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Warren Zevon - Live in London 1988.

Time flys by and it's is already over six years since the passing of Warren Zevon . There has been some dispute over the source of this broadcast, Warren clearly mentions the venue as London and the BBC did indeed broadcast his London concert in 1988 however the song order slightly differs. As far as I can gather this is a rebroadcast of the London show by a Dutch radio station, who may have edited the original a little. Leaving the detail aside this is an excellent concert from Warren Zevon accompanied by a superb band. The original performance was on the 25th January 1988 at London's Hammersmith Odeon. Source: FM Broadcast. Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3@256 & 320kbps. Genre: Singer Songwriter, Rock. Set: Edited Broadcast Set. Set List: 1. Lawyers, Guns & Money 2. Detox Mansion 3. Boom Boom Mancini 4. Johnny Strikes Up The Band 5. Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner 6. Reconsider Me 7. Excitable Boy 8. Sentimental Hygiene 9. Accidentally Like A Martyr

Beehive Recommends - Patrick and Eugene

Now I like quirky and different, and mention the likes of the Bonzo's or Monty Python and my 'musical radar' tends to activate! Patrick and Eugene are yet another reason to keep an eye on whats new in the world of music, especially in these troubled times where record companies are inclined towards nicely packaged conformity or well controlled and marketable rebels. The UK press has stated "Banjos, bongos and alarm clocks, '20s jazz and '60s pop and sampled insect noises, Patrick & Eugene's irrepressibly eccentric summer romp has got it all." - NME "Whimsically English songs where Dixieland jazz intermingles with Afro-Cuban rhythms." - Q The Patrick & Eugene sound is comprised of banjos, ukuleles and sunshine pop vocals combined with whistles, bells and bongos to produce unique but accessible music for post-modern vaudevillians, with nods to Monty Python, Derek & Clive and even Woody Allen. Try to imagine Noel Coward on stage

Gods and Monsters - New York 1992

By 1988 Gary Lucas was making a name for himself in New York as a solo artist having left Captain Beefhearts Magic Band some years earlier. Having written 'Grace' & 'Mojo Pin' with Jeff Buckley in 1991 Jeff began performing with Gary Lucas in his band Gods And Monsters . As has been mentioned on the previous Jeff Buckley post, days after Gods and Monsters officially debuted in March 1992, Jeff Buckley decided to leave the band. In October 2002 Gary Lucas released 'Songs To No One' an album of material from studio sessions, home tapes, and club performances over two years of collaboration between himself and Jeff Buckley. The final track on that album 'Grace' was from a live performance at the Roulette Club in New York. This is the full set recorded live at Club Roulette, New York on the 5th April 1992. Source: Soundboard. Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3@256kbps. Genre: Alternative Rock. Set: Full Set. Set List: 1. Dinks Song 2. S