Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Delbert McClinton - Live In Austin 1997

Delbert McClinton honed his craft working in a bar band, The Straitjackets, backing visiting blues giants such as Sonny Boy Williamson II, Howlin' Wolf, Lightnin' Hopkins, and Jimmy Reed. He made his first recordings as a member of the Ron-Dels and was noted for his distinctive harmonica  work on Bruce Channel's 1962 hit "Hey! Baby."   

This is a recording of Delbert McClinton with band in concert as part of the seventh anniversary celebrations for Austin, Texas radio station KGSR.
The event took place on December 5th 1997 and also included sets from Abra Moore, Steve Earle, and special guests Robert Earl Keen and Patty Griffin.

This is an excellent performance with tremendous musicanship along with real blues rock passion. 

Source: FM Broadcast.

Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3@192kbps.

Genre: Blues-rock, blues, rock, country.

Set: Full Concert

Set List:

01 Take Me to the River
02 Thank You Baby
03 I'm With You
04 Old Weakness
05 Leap of Faith
06 I Just Want to Love You
07 Best of Me
08 Monkey Around
09 B Movie Boxcar Blues
10 You Were Never Mine
11 Lie No Better
12 Two More Bottles of Wine
13 Sending Me Angels
14 Every Time I Roll the Dice

Website: Official HERE.


After relocating to Los Angeles in the early 1970s, Delbert McClinton emerged in a partnership with fellow Texan Glen Clark, performing a combination of country and soul music. They achieved a degree of artistic success, releasing two albums before splitting, with McClinton embarking on a solo career. Emmylou Harris had a No. 1 hit in 1978 with his composition "Two More Bottles of Wine" in 1978, and McClinton's "B Movie Boxcar Blues" was used in the 1980 movie The Blues Brothers. His 1980 album, The Jealous Kind, contained his hit single, "Givin' It Up for Your Love."

After a rest period during much of the '80s, Delbert McClinton made a welcome return in 1989 with the fiery album Live From Austin, taped during an Austin City Limits appearance. He won a 1991 Grammy for his duet with Bonnie Raitt, "Good Man, Good Woman," and reached the Top 5 of the country charts with the Tanya Tucker duet, "Tell Me About It." The fledgling label Rising Tide offered One of the Fortunate Few in 1997, but the label quickly folded. In addition to releasing two new studio albums in the early 2000s, New West Records issued Delbert McClinton Live in 2003, collecting songs from throughout his career.

Download link in comments below scroll down for second alternative.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Leon Redbone - VPRO Studios 1977

This is Leon Redbone in session recorded at the VPRO Studios, Hilversum, Netherlands on the 28th January 1977 for future radio broadcast.

For those unfamiliar with him Leon Redbone is an American singer and guitarist specializing in interpretations of early 20th-century music, including jazz and blues standards and Tin Pan Alley classics.

We have included a link below to a short biography of Leon on I guess this limited session which features some very enjoyable if not a little quirky material for some, represents an introduction of sorts to Leon Redbone. If he is new to you and this arouses some interest, please do investigate further, I think you will be in for a pleasant surprise, and there is alot more depth to him beyond a solo studio session from way back.

Source: FM Radio

Sound Quality: Very Good stereo mp3@320kbps.

Genre: Vaudevillian, Ragtime, Jazz, Blues

Session: Taken from two separate FM broadcasts, cannot confirm if this was all Leon recorded at VPRO studio.

Set List:

01, The Whiskey Song
02, Way Out On The Wind Swept Desert
03, Has Anybody Seen My Gal?
04, Big Time Woman
05, I Ain't Got Nobody
06, Diddy Wah Diddy

Website: Official HERE. Short Biography HERE.


The first four tracks from this session were not broadcast by VPRO until 2001, the final two tracks were broadcast originally in 1978, we do not know in what context these recordings were used on the radio.

Leon Redbone's website is currently asking the following - Do you own original early photos of Leon Redbone you'd like to share? If so, we're looking for any interesting and older photographs of Leon Redbone to include in an upcomming Anthology which we'll be putting together. We can't guarantee that we'll use them but we'll certainly give you full credit and a free Anthology if we use your photo.
See the link to the website above .

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Thursday, 24 June 2010

2010FM - June Edition Three

One of the great aspects of running a music site is when you receive new music that really is something special and opens up another avenue to explore. Andy Clockwise is new to me, however I guess not so to a reasonable number of Australians and some in Los Angeles.

In 2003, Andy Kelly was homeless and destitute in his home country of Australia. After bizarre circumstances led him to help a friend with recording an EP, Andy fervently poured his passions into his own music. The result was his own debut EP “Song Exhibition,” which Australian radio station Triple J discovered and promoted heavily. From there on out Andy, working from then on as “Andy Clockwise” had his very own career in music, writing, creating and producing what he likes to call “Schizo Pop,” music that is “ever changing” but always emotionally captivating.

Now years later Andy who is also a Los Angeles resident, is releasing his finest work to date. “Are You Well?” is the product of years of refining his craft, as the music synthesizes many stylistic influences into one sound that is warmly familiar and classic yet uniquely fresh.

This is an artist that has struck a chord with Beehive Candy but dont just take our word for it...

“Like the perfect department store, Andy Clockwise has everything under one roof. The only thing more astonishing than how many styles he explores on this album, is how many he gets spot on.” - Bernard Zuel, The Sydney Morning Herald (4 stars)

“While it’s easy to identify his genial baritone voice with roguish lyrical masters like Jonathan Richman, Stephin Merritt and post-modern maestro Beck, Clockwise reveals his uniqueness by writing straight from his own creative heart.” - Daphne Yang, 944 Magazine

“He’s so good it’s almost unfair.” - The Daily Telegraph

Featured Track: Stealing Cars
Website: Official, MySpace.

Devices Disguised is native Floridian Kyle Warden, an enthusiast of visual arts and the self-avowed friend of musicians. His recordings developed as interest in the former gave way and the latter helped him build up a repertoire of sounds and techniques, with enough accumulating that Devices Disguised became a convenient platform for releasing the backlog of solo material. Inspired by a late introduction to MIDI based production by his college roommate, Kyle self-resleased his Yonder EP and a two song single on French label Beko DSL. His most recent material stays percussion oriented while experimenting with more rhythmically sequenced synths sampling, multi-layered ambient soundscapes, alongside altered strings and pianos. The five track True Tides EP is his physical debut and the prelude to a Fall full length.

Beehive's opinion - we love this and want more!

Featured Track: Gravity Taste Test.
Website: MySpace.
Buy: Due out June 21st via Royal Rhino Flying Records.

Ok the official PR stuff tells us... Embracing classic pop hooks, throwing in a bit of soul, Brit pop and California sunshine, Loomis & the Lust has created a top notch pop rock sound that swirls with a light-hearted, fun-time attitude that conjures up visions of palm trees and good times. After releasing a batch of clever, catchy songs in their first EP last year, Loomis and the Lust quickly started making waves, being named one of the “Top 25 New Bands in the Word” by MTV Iggy, winning an MTVU “Freshman” video award, appearing in an online ad campaign for Subway.

 We say - you can dance to them, boogie along or whatever, they know a good hook and the featured song reminds me of good Rolling Stones although this is not to 'pigeon hole' them into one category.

Featured Track: Break On Love.
Website: MySpace.

It saves us some work when the artist kindly writes an introduction.

My name is Stephen Luke and I am a guitarist, singer, song writer specializing in a blend of roots and rock music. My unique style of songwriting combines story telling and music generated from of my soul. I have a passion for songwriting and think a good story is worth a great song. I invite you to step into both the music and lyrics of my new CD, “No Man’s Land” and take a journey with me.

Some interesting background to Stephen and mention of an artist we featured last time round (small world)...

Stephen Luke started out on drums but then switched to guitar at age 17. “ I ran into some trouble and was on house arrest for a while. The guitar helped me keep sane.” He began performing at local dances and in the late 70’s early 80’s, he played the bar and party circuit with the group Venus who were chosen for one of the WEBN album projects.

After a long hiatus, which included raising a family, it took a serious hand injury to reignite the musical spark. “I cut two tendons on my index finger while opening a box with a dull knife.” (Always cut away!)

Surgery followed with several months of rehab. His physical therapist recommended picking up the guitar again to help the left hand function. Enter Kelly Richey who reignited Stephen Luke’s guitar world. “She took me from pitiful to powerful in about six months. It lit a fire. I couldn’t stop playing and started writing songs again.” Soon Richey agreed to produce his first CD, “No Man’s Land.” “It’s such an honor to work with Kelly and be associated with Sweet Lucy Records.”

Stephen Luke can be found playing around Cincinnati with the band “Westrock”. He continues to write solo and co-writes with Kelly Richey, John Redell and other Cincinnati artists. Oh and the music is spot on.

Featured Track: No Mans Land.
Website: Official, MySpace.

Theres nothing like a press release that is in your face or what?

Bazaar Royale is a rock star, a larger than life personality waiting for the mainstream to catch on. The creator of the “Ghetto Metal” movement, Royale has built a new sound that is full of rock optimism, spiked with a gritty dose of reality—the hard times millions of people are going through around the world. On his most recent CD, “The Ride” Royale takes us on a journey of self-discovery; Who am I as an individual and What role do I play in society? If that seems like a grandiose premise, I encourage you to take a moment to press the play button and see for yourself.

Well at the end of the day it's all about the music and this guy has some real talent and real rock music. Dont be suprised if Bazaar Royale surfaces in a good number of other places beyond the Beehive.

Featured Track: Hard Times Celebrate.
Website: MySpace.

How many times will Beehive Candy mention Julian Shah-Tayler ?

Well that all depends on how long he keeps on making excellent albums or E.P's. I do not want to sound like his personal fan club and having seen a good number of references from many other sources I know I am not, however I just feel that his music is to good to keep secret about.

If you read this Julian, I do not want to make your 'head swell', but thankyou for producing some thoughtful, crafted and striking songs that deserve to be heard in the mainstream right now.

His latest release 'Fill Your Joys With Love' is available now and if you like the featured track, then each song on the release is a must to hear.

Featured Track: Beautiful World.
Website: Official.

Well that's it for this round up which having listened again to all the tracks featured, really does set a high standard for future editions to follow!
Featured Tracks:

Sunday, 20 June 2010

The Quarrymen - April 1960 - June 1961 (Part Two).

This is the second of two releases that surfaced on CD as a series 'The Complete Beatles' and captures some of the transistion period from The Quarrymen through to The Beatles.

Material includes some longer home taped improvised instrumentals that are quite listenable however in reality more of a historical collectors item than one for your mp3 player.

The studio material is very good quality and marks another milestone on the road to The Beatles.

Credit and respect should be given to Tony Sheridan who was also clearly part of this era of the bands development, it remains ironic that Polydor Records viewed him as the talent and artist to go with and tended to 'bury' members of The Beatles involvement.

Source: Studio and home (reel tapes).

Sound Quality: Listenable home recording to studio quality mp3@variable bit rates.

Genre: Skiffle, Rock & Roll.

Set: Various home & studio recordings.

Recording List:

April - May 1960: The Beatles - Pauls home and possibly other Liverpool locations.

1. Instrumental Improvisation 11.50
2. Instrumental Improvisation 7.45
3. Instrumental Improvisation 11.12
4. That's The End (?) 17.52

June 22nd - 23rd 1961: Tony Sheridan and the Beat Brothers (except track 9 The Beatles) Friedrich Ebert Halle Hamburg.

5. My Bonnie (German Intro) 0.36
6. My Bonnie (lies over the ocean) 2.41
7. When The Saints Go Marching In 3.18
8. Why (cant you love me again) 2.58
9. Cry For A Shadow 2.23
10. Nobodys Child 3.55

June 24th 1961: Track 11 The Beatles - Track 12 Tony Sheridan and the Beat Brothers, Studio Rahlstedt Hamburg.

11. Ain't She Sweet 2.10
12. Take Out Some Insurance On Me 2.53

Links: Wikipedia Quarryman History HERE. Tony Sheridan Wikipedia HERE.


OK lets be upfront on this, some of this material with careful searching can be found on what appears to be official versions of Tony Sheridan with The Beatles, however the majority seem to be 'imports' or on highly spurious record labels, and the prices for some are outrageous, it is one thing to pay a small fortune for a genuine collectors item, another to cash in and rip off fans.

So we feature some material for purchase below that is nearly all realistically priced (spot the odd one out) and remember you will probably find it is the same or similar songs on each release so please check the track listings.

Reloaded - 25/May/2015 - download link in comments.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Don Henley - Los Angeles 1985

This is Don Henley live in concert in Los Angeles California back in 1985.

That's according to the limited notes that came with this recording and his comments throughout the show suggest that the location (LA) is correct, and the songs performed are from the right timeline.

However I have a feeling that this may actually be material from more than one gig based only on the sound differences around 'Desparado' and a couple of other tracks, and I am not familiar with the Fox Bowl which the notes suggest was the venue.

Feel free as always to add any comments on this one. All of that said this is a great performance from Don when he was riding high as a solo artist following the initial break up of The Eagles.

Source: FM Radio or Soundboard

Sound Quality: Good stereo mp3@192kbps.

Genre: Rock, Country, Pop.

Set: Full Concert

Set List:

1. Building The Perfect Beast
2. Dirty Laundry
3. Drivin' With Your Eyes Closed
4. You Can't Make Love
5. You're Not Drinking Enough
6. Them And Us
7. Lilah
8. Not Enough Love In The World
9. Desperado
10. The Boys Of Summer
11. All She Wants To Do Is Dance
12. Sunset Grill
13. Talking To The Moon
14. Hotel California

Website: Official HERE.


Following the breakup of the Eagles, Henley embarked on a productive solo career, the most commercially successful of any of the Eagles. His first solo release, 1982's I Can't Stand Still, was a moderate seller. The single "Dirty Laundry", a denunciation of tabloid media, was Henley's all-time biggest hit. It reached No. 3 on Billboard Hot 100  at the beginning of 1983 and earned a Gold-certified single for sales of over a million copies in the US. It was also nominated for a Grammy.

This was followed in 1984 by Building the Perfect Beast, which featured layered synthesizers and was a marked departure from the Eagles' country-rock sound. A single release, "The Boys of Summer", reached No.5 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song's haunting rhythms and lyrics of loss and aging, capped by seeing "a Deadhead  sticker on a Cadillac," immediately connected with a certain age group. Don Henley also won the Grammy Award for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance for the song. Several other songs on the album, "All She Wants to Do Is Dance" (No. 9 on Hot 100), "Not Enough Love in the World" (No 34) and "Sunset Grill" (No.22) also received considerable airplay.

Henley's next album, 1989's The End of the Innocence, was even more successful. The song "The End of the Innocence", a collaboration with Bruce Hornsby, is a melancholy, piano-driven tale of finding bits of happiness in a corrupt world, and reached No. 8 as a single. The hit follow-up, "The Heart of the Matter", is an emotive chance remembrance of a lost love. Both songs use the effective technique of varying the words in the chorus each time it is sung, to advance the song's narrative. The album's "The Last Worthless Evening" and "New York Minute" were among other songs that gained radio airplay. Henley again won the Best Male Rock Vocal Performance Grammy in 1990 for the album. Also in 1989, Henley made a brief appearance on MTV's Unplugged series.

In live shows, Henley would play drums and sing simultaneously only on certain Eagles songs; on his solo songs he would either play electric guitar and sing or just sing. Occasionally Eagles songs would get drastic rearrangements, such as "Hotel California" with four trombones.

Download links in comments below or click on the picture.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Muddy Waters - Paris 1964

This is the Father of Chicago blues Muddy Waters live in concert at L'Olympia Bruno Coquatrix, Paris, France back in 1964.

Muddy's sound was basically Delta blues electrified, but his use of microtones, in both his vocals and slide playing, made it extremely difficult to duplicate and follow correctly.

"When I plays onstage with my band, I have to get in there with my guitar and try to bring the sound down to me," he said in Rolling Stone. "But no sooner than I quit playing, it goes back to another, different sound. My blues look so simple, so easy to do, but it's not. They say my blues is the hardest blues in the world to play."

Source: Soundboard

Sound Quality: Very Good stereo mp3@320kbps.

Genre: Electric blues, Chicago blues, Rhythm and blues, blues-rock.

Set: Majority of Concert

Set List:

1. Country Boy
2. Baby Please Don't Go
3. Hoochie Coochie Man
4. Tiger In Your Tank
5. She's 19 Years Old
6. County Jail
7. Long Distance Call
8. Rock Me Baby
9. Trouble No More
10. Rosalie
11. Rollin' And Tumblin'  

Website: Official HERE.


Muddy Waters influence is tremendous, over a variety of music genres: blues, rhythm and blues, rock 'n' roll, folk, jazz, and country. He also helped Chuck Berry get his first record contract.

His 1958 tour of England marked possibly the first time amplified, modern urban blues was heard there, although on his first tour he was the only one amplified. His backing was provided by Englishman Chris Barber's trad jazz group. (One critic retreated to the toilets to write his review because he found the band so loud).

The Rolling Stones named themselves after his 1950 song "Rollin' Stone", (also known as "Catfish Blues", which Jimi Hendrix covered as well). Hendrix recalled "the first guitar player I was aware of was Muddy Waters. I first heard him as a little boy and it scared me to death". Cream covered "Rollin' and Tumblin'" on their 1966 debut album Fresh Cream, as Eric Clapton was a big fan of Muddy Waters when he was growing up, and his music influenced Clapton's music career.

The song was also covered by Canned Heat at the legendary Monterey Pop Festival and later adapted by Bob Dylan on the album Modern Times. One of Led Zeppelin's biggest hits, "Whole Lotta Love", is lyrically based upon the Muddy Waters hit "You Need Love", written by Willie Dixon. Dixon wrote some of Muddy Waters' most famous songs, including "I Just Want to Make Love to You" (a big radio hit for Etta James, as well as the 1970s rock band Foghat), "Hoochie Coochie Man," which The Allman Brothers Band famously covered, and "I'm Ready", which was covered by Humble Pie. In 1993, Paul Rodgers released the album Muddy Water Blues: A Tribute to Muddy Waters, on which he covered a number of Muddy Waters songs, including "Louisiana Blues", "Rollin' Stone", "Hoochie Coochie Man" and "I'm Ready" (among others) in collaboration with a number of famous guitarists such as Brian May and Jeff Beck.

Angus Young of the rock group AC/DC has cited Muddy Waters as one of his influences. The song title "You Shook Me All Night Long" came from lyrics of the Muddy Waters song "You Shook Me", written by Willie Dixon and J. B. Lenoir. Earl Hooker first recorded it as an instrumental which was then overdubbed with vocals by Muddy Waters in 1962.

Reloaded - 25/May/2015 - download link in comments.

Friday, 11 June 2010

2010FM - June Edition Two

Coltrane Motion are a Chicago-based electronic indie rock duo, with a new album titled  'Hello Ambition!' which was released a few days ago via Datawaslost, which they are currently touring in support of.

Lead singer, Michael Bond records sixties obsessed electronic pop in his home studio, while guitarist Matt Dennewitz covers it all in wailing distortion and delay at their live shows-the result is a raucous wall of sound built out of drum loops and fuzzed-out melodies, held together by swirling synths and organ drone.

The group has its origins in a hanfdul of lo-fi CD-R and compilation releases, culminating in theit 2007 full-length debut, Songs About Music and a series of successful tours across the US and Canada. Their frantic live show has been described by the press an an "exuberant seizure" and the "cool kids in programming class", it's hyperactive intensity is a far cry from your usual laptop performances.

Tour Dates:

6/11 - Stonefly Brewery - Milwaukee, WI
6/12 - Medusa - Minneapolis, MN
6/19 - Woodstock Opera House - Woodstock, IL
6/24 - Backyard Film and Music Festival - Chicago, IL
9/29 - Pop Montreal - Montreal, Canada

Featured Track: I Forgot There Was A War On.
Website: MySpace.
Buy: Datawaslost

I just had to copy the following publicity piece as it is a good summary, “Stevie Ray Vaughn trapped in a woman's body with Janis Joplin screaming to get out.” This is how one critic describes Kelly Richey, a blues-based rock virtuoso.

They continue Buoyed by critical praise and fiercely loyal fans, The Kelly Richey Band tour extensively bringing their live experience to venues throughout the US, Canada, and Europe. The attention centers around this Kentucky native’s guitar playing; Kelly Richey’s proficiency has earned her comparisons to Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan while gaining her a place on stage with blues legends, Albert King and Lonnie Mack.

OK having listened to a good number of songs from the band I have to say that for me Kelly's vocals are somewhat 'softer' than Janis Joplin which is no bad thing as with so much excellent musicianship going on this complements the guitar work rather than competes with it. Blues rock fans will love The Kelly Richey Band.

Featured Track: Talks All Over Town.
Website: Official.

NYC based singer songwriter Mary Jennings who goes by the moniker of Jennings has come to our attention over the last week.

Her development into music is of note  Mary’s surge in musical expression started after the sudden death of her mother.“This tragedy rocked me to the core, but there is so much beauty in what it allowed me to do,” she says. “All of my emotions came pouring out in the form of melody.” At the time, her father, a former musician, gave her the option to go through therapy or record an album. He knew both would be equally helpful to her, but by recording her music, she would be able to have something to hold on to and share with others for a lifetime.

It is often my experience that 'singer-songwriters' either capture my imagination and register straight away, or just dont 'work' for me on a personal level. I am not sure why but it seems a trend. Jennings 'works' because she is genuinly talented and has enough variety in her song and musical styles to keep me interested. It's radio friendly music and perhaps quite mainstream for Beehive Candy however if you like something whats the problem?

Featured Track: Surrender.
Website: MySpace.

Beatific is brainchild of vocalist, guitarist, and producer Elad Marish. In his latest studio effort he brings together bassist/co-producer Eric Holden and drummer/co-producer Jonathan Gorman.

Playing in a vibrational sandbox of infectious beats, indie rock roots and electroacoustic influences, Beatific's hypnotic grooves mix with a languid, lyrical prowess and deep melodic sensibility. Marish is interested in accessing those secret places where the whimsical meets the angelic and magical; when we are able to shed the masks of our identities and don the beatific smiles - countenances of our higher selves.

Ok it's just annoyingly catchy and has got stuck in my head so lets get it stuck in yours too.

Featured Track: Blowin' Out My Mind.

Colour Revolt  are an Oxford, MS band dubbed a 'Band To Watch' by Stereogum and the 'best edge-of-your-seat energy since The Arcade Fire' by Paste.

They have 'crafted their strongest statement to date' with new album ‘The Cradle,’ due out on August 10th 2010 on New Fear/Dualtone.

The band has been whittled down to core members Jesse Coppenbarger (vocals, guitars) and Sean Kirkpatrick (guitar, vocals), and the resulting consolidation of creative energy has reinvigorated the group, resulting in a 10 song album that focuses the band’s wild-eyed, textured, standing at the edge of the world rock.

Mention Arcade Fire and I get a little anxious, as I am a flag waving fan of said band and any comparisons need to be bonafide or I get a little rattled. OK no need to panic I can see some positive similarities Colour Revolt are clearly not trying to be like them and have enough of thier own individual class and talent going on, I guess the likeness is in the energy and passion which is no bad thing. One to watch out for.

Featured Track: Our Names
Website: MySpace.

Jonneine Zapata completes our second round up this month. A mood filled introduction to her stated 'Infused with smoky, psychedelic instrumentation and slow-burning swells, Jonneine Zapata delivers a definitive grand-slam with her debut release, ‘Cast The Demons Out’, a record that luminously captures the musical essence and prowess of this one-woman army'.

Word is she has an electrifying live stage show, and comparisons with Patti Smith and PJ Harvey have dutifully been made.

Beehive Candy have the single release 'Good Looking' to share and on the strength of this will be checking Jonneine out some more.This is a great song full of mood and intensity that made us stop what we were doing and give it a proper listen.

Featured Track: Good Looking.
Website: MySpace.

Featured Tracks:

Saturday, 5 June 2010

The Mick Fleetwood Blues Band - Hamburg 2008

This is The Mick Fleetwood Blues Band live at Fabrik, Hamburg, Germany, on the 12th October 2008.

This makes a great companion to the officially released live album  'Blue Again' (recorded live at the Sheldon Concert Hall in St. Louis, Missouri in February of 2008) and we would urge anyone interested in this show to check out that album if you have not already done so. Blue Again received a 2010 Grammy nomination for 'Best Traditional Blues Album'.

This concert features some alternative songs to the official release and is a great reminder of the incredible material from the original 1960's Fleetwood Mac.

Source: FM Radio Broadcast

Sound Quality: Very Good stereo mp3@320kbps.

Genre: Blues Rock.

Set: Radio Edit Concert.

Set List:
1.Looking For Somebody.
2.Oh Well.
3.Rollin' Man / Voodoo Woman.
4.Love That Burns.
5.Rattlesnake Shake.
6.Black Magic Woman.
7.World Keeps On Turning.
8.Eyesight To The Blind

Band Line Up:

Rick Vito - Guitar - Vocals
Lenny Castellanos - Bass
Mark Johnstone - Keyboard - Vocals
Mick Fleetwood - Drums - Vocals

Website: Official HERE.


Mick Fleetwood did not seek to copy the original Fleetwood Mac, rather to "pay it tribute by creating something both historically respectful yet new and invigorated." To this end, he recruited former Fleetwood Mac guitarist Rick Vito, who had played on the Behind the Mask album in 1990, together with two relative unknowns, Lenny Castellanos and Mark Johnstone, to form the Mick Fleetwood Blues Band. The band subsequently undertook a tour of the United States, and later in 2008, Europe, including an appearance at the Notodden Blues Festival in Norway.

Download links in comments below or click on the picture.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

2010FM - June Edition One

According to his website Matt Stevens is a musician and composer from North London. An instrumental artist, he uses an acoustic guitar and a sampler to create multi layered tracks live. This is often called Live Looping. His music is compared with artists as diverse as John Mclaughlin, Johnny Marr and Sigur Ros. He plays live all over the UK from festivals to house concerts.

His new album Ghost released today (June 1st) arrived in my inbox last Friday and has been playing on and off all weekend. This guy is really talented and the instrumental acoustic music takes you in many different directions and styles. Please check Matt Stevens out, it's a great shame that so many radio stations seem to shy away from 'instrumental' music as talented and creative work like this can go un-noticed, but not if Beehive Candy can help it! You can download 'Ghost' and more from Matt Stevens website below.

Featured Track: Big Sky.
Website: Official.

Music marketing company Musebox celebrate their forth annivesary in Brooklyn, New York, tommorrow (June 2nd) at Glasslands and one of the bands on the bill are Soundpool.

Soundpool are the disco-shoegazer NYC ensemble that fuses ethereal vocals, spacey lush synths, a wall of guitars sounds with funky bass lines, disco beats and psychedelic visuals. Their current record 'Mirrors In Your Eye's was released on the Killer Pimp label (of A Place To Bury Strangers’ fame) and was applauded by the likes of Pitchfork, The Deli Mag, GBH, and Losing Today. We here at the Beehive are reminded a little of St Etienne (in a positive manner) and cannot help ourselves in sharing a song on this occaision.

Featured Track: Mirrors In Your Eyes.
Website: MySpace.

Also appearing at the above mentioned event are Telephoned. Now I did not intend to feature this band however the following song is just so catchy and the fact it goes off into a dub thing at one point is the tipping point. Oh well there goes my street credibility amongst the serious rock music fans...

Telephoned are a dance-pop duo from Brooklyn made up of DJ/producer Sammy Bananas (Fool’s Gold) and singer/party starter Maggie Horn (Good Peoples) that have earned early praise from the likes of Pitchfork, RCRD LBL, and YRB Magazine for their pseudo-covers and reworkings of original beats into hypnotic club tracks.

Featured Track: Turn My Swag On
Website: MySpace.

Not one but two instrumental albums in this edition! Spotlight Floodlight with debut album 'Polarized' which is a mixture of instrumental, cinematic and often mysterious songs from keyboardist Peter Adams.

Performed primarily on Rhodes and Wurlitzer electric pianos, Polarized blends the influences of Bill Evans, SIgur Ros (again - however valid point), and Erik Satie into a thick sonic atmosphere, where upright bass, and double drums interplay with Mellotron and wordless vocals.

Peter Adams, originally from Lexington Massachusetts, has recorded, toured, and performed keyboards with numerous bands and artists in Boston, New York City, and Los Angeles. He is now based in LA as an independent artist.

Featured Track: Seven.
Website: Official.

San Francisco-based The Real Nasty has just released its debut full-length album 'Paper City'.  Recorded completely 'live' in the studio, the band have set out to get the concert vibe in the studio, something many bands struggle to achieve, however listening to the album I have to say there is an immiediacy and I can just imagine the guys collectivily playing along.  With a traditional, up-right bass and a self-made cajon percussion set counterbalancing country-blues inspired guitar, The Real Nasty combines an electric sound with a more down-home, acoustic ethos, and are sure to gain some much deserved attention with their debut release.

Background to the band includes: Formed in January 2009, the Real Nasty is comprised of 3 veteran bay-area musicians with diverse musical backgrounds.  Jacob Groopman’s guitar work is noticeably influenced by his bluegrass picking skills, and drummer Matt Smith’s deep interest in West African drumming is what informs his mastery of the cajon.  With bassist Ryan Lukas, a music professor at the University of Santa Clara, holding down the bottom end, The Real Nasty brings together 3 very strong musical backgrounds, forming a unit and a sound that is truly unique.

Now, with their debut album just released, The Real Nasty are focused on bringing their explosive live show to new fans all over the West Coast.

June 12 – The Stag – Woodland, CA
June 18 – Caspar Inn – Caspar, CA
June 19 – Jambalaya w/ Vintner’s daughters, Street Arcata, CA
June 22 – The Muse Lounge – Eugene, OR
June 23 – Ash Street Saloon, Portland, OR
June 24 – 2 Bit Saloon, Seattle, WA
June 25 – The East Side Club Tavern – Olympia, WA
June 26 – The High Fidelity Lounge – Bremerton, WA

Featured Track: The Surprise.
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Finally this time around we feature a rock trio based in NYC by the name of Vanguard Villains.

They contacted Beehive Candy directly and have informed us that they recently released their debut album, and are getting positive reviews from various blogs, such as Wild Honey Pie, Brill Dream, Moxie And Mayhem, and Knocks From The Underground.

The band formed in January 2009 and have been working the Brooklyn and Manhatten music circuit, and have independently released their debut album. Whats most important is they are really good, with the powerful sound a three piece rock band can produce, and some creative and well performed songs, check Vanguard Villains out - recommended !

Featured Track: Give It Up.
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Featured Tracks: