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Verge Collection - Lesley Barth - Folia

Verge Collection - So Vain. Background - Off the back of a buzzing sold out national tour for first single 'For The Story', Verge Collection announce their latest tune 'So Vain', from their highly anticipated debut LP 'Flanuer' (out March 30).   The brand new follow up single - which premiered on triple j's Home & Hosed with Dom Alessio on Monday and online with Pilerats yesterday - is a two minute banger that see's the  Perth indie-pop natives flip the bird to judgmental folks. Drawing on an awkward party experience, songwriter and band front-man Ben Arnold finds humour in a petty argument with a pretentious party-goer where he claims he "was getting razzed by someone that had a superiority complex." 'So Vain' acts as a helping hand, urging the listener to move towards something bigger; something greater than the predictable sameness of current life. With a presence that's cemented itself wholly in the suburban Australian wh

Traveller - Mitch Bullen - Healyum - Death By Unga Bunga - Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS? - The Green Door

Traveller - Been Waiting. Background -  Traveller are a band on the ascendant. Their latest single 'Been Waiting' follows the success of their debut EP 'All This Time' and with headline shows at legendary venues such as King Tuts Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow, the band are one of the UK's most exciting new musical prospects. The Scottish based Rock band are Gerry Sheridan on lead vocals, guitar and piano, Martin Yves on lead guitar and backing vocals, Brian Socha on bass and Simon Usher on drums, backing vocals and piano. With airplay earned in over seventy countries and counting, Traveller are winning fans all over the world with their polished and melodic Rock. Founder member Simon Usher, says "There wasn’t much music in my house when I was growing up. My mum and dad weren’t very musical but there was an old upright piano upstairs on the landing of our house which I would mess about with and there were a few records stacked on a shelf in the sitting room that I w

Shelley Segal - VHS Collection - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Shelley Segal - Somebody Like You. Background - LA-based, Australian songwriter Shelley Segal has announced her latest single Somebody Like You, a rock-infused, in-your-face song about a relationship interrupted. Somebody Like You is a heavy track, and not just in sound; it details the trauma of being told by family that your relationship must end for the sake of religion – in short, it’s the perfect song to release in the midst of the polarising and supremely topical same sex marriage debate. Electric guitars wail and drums propel the song forward with a strength that Shelley has harnessed herself, as the chorus soars to the heights of her vocal range.  Somebody Like You soundtracks a confusing, difficult time in Shelley’s life, as she explains, “When I was 18 years old my family told me I needed to break up with my partner because he wasn't Jewish - in line with our religious traditions. I chose to fight for the relationship with my then-partner, leaving home

Pocket Of Lollipops - RJ Thompson - Marble Mammoth - 1971

Pocket Of Lollipops - Ever Needles. Background - Official video for Ever Needles by Pocket Of Lollipops pays homage to people saying women are weak because they cry. Studies show that when men cry, they are viewed sympathetically, while women are often labeled dramatic, irrational, or manipulative if they turn on the faucet. Crying is a natural healing system.  It's time we reclaim our right to cry, since we have tons of suppressed feelings that are now being voiced by celebrities. For example treatment of women on social media, sparked by the uproar over actress Rose McGowan's or from Pussy Riot, Nadya Tolokonnikova saying “It’s important not to say to yourself, ‘Oh, it’s O.K..  This video is Pocket Of Lollipops  response to it all, sexual, political, economical; Maitejosune has made her self seem vulnerable for the cameras but the truth is she has healed, and now the viewer has to experience the pain that we constantly hide. For the Video Ever Needles, Maitejosune took all

Autumn - Useless - Small Reactions - Dot.s - Panteon

Autumn - the fall. Background - Chicago's newly-formed Sett Records has announced the release of "the fall", the new maxi-single by Minneapolis-based trio autumn, who, in their 20 plus years, have always made a big sound. Autumn is Julie Plante (vocals), Jeff Leyda (bass), and Neil McKay (guitars). Forming in Minneapolis in 1994, autumn has always sought to create melodies that get the listener to feel something deeply, that have the ability to haunt you in some way after the fact. The band released two albums on Tess Records - "the hating tree" (1996) and "return to the breath" (1999), with accompanying tours in support of each album before taking an extended hiatus. Time, and perhaps fortune, brought them back to the source, each looking to express that nameless feeling that drew them together so many years previous. In 2016, a plan was hatched, and they contacted producer William Faith (Faith and the Muse, Christian Death, The March Violets, Th

Mean Motor Scooter - Jonny Taylor - Billy Momo - Table Scraps - Trudy and the Romance - The Night Ships

Mean Motor Scooter - Wavespotting. Background - Texan quartet, Mean Motor Scooter, hit the road in support their debut full-length. Mean Motor Scooter is a four-piece Garage Rock band from Fort Worth, Texas. Their self-titled debut EP came out in August 2015. In March 2016 the band released two singles "Naked Brunch" and "Such a Seducer." They were awarded "Best Rock Band" at the 2016 Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards. In 2017 the group was awarded "EP of the Year", "Band of the Year" and "Artist of the Year" by the Fort Worth Weekly. Their first full length record, Hindu Flying Machine was released in October 2017 by Dirty Water Records USA. Mean Motor Scooter are Sammy Kidd - Guitar and Vocals, Joe Tacke - Bass and Vocals, Rebekah Elizabeth - Organ and Vocals, Jeff Friedman - Drums and Vocals. France's DIG IT Magazine was overjoyed by the arrival when they exclaimed " "Masterfully out-of-control. Exploding the