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My Morning Jacket - Bonnaroo, 2008.

From the Internet Archive (IA) this is My Morning Jacket  live on the Which Stage at Bonnaroo, USA, back on the 13th June 2008. The Which Stage is basically the second stage and generally features the last performance before that of the headlining act each night. After the headlining act performs, a late-night show often follows here. As was the case on this occasion. The band toured in support of their then new album Evil Urges that summer, which included a storied appearance at Bonnaroo Music Festival in Manchester, Tennessee. The band, beginning at midnight, performed for four hours in the rain. Unfazed by a torrential downpour for much of its first half, the band's set went on to feature thirty five songs, including all but two tracks from Evil Urges and numerous covers, and featured guest appearances from Kirk Hammett of Metallica. The set has commonly been regarded as among the band's personal best and in the history of that festival; Rolling Stone called it "car

Fridays Singer/Songwriters: LeRiche - Joni Fuller

LeRiche - Rain. LeRiche introduces himself - I'm 22 years old and I'm from Port aux Basques. My passion for music began at an early age, first stretching my fingers out on a six-string at the age of one. After years of playing local establishments across the island of Newfoundland, I'm thrilled to be upon my first commercial release, Rain. In this release, I'm supported by a string quartet, percussion and the sound of rain falling (captured on microphone) through an open window at the downtown Toronto studio as the track was being recorded.  This will be the first look at new music from my debut EP Quiet Steady which is set for release Summer 2016.  The album delves deep into strong memorable melodies at the core of my music . The only other band I know who recorded rain with a live mike through an open window was The Who (Quadrophenia). OK music lesson over and to LeRiche. 'Rain' is a gentle and melodic song, with LeRiche's vocals reminiscent a littl

Two For You: Timber Bones - yndi halda

Timber Bones - Travelling Song. And we are told - One hot summer under the shade of a Queenslander indie-rock 5-piece Timber Bones jammed out their first song together. “Travelling Song” was written in celebration of one of Australia’s newest pass-times- “the festival romance.” A side effect of excessive cider consumption and inadequate sun safety the festival romance is a whirlwind of summer dresses, white smoke and young love. The third single from Timber Bones "Travelling Song" is best enjoyed in the company of strangers with inhibitions left back home with your day job. The bouncy, folk-rock tune takes inspiration from the likes of Mumford and Sons, Fleet Foxes and The Mama's and the Papa's. "When we first started writing music together we had aimed for a more folky sound overall,” says guitarist Kendall. "Originally the guitar lines were written for banjo and the song was jug-tootingly folky. When the song came out of pre-production at The Palace,

Another Genre Mix: Atlas Lab - Dirty Revival

Atlas Lab - Wake Up Slow. About the band - Like so many stories, Atlas Lab's biography begins with a chance meeting. Alex and Solei met one chilly morning while street performing in Harvard Square. She had her mic and looper, he had a homemade drumset of pots and pans. Before long, they were playing out together. Around the same time, Solei and John were experimenting with adding vocal loops and electronic textures to folk tunes, and Alex and Samm were living together, making ambient electronic music, and performing with local acts. The four came together in a Brighton apartment one afternoon in the winter of 2015 and felt the undefinable thing called chemistry. Since then, Atlas Lab has toured the Northeast in suppport of an EP of live demos, which have gotten noticed on Bandcamp and several online indie labels/blogs. They will be releasing their first studio EP, "Wake Up Slow," in January 2016. In the fall of 2015, bassist Otto Briner joined the band as it moved to

Upbeat Tuesday: Prickle - The Gromble

Prickle - Tell Me Why. What we are told - Prickle is 17 y/o independent pop rock artist Emily Wilson from Melbourne, Victoria. After spending a few years honing and developing her sound, in search of her ‘unique voice,’ Emily is ready to share her personal perspective. ‘Tell Me Why,’ is her first single. It is a study of contrasting personalities and the thoughts that follow. The honest vocals engage a story telling voice speaking to the listener in conversational style. Initially sketched out with a laid back acoustic feel, the song has now adopted a garage rock 60’s mood with a strong rhythm section and drive. The song is produced by Rich Bowers and Matt O’Connor, and features Jasper Miles on drums. Jasper has collaborated with Emily on a lot of her material and is also a member Auntie Mag. A lot more to come from Prickle in 2016 following 'Tell Me Why.'' This is a superb song. Vocals are a delight and the music (more rock than pop in my opinion) adds power to th

Alternative Take: Super8 & Tab - Club 8 - Frameworks

Super8 & Tab - Komorebi. Background - Since their collaboration in 2005, Super8 & Tab have released two Beatport trance number one artist albums, played at major music festivals all over the world, including EDC, Ultra, Tomorrowland and A State of Trance and been nominated ‘Best Breakthrough DJ’ at the Miami WMC IDMA Awards. Most recently, the duo was signed to colossal record company Armada Music and shows no signs of slowing down. Things started happening for the Finnish duo in 2004, when Above & Beyond adopted each of them individually as the first members of the ever-growing Anjunabeats family. Super8 met Tab in 2005 at a recording studio and they soon start working together. Although they have grown with Anjuna and had multiple number one releases on the label, they’ve always put out records on other imprints too; the latest of which is Armada Music. In addition to being signed to two of the biggest labels in trance music, Super8 & Tab’s other achievements inc