and a handful of kind friends. In the footage taken by Vera's mum in the 90’s seen at the end of the video, you can see Vera's sister holding her as a baby and her grandparents and family singing a polish lullaby. ========================================================================== The Ragged Roses - Falling Out Of Love. Now, take 2 gallons of Wanda Jackson,2 Gallons of Etta James, a spoonful Howlin' Wolf, a shot of Dick Dale, Add some Cramps and a pint of Nick

Kings Elliot - Syd Carter West - Buster Baer - Jackson Dyer

Kings Elliot - Call Me A Dreamer. Rising London-based artist Kings Elliot unveils a new single “Call Me a Dreamer.” An advocate for mental health, who has long struggled with her own, she explains, “after two months of thinking that I was better and that I didn’t need any support with my mental health. I ended up feeling worse than ever. Writing it helped me process my emotional instability. The roller coaster I am constantly on that I don’t know how to get off.” The track is from her forthcoming EP, Chaos in my Court, set for release December 1 via Verve Forecast. “Chaos has been ever present in my life. I’ve never known how to function differently,” Elliot explains. “The songs on this EP make up a world I’ve always dreamed of creating for my own escape, and now anyone who needs it can join me there too.” London-via-Switzerland singer-songwriter Kings Elliot has accumulated millions of global streams around her first three songs—“I’m Getting Tired Of Me,” “Dancing Alone” and “Bitter

Tunnel Vision - Carson Hoy

Tunnel Vision - My Way Out. Steadily earning a reputation as Southern California’s preeminent emerging surf/reggae/ska band, San Clemente-based Tunnel Vision grew up in a beach-town with instruments in their hands and surfboards under their feet, emulating the surfer legends of reggae rock who came before them. So when they were invited to join Ballyhoo and The Expendables (as the two iconic bands hit the road performing each other’s songs on this year’s ExpendaHoo tour), the supporting act decided to get into the spirit of things with a tour-influenced cover of their own. Tunnel Vision gives a nod of respect to their musical lineage as they reimagine their favorite surf-inspired Expendables tune with their new single “My Way Out” (out now on LAW Records). “We really love the concept behind the tour, with The Expendables doing Ballyhoo songs and vice versa, so we are feeding off of that synergy with this single,” says Tunnel Vision lead singer and guitarist Hayden Hanson. “‘My Way Out

Mall Girl - I.You.She - Century Egg - Hannah Scott

Mall Girl - Bubbly Cool Drink. ‘Bubbly Cool Drink’, the new single from Norwegian art-pop outfit Mall Girl, represents an exciting new chapter for the buzzed-about band. A string of infectious singles released in 2020, including ‘My Sweet Mall Girl’ and the fierce ‘Bad Girl’, cemented the bands reputation as an act to watch in the alt-pop arena. Now they are gearing up to release their debut album in Spring 2022, via Norwegian label Jansen Records. Members Iver Armand Tandsether, Hannah Veslemøy Narvesen, Eskild Myrvoll and Bethany Forseth-Reichberg were forced to get creative when the pandemic hit, side lining best-laid plans to flesh out some songs before heading into the studio together. "Because of COVID regulations and the four of us living in two different cities, we changed the way we worked with the songs quite radically in the months leading up to the studio recording,” Narvesen says. "We’ve always been very oriented towards the live performance of the songs, includ