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The Cure - Vancouver Canada 1996

This is The Cure live at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre Vancouver, B.C. Canada on Thursday, August 1st, 1996. This is from a 'Kiss The Stone' (KTS618) silver disc that was curiously entitled 'Queen Elisabeth Parade', and although it's very good quality recording and apart from the typo's only tracks 1 - 12 are from the gig, and as the concert lasted for over two hours this is clearly only part of the show. Three 'bonus' tracks from a December 1995 London gig are included. All of which suggests that KTS were unable to get hold of the full Vancouver show, which incidentally was superb. One review of the concert stated 'Robed in the away jersey of our beloved Vancouver Canucks (though I doubt he's a fan -- he wore Canadiens and Maple Leafs jerseys in Montreal and Toronto, respectively), Robert Smith and associates opened the show in fine form with "Want" and "Club America" off their latest effort, Wild Mood Swings. Amidst a st

Beehive Recommends - Pixie Carnation

I have a lot of respect for Seattle's excellent radio station KEXP and so any artist who achieves 'song of the day' recognition is for me, worthy of a listen at the very least. The fact that the promotion that dropped in my inbox a couple of days a go also mentioned the band are from Sweden was an added bonus ! Pixie Carnation are the band and I think they are pretty special. To quote KEXP a little further don’t get any indication that the band is from anywhere but the U.S. as the vocal stylings come through entirely American in a way that even some U.S. bands somehow don’t seem to be able to achieve. Simply structured yet toe-tappingly catchy, “When Did The Lights Go Out” is the kind of rock song that gets its vocal melody stuck inside of your brain but you’re okay with it." -Brian Connolly, (song selected by Morning Show host John Richards), Their debut EP 'Fresh Poems' is available now. Listen: 'When Did The Lights Go Out' Website

Lyle Lovett - Live In London,1992

This is Lyle Lovett performing at one of my favorite music venues from the days when it was still known as the Hammersmith Odeon (West London). This is predominately from a BBC Radio 2 FM broadcast back on June 12th 1992, however some additional tracks came with this collection and are included. While typically associated with the country genre, Lyle Lovett's compositions often incorporate folk, swing , blues, jazz and gospel music as well as more traditional country material. This concert really does demonstrate these diverse styles as he performs along side some excellent singers and musicians. Source: FM Broadcast. Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3@192kbps. Genre: Country, Alt Country. Set: Full broadcast set & extras. Set List: 01 She's No Lady 02 Church 03 She's Leaving Me Because She Really Wants To 04 You've Been So Good Up To Now 05 All My Love Is Gone 06 North Dakota 07 Flyswatter/Ice Water Blues 08 Since The Last Time 09 L.A. County 10 What Do You

Curved Air - Live At The BBC - 1975 & 76.

This is Curved Air recorded live for BBC Radio One. Both performances were recorded at the Paris Theatre in London. The 1975 session was recorded on the 31st January and the BBC transcription disc also includes a version of 'Stark Naked' however that track is missing from this boot collection, it does feature in the second live session. The second live performance was recorded on the 21st February 1976. Some of the second sessions tracks were also included on an officially released album 'Live At The BBC', however the boot edition was lifted from one of the transcription discs which were circulated in three differing versions. Source: Soundboard - BBC transcription discs. Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3@320kbps. Genre: Prog Rock, Folk Rock. Set: Two BBC concert Sessions Set List: 1. Marie Antoinette 2. The Fool 3. Midnight Wire 4. Women On A One Night Stand 5. Stark Naked 6. Women On A One Night Stand 7. Young Mother 8. Kids To Blame 9.

Gong - Great American Music Hall, 2000

Currently touring in Europe with the original line up, Gong continue to amaze audiences with their musical tales of Pot Head Pixies, Gnomes, Zero The Hero and more. Going back to the beginning of the 'noughties' decade and Gong were continuing to tour worldwide on a regular basis. This recording is from the 9th September 2000 at the Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, California. This is a full concert and features quite a lot of material from the 1970's era of the band. Gongs latest album '2032' was released in September this year. Source: Soundboard Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3@320kbps Genre: Progressive rock, psychedelic rock, space rock, jazz fusion. Set: Full set. Set List: 01. Planet Gong intro - Zeroid 02. Radio Gnome Invisible 03. Yoni on Mars 04. Bodilingus 05. Zero The Hero and the Witch's Spell -Witch's Song/I'm your Pussy 06. Magdalene 07. Infinitea - Mad Monk 08. You Can't Kill Me 09. Flute Salad 10. Oily Way 11. Outer