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Genre Wander: Yellow Castle - Ethan & The Reformation - MERGES - Edamame

Yellow Castle - Restless Creature.

Background promo - Indie pop duo, Yellow Castle, formed by Peter Money (19) and Emily Matthews (21) from Perth, WA have released their catchy debut single ‘Restless Creature’ into the wild world of music through The A&R Department. Money and Matthews have been in the Perth music scene for a few years recently branching off from Rich King Matthews to become a duo.

Fans of Rich King Matthews, 44th Sunset, Mumford and Sons, The Kooks, Dresses, Slow Club and The Ave: Brothers will remember and enjoy Matthews’ sweet harmonies and jaunty piano riffs combined with Money’s upbeat acoustic guitar and warm vocals.

‘Restless Creature’ speaks of the calm at the end of an anxious spiral, where the “what ifs” and fears that keep you up at night, are dulled by the support of those you love, and who love you. The track was recorded and produced by Sam Wylde at Dalkeith Road School of Music, who says of the pair, “they deliver a really nice blend of catchy hooks,…

Fridays Alternative Take: The Orb - The Grand Undoing - Tim Muddiman & The Strange - Cubicolor

The Orb- 5th Dimensions.

Background promo - On October 14th Kompakt present The Orb’s 16th album, COW / Chill Out, World!, which marks a creative renewal for the duo. It also features contributions from Youth and Roger Eno, and is encased in minimal ‘ambient cover art’ courtesy of The Designers Republic.

Despite apparently clear connotations to their history, influences and peers (like Alex Paterson’s uncredited role in the KLF’s ‘Chill Out’ album, or the cover cows of Pink Floyds ‘Atom Heart Mother’), the album’s title is actually an instruction, or at least a friendly suggestion. Whilst Alex calls it “a protest album in reverse”, Thomas Fehlmann further explains, “We didn’t intend to rehash old chill out vibes. On the contrary. It’s the 21st century and it seems like a good idea for people to sit back and chill the f out, before continuing to act destructively. To chill out is to act consciously, guided from a calm centre.”

Featuring only the occasional presence of buoyant, gently rh…

A Couple Of Good Ones: Otis English - The Persian Leaps

Otis English - Young Kids, Old Love.

Background promo - Otis English speaks to the darkness within while simultaneously dragging you into the light. With a big voice, beautifully twisted lyrics and a natural storyteller approach to performing, Otis has arrived in time to replenish the current well of truly meaningful artists. If his voice doesn’t break your heart, his lyrics, a window into his strange and nomadic history, definitely will.

Otis’ upbringing was far from ordinary. His history reads more like a chain of mishaps and tragedies than it does the upbringing of a songwriter. From accidentally burning down his childhood home to watching his father’s health drastically deteriorate while living out of his car, Otis doesn't glaze over the negative and the challenging parts of life. Instead, he takes those experiences and makes them bloom into beautiful melodies. With a pen and a guitar, he turns discomfort into something beautiful and relatable.

This wanderer now sets out a bol…

Quality Not Quantity: Closer - Born Joy Dead - Oldermost

Modern Inventors - Closer ft. Daru Jones

Background promo - Nashville-based Modern Inventors have released their track "Closer". Featuring drummer Daru Jones (Jack White), as well as bassist Owen Biddle (The Roots).

"After a relationship ends, it's natural to feel guarded, and sometimes when you least expect it, you'll find yourself connecting with another person," the band said of the track. "Maybe it's on a subway, or passing each other on the sidewalk, but you remember the feeling; 'Closer' is a realization that you might be getting closer to allowing yourself to open up again.”

Migrating from Philadelphia to Nashville a year ago, Josh Benus and Matt Kass have expanded on their backgrounds as formally-trained musicians with a sound that’s both unique and powerfully emotional.

After several years of collaborating in a variety of projects, including a soundtrack for the HBO documentary First Comes Love, they solidified their partnership by fo…

Monday Mix: Idle Fret - His Clancyness - Chelan - Diana Ebe

Idle Fret - Reborn.

Background promo - Albury/Wodonga's Idle Fret are in the business of making explosive, no-bs rock'n'roll, as spelled out in black and white on their knockout debut album, 'Reborn'. Ticking all the right boxes – great band, great singer, great songs – 'Reborn' perfectly captures everything high-octane rock fans live for... the must-have blend of thundering drums, wall of guitar and soaring, melt-your-face-off vocals that make up one of the most enduring and exciting genres of music.

Taking the best aspects of the best bands spanning three decades, even some 20 years after most of the genre's legends have come and gone, Idle Fret manage to make the music relevant and fresh, while keeping the traditions of the niche alive and well. They are a band literally made up of the same devout rock fans they appeal to.

From front to back, Idle Fret have armed themselves to the teeth. Drummer Ryan Nicholson and bassist James McRorie give the band a …

Monday Magic: Kate Nash - Gypsy & The Cat - The Rebel Light - James Edge And The Mindstep

Kate Nash - Good Summer.

Background - Kate Nash has returned to Zone 5 and with her she brings the Summer's finest pop offering 'Good Summer', produced by Dave Bassett and out today via Kate's own imprint Girl Gang Records.

‘Good Summer’ is literally the light at the end of the tunnel, an expression of relief, the type we all feel when the sun comes out and the warmth radiates your skin after 10 months of grey sky, central heating and soggy feet. “I’ve been a referee of my emotions,” sings Nash, over upbeat synths, skittering drums and dance-y guitar lines. 

It’s about her own return to contentedness in London. “In Britain, in the summer you let go of the stuff on your shoulders and go, F it, I’m gonna get on this banana boat. Go crazyyyyy!’” 

A lot has happened to Nash, a BRIT school graduate, since the release of her #1 record and Brit-Award gleaning debut ‘Made Of Bricks’ back in 2007 - failed relationships, record label fall-outs, punk record releases, a relocation to …

Synths & Sunday: Highasakite - Lovecat - Vibrissae

Highasakite - Samurai Swords.

Background promo - Their “synthy sadbangers” are behind a swarm of press, inciting rave reviews from the likes of Vogue, The Guardian, The Fader, Mojo, Pop Justice, Q Magazine and The Line of Best Fit. Fresh from Glastonbury and Latitude Festivals, and just ahead of a headline spot on Norway’s renowned Øya Festival, Highasakite announce new single ‘Samurai Swords’ – taken from acclaimed sophomore album ‘Camp Echo’, out now via Propeller Recordings.

It proves a synthillating addition to Highasakite’s booming arsenal, tackling heartbreak with aplomb and the soaring signature vocal of frontwoman Ingrid Helene Håvik.

Fresh from a guest performance on Made In Chelsea, the band is announced to play the 23rd Annual Nobel Peace Prize Concert on December 11. The event is televised to more than 100 countries, 300 million households and also streamed live on YouTube, with Highasakite joining the ranks of countless Nobel alumni including Paul McCartney, Elton John, Al…