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Friendly Rich - NØMADS - Soft Fangs

Friendly Rich  - The Melon Sun. Background from Friendly Rich -  My name is Rich but most people like to call me Friendly Rich. I wear various hats in the creative field ranging from composer, to publisher, and even soon to be Dr in Music Education.  My journey in the music industry started back in the 90s composing music for 3 seasons of The Tom Green Show on MTV. Flash forward to 2017 and I now have released 10 records, a book, and now soon to be a one-of-a-kind video for my new single!  When it came time to make the video for the single, I knew I had to reach out to the folks at Everything Is Terrible, as I’m a big fan. It’s been wonderful working with them, as they perfectly melt my song about a high profile Canadian divorce with North America’s forgotten past!  ‘The Melon Sun’ is from my new full length studio recording The Great Blue Heron, out on Sept 14th, featuring Kevin Breit & Hawksley Workman, Facebook  here . 'The Melon Sun' is a rowdy and riotous blast

Monogold - QTY - Keep Shelly in Athens - Cormac O Caoimh

Monogold - Cinnamon. Background - Monogold’s new album Babyfood (their sixth album since 2011, out September 29th via Chill Mega Chill Records), includes the heartwarming video for the album’s first single “Cinnamon”.  The prolific NYC-based psych-pop trio recruited a group of young art students from The Good School, a mobile arts education school for young NYC students that specializes in stop-motion animation. Students at The Good School work out of schools all over Manhattan and Brooklyn, so Monogold went into a class to meet with a group of them and talked to them about food, candy and dreams, and the students created this absolutely adorable video that was as weird as the band hoped. All of the kids who worked on the video were between 6-7 years old and did all of the animation by hand, completely on their own. Pretty, pretty amazing! Monogold has been incubating since the release of Yolk in late 2016, with their style and lyrical content developing and slowly evolving into

Discolor Blind - The Rigs - Josh Taerk - WYO - Silk Village

Discolor Blind - Poor Receipts. Background - Montreal's Discolor Blind has revealed 'Poor Receipts', the second single from their debut EP 'Long Vivid Dream', set for release at the beginning of September. This follows up their well-received single 'Black and Grey'. ‘Long Vivid Dream’ was recorded in Montreal between April 2013 and October 2015. It features vocalist Alexis Nadeau, who Malayeri met through a mutual friend in September 2013. The EP also involves Grammy and Oscar-winning music producer Jeff Bass, best known for his long-term work with Eminem and collaboration with George Clinton. This EP is laced with the melancholia and angst that crept in from the cold Canadian winters Ashkan now found himself acclimatising to, summing up the myriad textures found on the record. A mix of chilled and measured washes are used as platforms for more intricate sounds from raw guitars and plaintive pianos to pop beats and even sultry jazz grooves. Building

Matthew James and the Rust Belt Union (Video Premiere) - Gill Landry - Sarah Cripps

Matthew James and the Rust Belt Union - Goodbye. Background - American music nostalgia as if finding an odd record in your uncles hidden collection of 1970’s country and blues bands. Galloping drums with a relentless and lonesome holler reigned in by steady upright bass and soothed by the lost watering hole of pedal steel. This sound is self described as Midwest Junk Soul. Impromptu Musicals for the Skeptic is singer Matthew James’ story album about moving to Des Moines from his home of Detroit for a girl and leaving everything thing behind including music with his nationally touring string bands. The single “Goodbye” was written on that drive as heard in the lyrics. Director Josh Berendes is known for his work with nature including his current film on the Galapagos Islands. Here he shot these animals in their natural environment partying and playing music!  Rust Belt Union is shown as a pack helping each other load in during the grind and chill before they release art and energ

Blue Rose Code - Sam Vance-Law - Elijah James And The Nightmares

Blue Rose Code - Love Is... (feat. Julie Fowlis). Background - Blue Rose Code, aka acclaimed singer-songwriter Ross Wilson, unveils the first cut from his forthcoming new album, The Water Of Leith (out 27th October on Navigator Records). ‘Love Is…’ - a duet with the multi-award winning folk singer and multi-instrumentalist, Julie Fowlis, talks of ideals and anticipation. Love will save us, Love will save us, They say love will save us all - So, what you waiting for? A nomad both geographically and musically, Ross writes from the heart eschewing any specific genre and the twelve new songs on The Water Of Leith, addressing themes of love, loss, travel, home, accepting the past and embracing the future, are painted with colours of folk, jazz, soul and pop; an eclecticism that has become a hallmark of Blue Rose Code and has seen him compared to John Martyn, Van Morrison and Tom Waits. In the space of a few short years and the release of well-received albums North Ten, The Balla

Terra Lightfoot - Lomelda - The Harpoonist & the Axe Murderer - Castle Black

Terra Lightfoot - Paradise. Background - The artist’s strengths as a songwriter, vocalist and performer, memorably showcased on her last studio outing, Every Time My Mind Runs Wild, are even more evident here. With New Mistakes, Lightfoot offers up something rare: the kind of genuine document that can only come from a road-tested breed of songwriter and performer. The song premiered today at American Songwriter. Terra creates soulful rock that has landed her on stages alongside Gordon Lightfoot, Built To Spill, Guided by Voices, + more. Her most recent LP Everytime My Mind Runs Wild was released last year to critical acclaim and has already accumulated hundreds of thousands of streams. This new album sees her focusing her rock, blues, and soul influences into a clear creative vision. Terra Lightfoot on “Paradise”: For me, “Paradise” is about letting go of perfection in love. It’s not wrestling with the problems and missteps in our relationships but embracing them. I think it'