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Muddy Waters - Paris 1964

This is the Father of Chicago blues Muddy Waters live in concert at L'Olympia Bruno Coquatrix, Paris, France back in 1964. Muddy's sound was basically Delta blues electrified, but his use of microtones, in both his vocals and slide playing, made it extremely difficult to duplicate and follow correctly. "When I plays onstage with my band, I have to get in there with my guitar and try to bring the sound down to me," he said in Rolling Stone. "But no sooner than I quit playing, it goes back to another, different sound. My blues look so simple, so easy to do, but it's not. They say my blues is the hardest blues in the world to play." Source: Soundboard Sound Quality: Very Good stereo mp3@320kbps. Genre: Electric blues, Chicago blues, Rhythm and blues, blues-rock. Set: Majority of Concert Set List: 1. Country Boy 2. Baby Please Don't Go 3. Hoochie Coochie Man 4. Tiger In Your Tank 5. She's 19 Years Old 6. Coun

2010FM - June Edition Two

Coltrane Motion are a Chicago-based electronic indie rock duo, with a new album titled  'Hello Ambition!' which was released a few days ago via Datawaslost, which they are currently touring in support of. Lead singer, Michael Bond records sixties obsessed electronic pop in his home studio, while guitarist Matt Dennewitz covers it all in wailing distortion and delay at their live shows-the result is a raucous wall of sound built out of drum loops and fuzzed-out melodies, held together by swirling synths and organ drone. The group has its origins in a hanfdul of lo-fi CD-R and compilation releases, culminating in theit 2007 full-length debut, Songs About Music and a series of successful tours across the US and Canada. Their frantic live show has been described by the press an an "exuberant seizure" and the "cool kids in programming class", it's hyperactive intensity is a far cry from your usual laptop performances. Tour Dates: 6/11 - Stonefly Brew